Dragon Ball God Mu

Dragon Ball God Mu Chapter 309


Planet Vegeta was in complete chaos.

Since the war between the Cooler Armored Squadron and the Saiyans officially kicked off, the entire planetary system had become a battlefield for both sides to fight.

With the blue-green Planet Vegeta as the background, the surrounding lit up with an orange dot of light one after another…

A bright ray of light was sprayed indiscriminately in the outer atmosphere, rumbling roar. A few rays swept across the ground and then clattered to split the continent, spewing hot lava. This lava sprayed to high altitude, and under the effect of gravity, it fell like rain.

Not long after the war began, the original beautiful ecological environment of Planet Vegeta became smoggy.

With Cooler’s Special Force Team joined the battle, the situation was fundamentally reversed. The Great Ape Saiyans were gradually suppressed.

The battle area began to shift from outer space to the interior of the planet. The lowest energy of these Great Ape Saiyans had 10,000 power levels, and the high-intensity battle put Planet Vegeta under tremendous pressure.


A series of fireballs connected on the surface of the planet presented.

The flames rose to thousands of meters high in the sky as if a delicate poppy blossomed out, and there was a rumble of explosions everywhere.

Under the overwhelming force collision, the planet finally could not withstand the huge penetrating force, crumbling from the middle.

The hot lava immediately flew out from the ground, with a steaming and pungent smell.


An order came from the sound of fighting.

“Saiyans who don’t know their own strength.”

“Destroy them! Don’t spare any of them.”

The heavily armed Special Force Team laughed and aimed their gaze at the Great Ape Saiyans.

At this moment, in their eyes, these Saiyans were all prey, and by getting things done well, Lord Cooler would be pleased, and they would be appreciated.


The air shook violently, and the terrifying aura coalesced together, forming an impactful surge.

The Saiyans of Planet Vegeta was defeated in this one impact. Soon, a large number of Saiyans were tragically slaughtered.


With a roar, an “energy cannon” from a distance came through. King Vegeta, who had already been seriously injured in the previous battle, saw his people being slaughtered. His two eyes flashed with a tyrannical ruthless light, and his mouth spewed out a massive column of energy light.

“King Vegeta, watch these Saiyans die. This is what happens when you disobey Lord Cooler.”

Paviz laughed freely, standing in the position of hostility. King Vegeta’s sad appearance made him want to laugh when he saw it.

King Vegeta’s face was pale, a mouthful of blood could not help but spurt out, “Why did you have to deceive us? Even if we choose to serve Cooler, that demon will not let us go.”

Paviz shrugged a little; the corners of his mouth showed a cruel and cold smile, “Then there is no way out. Destroying you is something planned by King Cooler, as for choosing allegiance or rebellion will not affect the outcome.”

“If you had been loyal from the beginning, Lord Cooler might have given you a happy outcome. But now… enjoy being tremble in the face of great power!

“Shut up. The dignity of the Saiyans will not allow you to trample!”

King Vegeta’s face was iron blue. Under the Great Ape Form, he was emitting horrible ki. Even when the body was broken by Cooler, at this time, King Vegeta, who was originally strong, was able to keep the outbreak state.

“Hmph, what Saiyan dignity… King Vegeta, you’re at the end of death. Go to hell in peace!”

Paviz’s face was cold. As the current number one general under Cooler, Paviz couldn’t tolerate a weak person showing the so-called dignity in front of him.

With a cold glint of the eyes looking at King Vegeta, Paviz suddenly let out a loud laugh. His body sank slightly, and then his body disappeared in a flash of lightning.


A beam of energy came through, directly from King Vegeta’s abdomen, the blood scattered, dripping like flower petals.

After losing too much blood, King Vegeta began to chill. His eyes also began to darken, making the scene seen in front of his eyes gradually blurred.

In the distant…. in the gradually blurred spots of light, the sound gradually became inaudible.

