Dragon Ball God Mu

Dragon Ball God Mu Chapter 316


“Teacher Mu, I wonder how’s Planet Vegeta….” Bardock asked nervously and hearing his son’s question, Asike also pricked up his ears seriously.

Muyang shook his head, “Planet Vegeta has been destroyed.”

“Then, How about the Saiyans up there?”

“Except for a few of you, there are no more Planet Vegeta Saiyans.”

“Have Saiyans perished?” Asike’s face turned pale.

Bardock listened in silence, while Asike seemed to be drained of his whole body, lost in thought. In fact, when the Acceleration World channel opened earlier, they had already guessed that there would be such an outcome, but when the news was confirmed, it was still a little hard to accept.

“What are your plans?”

Bardock said, “I plan to go to earth when I know that Cooler is going to attack Planet Vegeta. My father and I sent Gine and Kakarot to earth in the night; they should still be halfway.”

“I’m going to earth to wait for them.”

His eldest son, Raditz, was sent by King Vegeta to King Cold’s territory in the North Area’s eastern part. The journey would take more than a year, compared to earth, which was a little closer. He could see Gine and Kakarot in a few months.

After hearing this, Muyang laughed lightly, “Then you guys go to earth. Earthlings look exactly like Saiyans, only with no tail.”

At this time, Melia said, “I see the Saiyan of Planet Vegeta is a different kind. Planet Sala Saiyans do not have tails.”

In her opinion, the Saiyans of Planet Sala and earthling were more like a community, while the Saiyans of Planet Vegeta was like an earlier split in the evolutionary chart.

“There are Saiyans on other planets?” Asike’s eyes lit up.

“There are indeed Saiyans from other planets. Melia and Melis are Saiyans from Planet Sala, but they do not belong to the same branch as you.”

“There are other Saiyans in the universe. That’s good.” Asike patted his chest, the sad cavity in his heart was less.

As long as the Saiyan lineage did not die out, then it was good. He and Bardock could go to earth without worry.


The Other-World.

A beautiful place, like a paradise.

The golden clouds floating in the sky, everywhere full of peaceful atmosphere. The surrounding warbling grass, covered with golden flowers and grass, was like March and April, not cold and hot. This place was actually a part of hell; everything was a fictitious False Heaven.

The pale pink cherry tree looked like a huge firework in bloom, with beautiful petals falling in the wind, each one carrying a fragrant aroma.

Underneath one of the trunks of the giant tree, an object dangling from slender silkworm silk. Upon closer inspection, it was a white cocoon, with Frieza’s bloodshot eyes open and only one head showing.

Suddenly, the sound of the high-pitched loud and clear Suona sound, followed by the ear-piercing Gong.

More and more instruments played together, the sound was spellbinding, soul-crushing to the extreme.

One by one, the angels came out with songs and dances and sang joyfully around Frieza.

“Ahhhhh!!! I can’t stand it anymore. Damn it, damn it. If I can get out, I will not let you guys go.” Frieza grimaced and roared in pain.

“Nah, Frieza, you don’t like our music, is it not cheerful enough?” One of the little angels flew to Frieza’s side.

Frieza closed his eyes, not bothering.

The little angel suddenly realized, “So Frieza likes it more lively. Guys, we have to work harder to make Frieza happy!”


Snap! Snap! Snap!

Clang! Clang!

Tom-tom!!! Tom-tom!

Suona, gongs, plectrums, flat drums, all kinds of instruments with distinctive tones played together, beating gongs and drums.

The little angels smiled and played more cheerfully.

“Ahhhhhhh! I can’t stand it!”

Frieza wanted to cry without tears and resented the Saiyan, who sent him to hell even more in his heart. If it weren’t for them, how could he have fallen to this point?


A doorway opened in the golden space, and a few little ghosts escorting a person walked in.

The music stopped. Frieza opened his eyes and saw the visitor; a smile surprisingly appeared on his face.

“Gee, isn’t it, big brother? Do you come here to enjoy yourself too?”


Cooler snorted proudly at Frieza but was quickly pushed hard by the little ghost behind him and nearly fell to the ground.

In the Other-World, except for people with great merit or gods, others didn’t have a physical body. Mortals like Cooler were lucky to remain in human form after death, and a physical body was definitely not available, and all their power was put into the east water.

“According to the order of King Yemma, hang Cooler also on the big tree to be baptized and reformed properly here…”

The little ghost readout King Yemma’s orders, pulling up the silk to hang Cooler.

The two brothers faced each other. Frieza looked at Cooler’s gloomy face with interest, and there was a feeling of badness in her heart.

“Ha, I wonder which one of the masters that can send you to hell, big brother?”

Cooler malevolently stared at Frieza and said resentfully, “It’s all yours and father’s fault. Why don’t a race like the Saiyans be wiped out as soon as possible?!”

Frieza was a little surprised, “You were actually killed by the Saiyans too?”

Then laughed, “Don’t worry about the things in life. Big brother, you are here; I have nothing to entertain you. When the music starts in a while, you have to enjoy it. Little angels, you have to play it a little lively in a while.”

“Music?” Cooler frowned.

“You’ll understand in a moment. That music…. is soulful.” Frieza narrowed his eyes. With Cooler accompanying him to suffer, he felt satisfied; his mind was actually enlightened suddenly.

“Mmm, Frieza, look at our performance.”

Several angels and various muppet-like beings laughed happily. Finally, somebody knew how to enjoy their music.


Clang, clang, clang!

The music rang out, and Cooler froze for a moment. His ears tingled, and his brain all seemed to turn to mush.

“What is this sound? Stop it.”

“Ho ho ho ho, it’s good, isn’t it? Keep up the good work.” Frieza narrowed his eyes. His expression was surprisingly calm, as if he was an accomplished monk who had seen through the mundane and mortal things of the world.


Time flies. Soon, a few months have passed.

The news of the death of Cooler had spread through the North Area, and the predators who got the news began to move again, in addition to their initial consternation. What was going on in the North Area? In the last few years, such a big event happened one after another!

First, it was Frieza, who ruled the Southern region; then it was Cooler in the Northern region. If Slug was counted at the edge of the North Area, there were already three overlords killed.

Could there be some hidden master in the North Area, picking on those who jumped high?

After thinking about this, all the predators who wanted to build a great career considered the difference between their strength and Cooler’s and finally gave up. Before the situation was certain, they should keep a low profile and observe secretly, not daring to make any big moves for fear of attracting the person who killed Cooler.

“Frieza and Cooler are dead. It seems that I still have to collect the forces.”

The North Area Eastside, King Cold certainly did not dare to make any big moves after getting the news. After all, the two people who died were his son. Especially Cooler, his strength was more powerful than him. However, it was unknown how he could die on Planet Vegeta. So, before making any move, he should gather forces first.



After Muyang brought the crowd to earth, Bardock and Asike chose a hill to live in the back of the Big Azure Mountain near Mount Paozu and then waited there for the arrival of Gine and Kakarot.

It was worth mentioning that although the place where Bardock and the others live was close to the Big Azure Mountain, the nearby neighbors were not Muyang or the disciples of the Kami School, but Son Gohan and Annin, who live in a place called Mount Paozu.

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