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Dragon Ball God Mu Chapter 318


Galactic Patrol’s spaceship speed was very fast that it took only a short time to get to the earth from the Center Area. However, Jaco’s luck was bad, and just as he reached the earth, his spaceship broke down, so he had to stumble and dock near an isolated island.

“Damn, my luck is terrible. How can the spaceship broke down.”

“A Low-Level Planet like the earth should have no talent capable of repairing spaceships like that….” Jaco sat on the raised peak of the desert island with a sad face.

Just then, he saw an island in the distance that seemed to have a human presence, so he jumped upward and flew to the opposite island.

This small island was not very big, and only two people lived on it, and that was Dr. Omori and his wife.

In his early years, Dr. Omori was requested by the Central City to develop a Human Body Tester. After his success, he became a teacher at the West City University and served as of April, Dr. Brief and the other’s teacher. After his retirement, he had his own private island with preferential treatment from the Central City.

Since his wife didn’t die because of a research accident like in the original story, so at this time, Dr. Omori did not research the Time Machine but lived a comfortable life on a private island.

Facing Jaco’s sudden visit and looking at Jaco’s appearance, which was obviously very different from that of an earthling, Dr. Omori quickly figured out that Jaco was not an earthling.

“You say you are from the Center Area, which is not close to here!” Dr. Omori lamented. “I can’t help if the spaceship breaks down, but my students might be able to help.”

“Where are your students?” Jaco asked.

“They’re in the West City, and it just so happens that there’s a banquet coming up there. They sent me an invitation, and I didn’t go before because I thought it would be a hassle, but it looks like I’ll have to make a trip.”

Dr. Omori studied Jaco’s spaceship. It was hard to believe that this several-meter-long spaceship could actually span the galaxy. How could the aliens’ technology be so advanced?

After saying goodbye to his old companion, Dr. Omori put on his tuxedo next and prepared to take Jaco with him to the West City.


As blackness fell, the gorgeous neon lights flashed up.

The bustling night scene of the West City was just about to begin.

In an alley, a pretty girl with long blonde hair had her head down, and the pencil in her hand kept scribbling something on the note.

The girl had long, waist-length, beautiful blonde hair, wearing a large, soft purple hat on her head with a satchel at her waist. A bright red tight dress just right to cover the girl’s delicate soft skin. Her two long legs were white and delicate. Looking from the dress, the girl had a solid family background.

Perhaps because the consideration was so involved that she walked into an unoccupied alley without even knowing it.

When she realized that she was going back the way she came, wanderers dressed as samurai walked out from behind and grabbed the girl’s hand, trying to take advantage of her.

“I said let me go, did not you hear?” The young girl angrily scolded.

“No, if you don’t go out with us today, I won’t let you go.”

“Hmph, don’t think I’m an ordinary girl, I’ve studied martial arts.” The blonde girl stuffed the note into her fanny pack, clenched her fist, and struck towards the face of one of the samurai.

The samurai who was hit did not react and fell to the ground on his butt. Confused all of a sudden, he did not expect that the spoiled rich girl in front of him actually knew martial arts.

Although martial arts were popular nowadays, a real martial arts practitioner was still very rare. Earthlings were only expected to know some martial arts to a greater or lesser extent.

The reason why the blonde girl was able to fuck over a samurai was unexpected. By the time the other three samurai reacted, the blonde girl was in a predicament.

She punched out, but all of them were blocked by her opponent’s spread hands, and finally, her whole body was forced into a corner.

At this point –


the sound of breaking air rang in the ears, and several stones seemed to pierce the air like arrows and hit the samurai. These samurai immediately felt as if a heavy object had hit them; all fell to the ground with a foamy mouth, twitching legs and feet.

“Tights, you should take a few guards with you when you go out in the future. I gave you the Saibamen seeds, why didn’t you use them? The latest generation of Saibamen don’t need to be planted, just crush the seeds.”

A clear and pleasant voice came. The young girl named Tights squatted on the ground and pressed her hands against the big purple cap.

Hearing someone call out her name, Tights raised her head and saw a beautiful girl in a white coat-style long dress walking out on the other side of the street. Her brown hair was slightly curly, and the glasses on the bridge of her nose added some unique and intellectual beauty.

“Auntie!” Tights exclaimed happily with a sigh of relief.

Tights was the eldest daughter of Panchy and Dr. Brief. She was sixteen years old this year, with golden hair inherited from her mother, Panchy.

According to the relationship, April was a distant cousin of Tights’ mother, Panchy, so Tights had to call April Auntie. However, April looked so young, as if she was only a few years older than her, so that she couldn’t call April Auntie.

It was too evil to look as if you were 17 or 18 years old when you were obviously in your forties.

April frowned a little, “In the future when you go out alone, pay attention. If I had not come across today, who knows what could have happened.”

After the popularization of martial arts, the literacy of the earthlings was indeed improving. However, likewise, the power of people who did wrong had also risen. If a martial arts practitioners did evil, the harm produced would be even greater.

“I know. In the future, I will bring the Saibamen seeds.” Tights spat out her tongue and seemed to be aware of her own presumption.

Tights was eleven years older than Bulma; in fact, martial arts training was still possible. Dealing with a few small vermin was not a problem, but not in the face of samurai who had practiced martial arts.

“Auntie, are you here for Bulma’s birthday party too?” Tights asked. She usually didn’t live in the West City. To aspire to be an excellent sci-fi author, Tights gave up her superior life and left her home to work and experience life.

April nodded, “That’s right, by the way, I attended a few workshops.”

Tights then looked at April enviously and sighed, “If only I had the same clever brain as my auntie, I could definitely write an excellent sci-fi book. Unfortunately, I didn’t inherit any of dad’s merits.”

From the hair color, it could be seen that Tights had completely inherited Panchy’s features, and the smart gene hadn’t been inherited at all.

“If you think this way, I see that you will never be able to write a popular book.” April said nonchalantly, “Well, hurry up and come back. Panchy and the others are waiting for you.”


After that, April directly led Tights to the front of a luxury sports car, open the door to sit in the back row. There were three people in the car, a man and two women. Tights knew the man was April’s senior brother, the legendary God of Martial Arts on earth, and the other two women looked the same, looking like twins.

“Uncle Muyang.”

Facing Muyang, who was called the God of Martial Arts, Tights had some formality.

“No need to be polite. We haven’t seen each other for a few years. Tights, you have grown up.”

“Uncle and Auntie haven’t changed at all in all those years.” Tights laughed lightly with envy, then chatted with Melia and Melis beside her.

“Haha, sit down.”

Muyang looked at the back row, started the sports car in a low beep, and sped up in a flash. Speaking of Tights, he was no stranger to her, and he had been carried her when she was a child.

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