A crimson mushroom cloud rose on the other side of the skyline, and countless brave Saiyan Warriors lost their lives under the siege of the Cooler Armored Squadron. Their corpses floating in outer space.

The Saiyans of Planet Vegeta began to go to extinction.

When King Vegeta looked on, his mind recalled the glorious moment of Planet Vegeta… When the Saiyans were not under the command of Frieza, their lives were so dashing. They ate to their heart’s content and fought painfully. It was a pity that such days have all passed.

The culprit… was King Cold and two of his son.

In the last moment of life, King Vegeta’s consciousness awake. He looked toward Paviz, suddenly feel less sad.

“You will regret it… One day, you will also encounter what Planet Vegeta suffered… Vegeta, grow up as soon as possible, and then avenge the death of our people!”

King Vegeta’s mouth raised as if he saw his son. With a sneer, he seemed to have seen his son Vegeta grow up and avenge the people of Vegeta.

Hearing King Vegeta’s vicious curse before dying, Paviz sneered disdainfully. Suddenly, King Vegeta, with his Great Ape Stage rushed over. His body swelled up greatly, making Paviz alarmed. Paviz’s face suddenly changed, and he hurriedly took off towards a safe place.

“This is not good!”


The huge ball of fire rose and washed away the haze that covered the sky as King Vegeta responded to the arrival of death with the most powerful self-destruction.

“Hurry up and leave; this area is not even safe.”

There was a shocking explosion from behind, making Paviz heart anxious. He made his best effort to accelerate away, but the horrible energy behind him soon caught up and engulfed Paviz at once.

The smoke cleared.

Paviz was floating in the air in a mess. His body was covered with skin and flesh, and the previous gracefulness had long since disappeared.

“Damn King Vegeta. Even in death, you make so much drama.”

Paviz’s face was gloomy as if his dark cheeks were able to drip ink.



Bazda killed an alien and watched sadly as King Vegeta blew himself up.

“King Vegeta blew himself up…”


King Vegeta’s death stimulated all the Saiyan Warriors who were still fighting. Their eyes were red, and they fought even more furiously, charging forward even though their bodies were covered with wounds.

Some Saiyans who really had no strength left followed King Vegeta’s example and opened their arms to blow themselves up.



Huge fireballs continue to rise, churning the atmosphere. Along with the Great Ape Saiyan began to self-destruct, Planet Vegeta had become completely unrecognizable.


Cooler narrowed his bloodshot eyes, indifferently looking at a Saiyan who went to his death.

“What a respectable Saiyan Warrior. It’s a pity that I can’t use them. Enemies are enemies, after all.”

Shaking his head, Cooler arrogantly tilted his head. His body slowly ascended, quickly exceeding the atmosphere and entering the deep outer space.

“All members of the legion, come back!”

Cooler’s cold voice reached the ears of every member of Cooler’s Legion through the contact device. Upon receiving Cooler’s command, all aliens immediately gave up their continued battle with the Saiyans, broke away from the battlefield in the air, and returned to outer space.

“What the hell are those alines up to? Why did they suddenly leave?”

“Could it be that the battle is already battle over?”

“My heart has an ominous feeling.”

Not many Saiyans survived the bloodbath, and they gathered together, wondering why all those aliens suddenly left.

More than ten seconds passed.

When the dense human figures gradually converged to outer space, Cooler looked at Planet Vegeta, shining everywhere. He gently stretched out his finger, and a peanut-sized dot of light shone a few times at the tip of his finger. It then turned into a huge ball of energy with a diameter of thousands of meters.

This giant ball of energy was called “Supernova”. It was more terrifying than the “Death Ball” ꟷAs long as it stoke. The whole Planet Vegeta would instantly turn into dust in the universe.

“Vegeta, goodbye. Just disappear into space!”


With a soft shout, Cooler’s eyes flashed with bloodthirsty madness. His fingers slightly curved, and the large ball of energy shining with electric power fell in the direction of Planet Vegeta.

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