Dragon Ball God Mu

Dragon Ball God Mu Chapter 314



In a life-and-death situation, Cooler went crazy.

The muscles on his body coiled up, veins surged on his forehead, and a cold and dark aura steeply surged.

It was terrifying energy that made the soul tremble, and for a time, the entire void shook violently.

Click, click, click.

Silver chains clanging, seems to be ripped off.

Muyang’s face suddenly changed as he thought: Cooler’s energy is really abundant, to such an extent that there is still energy left to explode. I absolutely can no longer let him continue to release energy.

He said, “Melissa, let’s go together and kill Cooler!”

Now was the easiest time to chain Cooler up. If they let him break free, then everything would be lost.

The previous fight had already taught them the power of Cooler, and they could not hesitate at this moment.

“Okay,” Melissa responded in a high pitched voice.

The two of them approached Cooler and began to explode powerful attacks towards him.

Sky Splitting Fist, Tri-Beam, Thunder Shock Surprise, Tornado Storm, Muyang, and Melissa cast out their skills. Various colors of energy attacks fell on Cooler’s body. Cooler was unbearable at this time, even though his frozen demon race had an incomparable body strength.


Cooler let out a heart-breaking hissing sound. The intense pain caused his entire face to twist up.


Muyang pushed his palm forward with force, and the ice-blue ki wave immediately rushed straight towards Cooler like a rocket with an ignited engine.


“Frieza, Cold, you did a good job. Vegeta’s Saiyans should have been cleaned up a long time ago…”

Cooler’s eyes were fierce, and his hatred for Frieza and King Cold rose. If they had dealt with Vegeta decades earlier, how would there be today’s events?

His internal organs kept churning, and a deadly pain tormented him.

“Muyang, why isn’t he dead yet?” Melissa had attacked for a long time, and her face was turning white.

If not for the Senzu Beans restoring her strength, she would have been exhausted.

“He’s powerful indeed. Cooler is the best of his clan.”

Muyang’s eyes were heavy. In his heart, he was also shocked by Cooler’s strong vitality. It wasn’t easy to be immortal at this level!

Stuffing a Senzu Bean into his mouth, he then raised his strength and swung his full strength.

With a hiss, another even wider crack abruptly tore through the void and appeared. The edges of the bloody red crack wriggled and kept recovering and tearing.

Muyang controlled the channel of the Acceleration World to open it gradually. When a huge crack spanning tens of thousands of kilometers appeared, the Acceleration World was completely exposed to Universe 7.

The rules of the Universe 7 washed over the Acceleration World, and an azure planet presented itself in the middle.

“Pull Cooler into the Acceleration World!”

Once Cooler was sent into the Acceleration World, Cooler’s life and death were in his hands.

In the Acceleration World, Muyang could mobilize more powerful forces and even use his “obliteration” skills on a wide scale.

However, to pull in someone stronger than himself, he needed to overcome the pressure from Universe 7.

After all, to some extent, he was “taking food” from Universe 7.

At this time, Cooler felt the threat of death, which taught him to struggle even more frantically.

“Damn it. Break it off. Break it off!”


At this moment, the gloomy and deep void exploded, Cooler’s power fought against the silver chains.

The twisted lights were stretched and prolonged, ready to break apart. The solemn aura was as if from the abyss, constantly knocking at the depths of the soul, making the whole void even paler.

Clang clang clang!

Silver chains wrapped around Cooler’s body were colliding with each other resounded clang clang clang. It suddenly clicked, and the chains seemed to break.

The entire Acceleration World was like a pump at this time, constantly sending energy to Muyang.


In the Acceleration World.

Bardock and Asike had entered Planet Wudao for a while. They were still looking blankly at the surrounding plants and trees and were worried about Planet Vegeta’s situation.

Suddenly the void opened a huge crack, and a deep cosmic starry sky from the other end of the crack revealed. Bardock and Asike flew up, close to the crack, to see the scene outside.

“Is that Cooler?”

They saw Cooler locked firmly in silver chains, while not far from him, a man and a woman were frantically attacking Cooler.

Bardock and Asike watched in awe, only to feel a tingling in their skulls. Each attack that was madly struck was enough to destroy a planet.

“Good, what a horrible destructive power!”

At the edge of the crack, Asike stared wide-eyed and did not dare to come any closer. He turned his head and asked the Bardock on the side, “… Is that Teacher Mu you said before?”

