Dragon Ball God Mu

Dragon Ball God Mu Chapter 317


The sun was rising and shining brightly.

Great Azure Mountain, the pleasant daylight with warmth sprinkled all over the ground, after passing through the dense leaves, it showed dappled light spots. The deep forest area was filled with some fog, and under the sunlight, it reflected a colorful scene.

In the villa, April sat in front of the computer desk with a concentrated look. Her fingers tapped on the keyboard, and after typing the last symbol, April printed out all the documents, bound them into a book, and then stretched her back. When she looked out the window, it was already early the next morning.

“I didn’t know it was overnight work.” April laughed lightly and walked out of the room with a cup of hot coffee.

Once a scientist worked, there was no day and night. Sometimes when an inspiration came up, she would be busy for several days, and overnight work was common. However, the good thing was that April was a good martial arts practitioner, and her body could withstand the pressure.

She came to the kitchen to prepare some dessert for herself but found a rustling sound coming from the kitchen.

April walked in to see a little guy with a tail plopped down on the table, holding a spoon in his hand to scoop up a mushy food and send it to his mouth. He ate quickly, and his mouth was covered with mushy food.

“Broly, you stole my nutrient solution!” April grabbed Broly’s ear.

April couldn’t cook on her own, except for the dessert she was interested in mainly because there were several skilled “chefs” at home, so it was not her turn to do the cooking. It was better to be a rice worm and enjoy it.

However, Muyang and the girls were often not at home. This time, April had to cook by herself, so she invented this kind of high energy paste nutritional solution, tasting like a dessert. So, except for the ugly look, it tasted good.

“Aunt April, I only ate a little.” Broly held his finger and handed over the large bowl in his hand.

April raised an eyebrow and said, “You call this eating only a little bit? My nutrient solutions are all eaten up by you.”

Broly touched his stomach and said innocently, “It’s really only a little.”

April also wanted to say something, but looking at Broly’s innocent face, the words she tried to say choked. She had seen Saiyan’s portion of food and a little bit of food Broly said was her food for several days!

“Forget it. If you want to eat, eat it….” April helplessly waved her hand.

April was quite fond of her nephew, who appeared out of nowhere, mainly because Broly was usually quite well-behaved, unlike other children who were so rowdy.

Three Saiyans were living in the house, and the food consumption equivalent to hundreds of people eating. The food consumed in a day was frightening, and now Muyang had changed the original research room under the villa that belonged to April into a place to store food. It should be known that April’s original research room was huge, but even so, they had to purchase new food almost every three days. So, it was clear how quickly they consumed food.

If it were not for one third equity shares of Capsules, Muyang’s money wouldn’t be enough!

“Broly, open your mouth.” April gathered the kitchen dishes, turned her head, and suddenly said.


Broly obediently opened his mouth.

April then took out a Senzu Bean from her pocket and stuffed it into Broly’s mouth, filling his stomach directly. At least in the next ten days, she wouldn’t have to worry about her nutrient solution being eaten. No more, topping it off for three or five days was no problem.

If the Z-Fighter in the original Dragon Ball story know that April squandered the Senzu Beans arbitrarily, they must have complained that she wasted the precious Senzu Beans like sugar beans. Although the Senzu Beans’ early role was to fill the stomach, it couldn’t be wasted like this!

However, there was no way for April, who had more Senzu Beans, not to squander it.

Rich people were so capricious.

Gaia hummed and worked hard in the Acceleration World, and the Senzu Beans harvested in a year were enough for them to use casually.

“My stomach is full.” Broly patted his bulging stomach. He rarely experienced that feeling of fullness, and after saying thank you to April, Broly darted outside the villa.

“Broly, where are you going?”

Broly flew in the air and said, “I’m going to the mountains. Launch said we should hunt together in the mountains today. There are many beasts there… and they taste good.”

After hearing this, April’s face changed slightly, and she shouted, “Since you go hunting beasts in the mountains and want to eat it, why do you ate my nutrient solution?!”

Broly froze for a moment, then laughed, “I forgot.”

April burst of exasperation, “Children are really not cute at all. Go away, do not let me see you.”

After Broly flew away, April looked at the empty dishes in front of her and continued to pack up.

“Gee, what is April angry about!” A slightly flirtatious voice sounded in his ears, and Muyang appeared beside April with an Instant Transmission.

April looked at Muyang and said, “It’s just Broly, who usually quiet was being silly.”

Muyang laughed, “April, you should take care of him more. I also spoiled you when you were a child.”

