Dragon Ball God Mu

Dragon Ball God Mu Chapter 295


The next day, Muyang went to Bardock’s home with Melia and Melis.

The one who opened the door was Gine, a petite female Saiyan who married Bardock with the same clean face even though she was already the mother of two Saiyans.

“Teacher Mu, you’re here!”

Gine opened the door to see that it was Muyang and the girls. She greeted them very politely as they entered.

Gine and Bardock’s residence had improved a lot compared to the previous poor living conditions.

They had bright rooms and furniture inside. At a glance, it was a place where people of great status lived.

“Where is Bardock’? I came to help him break through the bottleneck!” Melia opened the door, her hands already a little itchy.

Gine said, “He went to set up a task for the squad and will return soon. Please wait for a while.”

“Then, we will wait for a while.” Muyang smiled and sat down on the sofa very casually.

Gine immediately brought tea for hospitality when she saw it.

Setting a cup of tea in front of Muyang, Gine carefully asked, “Is it true that Bardock can breakthrough?”

If Bardock breaks through again, his power level would be over 900,000, which was a value that made people tremble.

Gine had been married to Bardock for many years and knew her husband’s strength very well.

However, because of this understanding, she knew more about each breakthrough’s difficulty after the strength had grown to a high stage.

Muyang took a sip of tea and said, “It’s hard to meet high-level opponents in the universe. However, Bardock’s luck is good, so… it’s not a big problem.”

“That’s great.” Gine breathed a sigh of relief; her face revealed a bright smile.

At this time, Melia and Melis wandered around the room and walked up to a nursing capsule with a small, fine-skinned child immersed in a light-colored nutrient solution.

The child’s eyes closed, and his arms and legs curled up as if he were asleep in his mother’s womb.

He was the second child of Bardock and Gine – Kakarot.

He was also the future Son Goku.

No one present except Muyang knew that this little guy, who looked pitifully low in power level, would become a legendary martial arts practitioner of his generation after being sent to earth because he had crashed his brain.

However, right now, Kakarot was still just a hapless toddler of more than two years old.

The future was not sure if it had already deviated from the trajectory.


Due to the usual time that Bardock had to go out on missions, and Gine had to work in the meat processing department, there had been no time to take care of the child.

So, the newborn Kakarot was put into the nursing capsule to grow. This was a common practice among the Saiyans, putting newborn toddlers into the nursing capsule because the nutrient solution could greatly enhance the child’s physical health.

However, it was just expensive, not something the average Saiyan family could afford to consume.

“This Kakarot looks exactly like Bardock.”

“How does this tail look awkward, and there is no comprehensive Planet Sala Saiyan Evolution.”

“The power level is also pathetically low.”

Melia and Melis discussed in front of the nursing capsule with each other, teasing the child inside. The two sisters had an unusual interest in the newborn toddler.

Speaking of which, although they had been together with Muyang for many years, they had never had children, no matter in their previous life or this life.

In the previous life as Mexia, the marriage was just over two years. The previous body died because of the demon invasion. Now, she reincarnated as Melia and Melis, and they want a child of their own.

However, after half a year of marriage, their bellies still have no response despite their efforts.

With a creak, the door opened.

Bardock walked into the room carrying a cloth bag, and when he saw Muyang and the girls were also there, he knew in his heart the purpose of their coming over, and a hint of excitement appeared on his face.

Bardock said respectfully, “Teacher Mu, I’ll trouble you next.”

“Don’t worry.”

Muyang smiled plainly and looked at Melia. Seeing Melia nodded towards him, Muyang then exerted his power and brought Bardock, Melia, and Melis to a distant planet above.

“Let’s practice here. It’s a mangled planet; there’s no need to worry about being spied on by others.”

Muyang and Bardock landed in a large forest.

The beasts in the forest soon spotted them, rushing at them with intimidating growls.

However, Muyang and the others were unmoved; their bodies gradually floated into the air above the dense forest.

“This planet is merely a Low-Level Planet.”

Melia and Melis sensed the surroundings and found no energy aura of more than 1000 power levels.

“Finally, I can stop hiding my power.”

With a smile on his face, Bardock’s energy kept climbing and soon reached a level close to 900,000 power level.

At this time, the entire mangled planet rumbled and trembled, and the terrifying aura formed a whirlwind that spread out in all directions.

Feeling the full force of power, Bardock could not help but roar. The feeling of exerting power to his heart’s content made him excited.

In the past, because he was worried about the power would attract the prying eyes of Frieza and others, Bardock had been doing his best to hide the power.

Even on missions, he never used his full strength—the reason he would hit a bottleneck, mostly because he did not fight to the fullest.

“Cool!” Bardock was imposing. His body was surging with overpowering ki.

“Melia, fight with Bardock and let him know the strength of a master,” Muyang said with a faint smile.


Melia took a step forward and instantly arrived in front of Bardock.

Her turquoise eyes resembled a secluded lake, rippling as she looked at her opponent, unaffected by the aura on Bardock’s body.


The sound of war drums and the energy on Melia’s body were steeply elevated.

Her terrifying aura soon exceeded Bardock’s, and the 2 million power level was utterly released.

That sense of oppression made Bardock’s face change violently.

“What a terrifying ki, Melia’s power makes my whole body boil with fervor.”

“As expected, she is the wife of Teacher Mu. Although she is ten years younger than me, her strength is far above mine.”

Bardock wailed excitedly while resisting Melia’s appalling aura. The blood boiled all over his body, and his eyes were full of battle intent when he looked at Melia.

Melia was smiling, “My current power level is 2 million. I don’t want to be beaten down casually.”

“Let the horses come!” Bardock said with battle intent.

He had trained in secret in the past and rarely had the opportunity to face such a powerful opponent. Melia was so powerful that he could not wait for a painful fight.

However, Bardock ignored the gap between himself and Melia.

Melia smiled and look serious as she clatter, and her figure penetrated the thick air. Melia’s attack has arrived in front of Bardock.

Bardock revealed a horrified look. His hands and feet began to fend off.


With a tragic blow, Bardock’s body fell like a meteor, rumbling, a huge fire rose in the sky. A large area of primeval forest was destroyed in Bardock’s impact.


Bardock quickly scurried up and wiped the bloodstains off the corners of his mouth.

As the battle continued, Bardock felt that his body’s bottleneck was beginning to loosen, which made him even more excited and enthusiastic about the battle.


Bardock kept taking Melia’s heavy blows, and the whole mangled planet had become disfigured in the powerful energy impact.

Muyang and Melis were on the sidelines, unceasingly hitting the blade again and again to dispel the energy that might destroy the planet’s core.

If they were not on the sidelines to maintain it, the tiny mangled planet would have been unable to withstand the terrible force and collapsed.

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