“Yes, it is Teacher Mu. As for the one next to….” Bardock was a little confused. The woman vaguely resembled the two partners of Teacher Mu, but it was not the right look.

Bardock could not figure it out, so he gently shook his head.

Asike didn’t care about that, “Great! Teacher Mu was able to press Cooler to attack. Looking at Cooler’s appearance now, he definitely can’t block it. And the one next to him! She’s awesome too.”

“But….” Asike frowned up, looking at Muyang, who was surrounded by a silver halo.

He always felt that he had seen Muyang somewhere, but where exactly had he seen him?

“This scene, this scene…. right!” Asike was horrified, he suddenly thought of – back when he and Bazda encountered the Ginyu Forces and Armored Squadron on the outer planets.

Wasn’t this Teacher Mu happened to pass by and eliminated Frieza Force and Cooler Armored Squadron in a couple of seconds!

“So he’s Mr. Muyang….”

Asike murmured to himself. Speaking of which, he and Bazda life were saved by this man in front of him.

At that time, it was speculated that he was not a Saiyan. However, after all, there was no real evidence.

Now, he had appeared again, and according to Bardock, this person also took great care of Bardock…

This was a real hammer, a real hammer!

The bottom of Asike’s heart was instantly on fire.

On the other hand, after Muyang frantically urged the Acceleration World, a different rule from the Universe 7 descended to the area where the original Planet Vegeta was located.

Whis, who was located in the God of Destruction Planet, sipped his tea and watched Planet Vegeta’s situation.

When Muyang used the silver chains, Whis’ light purple eyes lit up fiercely. He picked up his Divine Staff and quickly clicked twice against the void.

Clang clang clang!

The crystal ball at the top of the Divine Staff lit up, and several wisps of ripples spread out towards the void, acting directly on the Universe 7.

Because Whis was in charge of the rules of Universe 7, with his several clicks, the rules of the universe located in the region of Planet Vegeta receded.

The rules of the Acceleration World immediately gained the advantage, covering the entire void.

Muyang only felt a huge force suddenly stick to his body, every cell in his body was active, and his previous injuries recovered as much as possible. That was the power from the Acceleration World.

Muyang opened his arms and said to Melissa, “You should retreat some distance first.”

Melissa did not doubt it and obediently withdrew more than 10,000 meters.

“What are you doing?” A chill rose in Cooler’s heart, and he forgot to struggle, his miserable face hung with blood.

Muyang looked at Cooler calmly, “Nothing. I just want to tell you that your end has come.”

“DAMN IT. I WILL NOT LOSE TO YOU; I WILL KILL YOU SOON!” Cooler roared in a fury.

No more words, Muyang increased the power exerted on Cooler. Instantly, countless chains descended from the sky.

The silver-white light wrapped around Cooler, directly wrapped into a huge cocoon, revealing only Cooler’s head.

This time Cooler completely unable to struggle.

“How could this happen? How did your power go up so much at once.” Cooler’s eyes were wide open as he roared out incredulously.

“This starry sky is now my domain.”

Muyang stretched out his palm and aimed it in Cooler’s direction, and his mouth said in a cold voice, “OBLITERATE!”

The words just fell, and a few wisps of faint awning began to shine up. The light was fragile but had an irresistible compulsion.

Cooler’s eyes opened wide, and his throat looked like it was stuck talking with great difficulty.

“How…. will… Damn! I…”

Cooler’s words had not finished when his body was weathered like a rock baptized by endless time. His body gradually disappeared from the bottom to the top and finally turned into strands of invisible crystal fine sand, floating in the universe.


Kai’s Planet, North Kai, forcedly clenched fist. He was jumping and dancing with excitement.

In the Acceleration World, Bardock and Asike looked at the outside world through that spatial rift. Cooler’s death made them couldn’t help but cheer in their hearts.

God of Destruction Planet.

Whis leaned on his chin and thought, “That last move of Muyang seems to have touched the application of the rules. It was a bit like Lord Beerus’ ‘Energy of Destruction’… No, it seems to be Lord Zeno’s ‘Erase,’ but compared to Lord Zeno, that move is still very rudimentary. It seems that it can still only destroy the flesh.”

Whis was in charge of the rules of Universe 7, so it was clear that although Cooler died, his soul did not disappear. Instead, it was absorbed by the power of the Other-Wolrd.

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