Dragon Ball God Mu

Dragon Ball God Mu Chapter 313


The dark, deep cosmic backdrop reveals a hint of eerie dark red. The stars were dull and disorganized, and the silence contrasted with the apocalyptic-like roar on Planet Vegeta.

The outer space of Planet Vegeta. A disc spaceship stationed on the planet synchronous orbit.

Although the battle between Cooler and Muyang took place on Planet Vegeta’s surface, the high-intensity energy reaction still affected the outer space.

When the scouters onboard detected this energy, the high-power scouters emitted an out-of-range alarm. Such a result made all the aliens who were watching the battle to be shocked and speechless.

Looking at the surface of Planet Vegeta, there was a fireball after fireball. The airwaves spread to form a “smoke ring” like ripples… There was an eerie silence in the spaceship.

“Terrifying. Even the scouter on the spaceship began to be alerted. Look at the fire on the planet! I’m afraid that Planet Vegeta will be finished.”

“As expected of King Cooler. His power is frighteningly strong.”

“But there is actually someone on the Saiyan who can fight with the Great King for so long…”

“Are the Saiyans… really that strong?”

The Aliens who operate the spaceship were mainly scientific researchers. Most of them had little power level and a very narrow understanding of power or a concept on paper. After all, high-intensity battle scenes were not easily seen in the field, and 5,000 power level was as powerful as 50,000 power level, which was so powerful that they could only lookup.

“Unbelievable. Their power level should all be more than 60 million.”

“That’s right. The maximum detection range of the spaceship’s scouter is 60 million. If it exceeds 60 million, it will enter the protection state.”

“Ssh, they’re actually so strong. The gods really favor them…”

When these aliens were lamenting, suddenly, a cluster of streams of light streaked through the starry sky, and wave-like ripples floated around.

A scarred figure like an arrow rushed out from Planet Vegeta and floated in the universe ghostly.

Through the porthole of the spaceship, they saw that it was a purple figure like a demon.

Because Cooler had never revealed his Final Form in front of others, these aliens didn’t recognize it for a while. It was only when the energy signature was identical to King Cooler that they knew it was their King Cooler.

Looking carefully at the appearance of Cooler at this time, all the aliens couldn’t help but be stunned.

In their eyes, the image of the invincible Cooler, at this moment, was too miserable.

His white body armor cracked with sinuous fractures, his purple skin looked like it had been cut by thousands of blades, simply bloody, and the only thing intact might be the tail, with sharp barbs still shining in a creepy electric aura.

“That’s King Cooler. How did the King become like this?”

“Are the Saiyans really that strong…. even the Great King Cooler was injured like this.”

The hearts of all aliens were drumming. If the enemy was really so terrifying, then they were all in danger.

At that moment, Cooler’s icy voice came through the communicator into the spaceship.

“Immediately pilot the spaceship to move away from the planetary system, the king will destroy Planet Vegeta.”

Cooler said this, of course, not to pity his men. Cooler didn’t care about his men’s death and let them leave simply because he had to rely on these spaceships to leave this space after destroying Planet Vegeta.

As for the fighters who remain on Planet Vegeta, Cooler didn’t care about them. Compared to destroying the two “Saiyans” that threatened his rule, the loss of a few fighters was nothing.

Even if some of them were excellent and had a power level of tens of thousands! When it was time to sacrifice, Cooler would not even blink.


Cooler’s command made the aliens in the spaceship boil up.

A disc-shaped spaceship immediately engined at full power, moving in the direction away from the planetary system.

Confirming that the spaceships under his command gradually sailed away, Cooler sneered. His scarlet eyes looked at Planet Vegeta, and the cold and cruel aura became more intense. He stared at Planet Vegeta for a long time, as if to remember the planet in his heart, to be exact, to remember the two “Super Saiyans”.

To make the unbeatable Cooler act in this way, it was enough to show Muyang and Melissa’s power.

When he thought of those two Saiyans’ faces, Cooler could not help but feel the pain in his body.


The shuddering energy bomb in his hand grew larger and larger, soon reaching a diameter of a thousand meters. It looked like a small sun from afar, releasing terrifying energy.

Up until now, Cooler mistook Muyang and Melissa for the Super Saiyans he imagined. To kill the “Super Saiyan” in his eyes, Cooler has used all his strength.

The fact that Muyang and Melissa did not chase him off the planet to fight meant that they couldn’t survive in space!