April’s white cheeks were slightly red, embarrassed, “I was very obedient when I was a child, so I didn’t bother anyone.”

“Well, there is nothing wrong with that statement.” Muyang nodded seriously, then turned his words and asked, “How is the research of that spaceship in the Acceleration World going?”

A few months ago, after killing Cooler, Muyang cleaned up the spaceships and aliens under Cooler, and one of them was transferred to the Acceleration World.

April held up her glasses and tilted her head proudly, “That spaceship of Cooler’s is indeed very advanced, but I have studied all the mechanisms thoroughly and can build an even more advanced spaceship!”

In terms of its research ability, only Dr. Gero, Dr. Brief, and Dr. Omori on earth could rival her.

“It’s good that you’ve studied it thoroughly.” Muyang nodded his head.

“I’m going to explore the universe later and then learn more advanced technology.”

“Remember to bring an escort.”

Muyang didn’t oppose April to go out to travel, but security must be done properly. Like in the original story, Dr. Brief’s eldest daughter, Tights, traveled in the universe alone, and it was a miracle that she didn’t encounter danger.

“Senior brother, in a few days, it will be Panchy’s youngest daughter Bulma’s fifth birthday, and Panchy invited our family to go over to celebrate her birthday.”

Bulma was the youngest daughter of Dr. Brief and Panchy, who was almost five years old. Bulma was about sixteen or seventeen years old when the original story began, less than twelve years away. Therefore, Muyang did some calculations in his heart and judged the time when the story began.

Just now, the storyline had been destroyed by him in such a way, even Bardock had arrived at the earth, so would things still happen down the road?

Shaking his head, Muyang put these superfluous things to the back of his mind. The first half of the Dragon Ball story’s overall experience was confined to earth, and the forces of the universe did not have much involvement. There seemed to be no major changes on earth, except for an additional Bardock; earthlings’ strength generally improved a cut.

Rather, the changes outside the earth were quite drastic.

Muyang said with a light smile, “Panchy’s youngest daughter’s birthday party. Since she invited, of course, we have to go.”

That was the heroine of the Dragon Ball World. Although the definition of “heroine” was not accurate, Bulma was the original Dragon Ball story’s key character.

“Then we should go together.”

April’s face blossomed into a bright smile and then arranged the work. She sent the documents in her hands to her institute.


At the Central Area, a gyro-shaped artifact floats in the deep Universe Starry Sky.

A honeycomb-like hexagonal room.

The jellyfish-like creature with multiple tentacles, accompanied by three staff members, lectured a young patrolman member.

This jellyfish-like creature was the Galactic King, the topmost figure in the Galactic Patrol. On top of his head was a crown marked with the symbol of the Galactic Patrol. His eyes were wide open, and in front of the Galactic King was an “Ultraman” looking alien, covered in purple leather, wearing small body armor with salty eyes of golden color.

This young patrolman named was Jaco, with outstanding eyesight. Even if his strength was not high, he could see the movements beyond the speed of light.

Most of the characters who could become official police officers of the Galactic Patrol had an uncommon ability. Some were excellent eyesight, some were particularly fast, some were particularly strong in defense, and some were particularly piercing in attack ability.

“Galactic King, is there a rather important task for me, who is so excellent, when you call me here?”

Jaco felt good about himself as soon as he arrived.

The Galactic King coughed dryly, “Eh… yes. Please go to a planet called earth immediately. It seems that there is a spaceship launched from Planet Vegeta towards that planet.”

“Planet Vegeta, are those the barbaric Saiyans?”

“Well, the earth is just a Low-Level Planet that has not yet matured and is ruled by weak Earthlings. If the barbaric Saiyans enter the earth, the earthlings’ weak power will not be able to resist. However, the Saiyans sent there is mostly a small child, which are stupid… no, with your excellency, will be able to destroy it alone?”

“Of course!” Jaco happily saluted, “Leave it to me. I promise to complete the task.”

“Well, you go ahead!”

The Galactic King waved his tentacles.

Seeing that the Galactic King had given such an important task to him, Jaco, of course, cheerfully set off in his spaceship towards the earth.

After the spaceship left, the patrolman staff standing behind the Galactic King said, “Galactic King, you actually gave this task to Jaco.”

The Galactic King said, “I just want to give him something to do. He is obviously a Galactic Patrol member who was looking after the three-star territory, but he stays at the patrolman Headquarters all day; what kind of nonsense is that?”

“A place like the earth, even if the mission is not completed, it doesn’t matter….”

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