Dragon Ball God Mu

Dragon Ball God Mu Chapter 294


“Bardock, where are those people who shout out?”

The questioner was a handsome young man standing at the front desk, polishing his glass.

This young man had deep eyes, and with a slight glance, it was as if a sharp sword pierced people’s souls.

Bardock nodded and said, “I have blown them out.”

“This time, your strength has fallen into a bottleneck.”

The young man polished the wine glass to a clank, shone it against the light, and then put it on a side cabinet.

This whole restaurant was like a large hotel. The back kitchen had fully automated robots, so the restaurant was orderly despite the small staff.

Bardock said with a bitter face, “Yeah, the 900,000 power level bottleneck is not easy to breakthrough.”

“Find some time for Melissa to train you properly. She will absolutely help you break through 900,000 power level.” The young man waved his hand very casually as if 900,000 was insignificant.

“Thank you, Teacher Mu. If Melissa is willing to take a shot, I’m grateful.” Bardock said gratefully after hearing that.

“It’s just a small matter.”

“Maybe it’s only a small matter for Teacher Mu!” Bardock shook his head and laughed lightly.

The only person in this world who dared to promise to help him breakthrough 900,000 power levels was perhaps the man in front of him. No one else had that much courage.

If someone else knew that they were discussing breaking through 900,000 power levels, they would be so surprised that their jaws would fall off.

When did the Saiyan’s power level actually reach 900,000?

To know that even the current ruler of Planet Vegeta, King Vegeta, only had 10,000 power levels!

When you thought about 900,000 power levels, it was a devastating value.

However, in Bardock’s mind, as long as Teacher Mu willing to help, his 900,000 power level breakthrough would be nailed.

He was aware of Teacher Mu’s power because the rumors of Frieza’s disappearance were actually the man’s work in front of him.

Even the power level of 120 million Frieza was no match for Teacher Mu; what else could he not do!

Bardock was grateful that he encountered this powerful teacher when he was young. Otherwise, how could he accomplish what he did today?

In the beginning, he was just a Low-Class Warrior who was bullied. It was only with the encouragement of Muyang and the help of Senzu Beans that he broke through the 10,000 power level barrier.

After that, more than ten years had passed, and Bardock’s power level soared from 10,000 to nearly 900,000.

With Low-Class Warrior’s qualification to achieve today’s achievement, it was also unique even in Planet Vegeta’s history.

Muyang looked at Bardock. Now, Bardock, as he expected, had already left the level of ordinary Saiyans.

In the future, when he crosses the bottleneck of 900,000 power level, there would be hope to sprint to the state of Super Saiyan!

Not bad for a character who left a deep mark in the original story!

“Melia, Melis, go collect the fee!” Muyang yelled out towards his two wives.


Melia and Mellis, who were dressed as waiters, answered and moved sharply to collect the fees.

They then ordered the professional robots to cook the ingredients. They didn’t care how much fee they could receive because money itself was useless to them; what they enjoyed was the whole process.

The wholehearted devotion and perfection, such a daily life, was also a kind of training.


Six months ago, Muyang and the girls held a grand wedding on Planet Sala.

After that, the three of them drove the spaceship to travel in the universe.

After witnessing the ups and downs of the North Area, they simply retired to the top of Planet Vegeta and opened a small restaurant.

Because there was a special robot developed by April, even if the restaurant did not affect their practice, but because of the quiet life refining the mind, Muyang and the girls’ training grew.

Now, one and a half years had passed since Frieza’s death.

Leisurely life, coupled with the exercise of high time flow in the Accelerated World, Muyang’s power level rose from the original less than 80 million to nearly 200 million.

This benefited from not having a bottleneck and the ability to grow power level almost continuously.

Melia and Melis also progressed rapidly; their power level rose from more than 600,000 to 2 million, turning into a super master with 4 million power levels directly if they became Melissa.

Perhaps it was because the Saiyan bloodline favors transformation over normality.

Even with Melis’ and Melia’s physique, the increase in power level began to slow down.

Super Saiyan Transformation was a buggy skill, Super Saiyan or Golden Eyes Transformation could grow 50 times the power level, Super Saiyan 2 and Ordinary Legendary Super Saiyan Transformation was 100 times, so even Muyang felt scared.

However, the powerful Body Transformation needed to be paired with the perfect control ability.

If the body couldn’t effectively use the energy, such as Frieza’s Final Form, which was empty of energy and no efficiency, then the strong power was also in vain.

Muyang didn’t ask Melia and Melis to expand the strength of their transformation in a hurry but rather hope that they stabilized the normal power level.

The rice should be eaten one bite at a time; when the Base Form becomes stronger, the Body Transformation would naturally become stronger, not much worse.

And when the Base Form was consolidated before casting the Body Transformation, wouldn’t it have a better effect?

“Bardock, where is your boy, Raditz, go?” Muyang asked.

The Saiyan, who left a big mark in Dragon Ball’s history, was still a little kid, far from the arrogant character to say the famous phrase “power level 5 is trash”.

Speaking of his eldest son, Bardock’s face showed a smile, “Raditz followed Prince Vegeta to execute the task. The boy’s nature is still too weak.”

“Vegeta, however, is a strong person; with him on a mission, Raditz’s pressure can be imagined.”

Muyang raised his head and smiled.

A familiar name appeared on the stage under the development of the original story. Now, it was only six months from the destruction of Planet Vegeta. However, Frieza had been killed by him, and he had long changed the plot.

So, whether Planet Vegeta would still be destroyed was tough to say.

“What pressure. My son is not worse than the son of King Vegeta.” Bardock said confidently.

After his strength had grown, Bardock’s words had little respect for King Vegeta. Even a guy with more than 10,000 power levels, not even considered by Bardock.

If it were not for fear of attracting the Frieza Clan’s attention, Bardock would have shown his full power.

“Teacher Mu, my little son Kakarot has been in the nursing capsule for two and a half years. Can we let him out now?”

Muyang shook his head and said, “Let him stay a little longer. Kakarot’s innate condition was too poor, so he just took this time to make up for it.”

Remember that in the original story, Kakarot stayed in the nursing capsule for almost three years.

“Kakarot will be an amazing warrior.”

“Let’s hope so!” Bardock nodded his head.

His youngest son Kakarot was born with a power level far below that of an ordinary Low-Class Warrior.

Although Bardock had proven in practice that birth qualification was not the main factor in determining future achievements, he was still somewhat concerned about his youngest son’s pathetically low power level.

If Muyang knew Bardock’s concern, he would have snorted and pointed his nose and said his concern was superfluous.

Jokes aside, Kakarot was Son Goku!

Although the birth of the power level was a little lower, as long as he grew following the original story, the future achievements would be very stressful even for Muyang.


When the sky was dark, the Summer Restaurant closed the door.

The automatic robots were clearing the mess in the restaurant, while Muyang said to Melia and Melis, “Bardock has entered a bottleneck in his practice, and in two days, you will find a place to hammer him properly.”

“Do we need to beat him up?” Melia immediately waved her fist with interest.

Although Bardock’s strength was not as powerful as hers, with a power level close to 900,000, she was able to enjoy the fight if she took her time.

Muyang laughed, “Do as you like, just find a way to break his bottleneck.”

Melia nodded, “Then let’s beat him up!”

Saiyans were people who grew up in battle.

The stronger the enemies they encountered, the more they hammered, and the better their bodies could break, provided that they would not be killed.

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