‘That would be great!’

Cooler grin appeared on his face as he drooped one eyelid.


The kilometer diameter ball of energy crushed all the way and began to rush towards Planet Vegeta.

In that straight orbit, no matter the aliens of Cooler Armored Squadron or the remaining Saiyans in space, they had no ability to resist and were all swallowed up by that huge fireball.

The terrifying energy penetrated the atmosphere, causing the charged particles in the air to “crackle” and shine with electricity.

The wind howled, and the lightning weaved in and out of the clouds.

The huge ball of fire fell from the sky, and blazing heat baked the earth.


On the ground, Muyang and Melissa tilted their heads up to look at the huge fireball. They waited quietly for Cooler’s move and did not make any move.

Such a huge ball of fire, how much energy it contains?

They didn’t want to hold this “Supernova Cooler” because they knew in their hearts that Planet Vegeta was already overwhelmed and in danger of disintegrating at any time, so there was no point in blocking…. it.

It would be better to save some energy and give Cooler a fatal attack later.


Muyang called out to Melissa and placed his hand on her shoulder.

The power of the destruction of a planet in the Dragon Ball World was no joke. The exploded energy of the planets from the universe seemed to announce their last sense of existence.

If they were too close, they were extremely vulnerable to being engulfed by the energy of the planet explosion. They have to move away as soon as possible, as for the Saiyans above Planet Vegeta, they could only say that their fate was sealed.


With a soft shout, Muyang with Melissa disappeared from Planet Vegeta.

The next second they appeared in another area very far away from Planet Vegeta.

Looking back, they saw the huge Planet Vegeta being blown into powder by the energy bomb attack in a fluctuation that resounded through the starry sky.


“Ah, Planet Vegeta is still destroyed.”

North Kai gloomily lost his mind watching Planet Vegeta turned into ashes in the universe; his heart had an indescribable taste.

The Saiyan Race was destroyed, and that was the result of the accumulation of karma. Even if they escape this calamity, North Kai foresee that there would be another wave of calamity waiting for them.

However, Planet Vegeta was, after all, the cradle of life! He hated to see such a picture.

“Oops, how are Muyang and Melissa? Nothing will happen, right?” North Kai winced and hurriedly inquired about the whereabouts of Muyang and Melissa. Soon, he found them in the universe, and only then did he breathe a sigh of relief.

“It’s good that nothing bad happened.”

Muyang and Melissa could be said to have become North Kai’s reliance. When the two were safe and sound, the North Kai was relieved.


“Hahahaha, what a beautiful firework. Such a perfect fall should satisfy you; you can thank me when you get to the Other World!”

Cooler laughed wildly; a joyful look flashed across his face. The battle just now made him vaguely sore, but now that it was over, he had an unprecedented sense of satisfaction.

There shouldn’t be so many strong people in the universe after all. Muyang and Melissa’s power made Cooler feel palpitating, and now that they were dead, there were two fewer obstacles for Cooler to dominate the universe.

However, just when Cooler was self-absorbed, something unexpected happened.

There was a hideous crack in the void, and a silver-white chain penetrated down from the center of the crack and tied up Cooler’s hands and feet.


The silver-white glowing chains tied up tighter and tighter. The sudden attack made Cooler dumbfounded, his body struggled, and his face turned dark.

“What… is this thing?!”

Cooler struggled, but the silver chains were penetrating from Muyang’s Acceleration World. With his current state, where he had used up a large amount of energy, it was tough to break free.

“Does the death chains feel good? Frieza was entangled by these chains back then and then lost his life.”

Just when Cooler felt frightened, a distortion occurred in the void, like waves floating waves, a man and a woman’s figures came out of the distorted space.

Muyang floated to Cooler’s side with Melissa.

“You guys didn’t die?”

Cooler was shocked. Since when could the Saiyans survive in a vacuum environment?

Then his face became ugly, “So, Frieza was actually killed by you guys!”

“Soon, it will be your turn,” Muyang said indifferently.

Although the vacuum couldn’t transmit sound, Muyang’s voice entered Cooler’s ears by the divine power.

Cooler’s eyes were spitting fire, and he said viciously, “If you want to kill me, you are not qualified yet. It’s just a chain made of energy; let’s see how I can break it free!”

After saying that, Cooler’s body began to burn with lavender flames. A strong and terrifying ki like that of a beast burst out.

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