Dragon Ball God Mu

Dragon Ball God Mu Chapter 315


After Cooler’s death, Muyang stayed in the space for a long time before he waved his arm to close the Acceleration World channel.

The huge crack that was tens of thousands of kilometers long gradually closed, and the crimson and poisonous color was once again hidden behind the space.

In fact, just in that moment of work, Universe 7 had already caused a great deal of oppression to the Acceleration World.

After all, Muyang’s behavior was equivalent to damaging the “strength” of Universe 7, which would never be allowed by Universe 7.

If it weren’t for Whis’ manipulation to avoid most of the rules, the Acceleration World’s power would not have been able to land smoothly.

“Cooler is finally dead.”

As if he had overturned a high-level guard boss in the game, this sense of accomplishment and the emptiness after the battle made him feel a little emotional for a moment.

He had just destroyed Cooler’s body with “Obliterate.” For mortals, the destruction of the body was equivalent to death.

The battlefield situation could be described as rapidly changing; any factor might lead to a different outcome.

Cooler’s strength was far above Muyang’s; if not for Muyang and Melissa’s exceptional power and the recovery of their strength with Senzu Beans, the outcome might not have been the same.

In the end, Cooler still fought an unprepared battle!

There, Melissa finally breathed a sigh of relief after seeing Muyang destroy Cooler.

Intense fatigue came up; she could no longer maintain the Melissa state and turned into Melia and Melis in a dazzling light.

After changing back into Melia and Melis, the two of them turned white, their stomachs grumbled, and they hurriedly took the Tree of Might’s Fruit from Muyang.

The girls, who had consumed a lot of spiritual energy, needed to replenish their vitality with Tree of Might’s Fruit.

Looking at the girls’ big bites, Muyang patted their shoulders, “Eat slowly; there is no hurry now.”

“You don’t know what it’s like when your stomach gets hungry. Eating Senzu Beans doesn’t feel like anything; the Tree of Might’s Fruits are more delicious and taste good.” Melia laughed heartedly.

They were dared to run for the taste of the Tree of Might’s Fruit.

Muyang couldn’t help but roll his eye. It was good that in his Acceleration World, Gaia humming and puffing reclaimed new land and was diligently working on the planting of the Tree of Might.

Otherwise, the Tree of Might’s Fruits obtained from Planet Munster alone would really not be enough for the two gluttonous devils, Melia and Melis.

However, it was good to eat more, to nourish their bodies, so that they could have children in the future.

“What about those people from Cooler Armored Squadron?” Melis swallowed the flesh of the fruit in small bites.

Her eyes glanced at the several disc spaceships floating in the distance.

In addition to the Special Forces Team that was killed by Cooler’s pit on top of Planet Vegeta, some aliens were responsible for piloting the spaceships.

Because they received Cooler’s instruction to stay away from Planet Vegeta early, so they did not die in the explosion of Planet Vegeta.

Muyang sneered, “Since they are Cooler’s subordinates, of course, we are sending them to rendezvous with Cooler.”

“You guys eat slowly here. I’ll go and exterminate them first.”

After saying that, Muyang’s figure floated. A stream of light pierced through, making space rippled minutely, and Muyang’s figure disappeared instantly.


In the distance, several disc spaceships docked outside the planetary system.

The spaceship’s scouter could no longer capture Cooler’s energy response, making the aliens in the spaceship panic.

They sank their hearts and searched carefully for Planet Vegeta’s original location, but Cooler’s energy had really disappeared.

Now all of them were dumbfounded. They watched in disbelief, and the spaceship fell into silence for a while.

“King Cooler is dead….”

“What should we do? Should we hurry and leave? If the two people who fought with King Cooler earlier catch up, it will be too late.”

“Hurry up and go; this area is hazardous!”

A cry of panic rang out, and the terror spread all at once. All the aliens inside the spaceship panicked, looking into the starry sky filled with debris floating in the distance, their eyes filled with fear.

The spaceship’s engines started up, and the disc spaceship, after a short stay, re-formed into formation again and accelerated away from Planet Vegeta’s region.

However, at that moment, a dark-haired youth appeared in front of the spaceship.

The palm of his hand plucking space and the whole star field became as if it was filled with stagnation like water.

The spaceship seemed to be imprisoned as if it could not move.

“What’s going on? Why isn’t it moving?” The alien inside broke open and cursed.

“We can’t move; the spaceship seems to be dragged by something.” The operator’s face turned white, and he cried out.

“Hurry up and check.”

“It’s no use; all parameters of the spaceship are showing normal. It’s the space outside that has changed…” The operator gulped and said in disbelief.

“It’s over.”

The situation now was as if the spaceship had encountered a black hole, and no matter how much it sailed away, space was dragging the spaceship to prevent it from leaving.

Muyang looked at the spaceship that kept spinning in space, and the cold auras seemed as sharp as daggers.


There was a boom!

Space began to collapse, and dark red, deep cracks appeared in the void. Those few spaceships had no ability to resist the spatial cracks, and were quickly swallowed by the giant tooth-like blood bowl mouth at the spatial break, then crushed into powder.

Of course, Muyang did not destroy them all. One of them that looked like the disc spaceship’s flagship was put on Planet Wudao, which he could later give to April as a gift. After all, the technology under the command of Cooler still had some strength.

As for the people inside, he believed that they knew how to choose in front of the strong power.

“It’s done.”

Gently clapping his palm, Muyang checked the ki of the surrounding stars and made sure there was no other reaction of life before instantly moving to the side of Melia and Melis.

By this time, except for the Cooler Armored Squadron in other areas of the North Area, all the Armored Squadron members that had entered the range of Planet Vegeta were dead.


Acceleration World.

Although the huge rift to the outside world had disappeared, Bardock and Asike’s minds were still haunted by the bloody and terrifying spatial rift mold. Their hearts could not help but shiver. If they were inhaled by it, they would be disabled without dying.

“Teacher Mu is mighty. The force that shattered even space is too terrifying.” Asike was still in the midst of extreme shock.

“Cooler should be dead already.”

Bardock said excitedly, “He’s definitely dead. I did not expect that after Frieza, even Cooler died in the hands of Teacher Mu. Cooler’s power level is 470 million!”

“Yeah, 470 million….”

Asike was silent. He was already stunned by this frighteningly high power level. Then he laughed at himself and thought that he was really watching the sky from the bottom of a well.

Bardock did not have such a complicated mind, only Saiyan’s pure desire to fight in his heart. The thought of Teacher Mu actually capable of defeating even such a powerful Cooler made his heart so excited. He could not wait to join in the battle just now.

However, he knew that he couldn’t intervene in that level of battle. Don’t look at his 1 million power level; it seemed very powerful, but that’s because he didn’t encounter a dominant master. If he dared to intervene, he might have just scraped out the aftermath of the battle, and he could be torn into pieces.

“I wonder how Planet Vegeta is doing now….” Asike suddenly said despondently.

Bardock was silent.

The battle just now was so fierce; he was afraid that Planet Vegeta was in a bad way.

“Forget it. Let’s take a look ahead; it seems that a ship has just landed ……”

The void distorted for a moment, and Muyang, Melia, and Melis descended to Planet Wudao. They appeared in front of Bardock, with a seemingly intimidating pressure emanating from their bodies.

“Teacher Mu, Melia, and Melis.” Bardock greeted them upon seeing them.

“Huh, where are the women who fought with teacher Mu just now?”

Muyang glanced towards the girls, “The person just now was the warrior Melia, and Melis fused out – Melissa, and separated after the battle.”

Bardock was stunned for a moment and then responded, “Teacher Mu’s wife is really extraordinary.”

Two people can actually fuse into one person; this ability was really odd. However, Teacher Mu was not mortal in the first place; his wife must also have something extraordinary.

Bardock introduced Asike to everyone, “This is my father Asike, who left Planer Vegeta many years ago and just returned not long ago. “

“Hello.” Muyang nodded slightly and looked at Asike.

This Saiyan was surprisingly Bardock’s father, and his power level was okay.

Asike acted a little formal, “Hello Mr. Muyang, twenty-four years ago it was also you who saved me.”

Muyang then carefully look at Asike; indeed, he looked familiar. Melia and Melis also looked at Asike; when Muyang saved Asike and Bazda, their former life Mexia was hidden in Muyang’s pocket in the form of a human doll, so they had also seen Asike.

“So it’s you. You look a lot older.”

Asike shook his head, “I can’t compare with Mr. Mu. My grace is still comparable to that of the past.”

Such a god-like figure like Muyang, what he looked like back then when he was young? He looked the same as the first time they met. Even time could not carve anything on his body; he was too strong.

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