Dragon Ball God Mu

Dragon Ball God Mu Chapter 319


West City, one of the most prosperous cities on earth.

The Headquarters of Capsule Corporation, the global leader, was located here.

Late at night, brilliant neon shone in the night, and a flash of light passed by as Muyang drove his sports car through the elevated highway circling in the air.

With a sharp braking sizzle and a tire mark, the sports car came to a stop in front of a luxurious villa in the city center.

Bulma and Tights’s home was a four floors hemispherical building covering a vast area. A variety of flowers and trees were planted around the house. Such a villa was definitely affordable for rich people to live in the West City center, where every inch of land was valuable.

“Sister, you’re finally back.”

Bulma, who was just under five years old, ran out while holding a laser toy with a milky cry.

After seeing Muyang, she alertly pointed the laser toy at Muyang. Bulma hid to the side and said, “Who are you and why are you with sister?”

“Bulma, do not be rude, this is Uncle Muyang; he is Auniet April’s senior brother.” Tights hurriedly went forward to pick Bulma up and said slightly apologetically to Muyang, “Sorry, Bulma is young. Please forgive the rudeness.”

Muyang smiled and shook his head, his eyes curiously looking at Bulma.

This was the original “heroine,” the Dragon Ball story was happening along with her travels.

At this time, Bulma was less than five years old. Her lavender hair was tied with two bundles of pigtails, and her eyes were light purple. She was holding a laser emitter in her hand, looking quirky. From this point of view, Bulma had inherited more from Dr. Brief, no matter her brain or appearance.

At this point, April stepped down from the car and carried Bulma from Tights hands, “Bulma, did you miss your aunt?”

“Auntie!” Bulma saw April and called out sweetly.

Bulma was very fond of April because April’s intelligent brain could teach her many interesting things. Don’t look at Bulma’s young age; in fact, she had accumulated a lot of knowledge. The laser emitter in her hand was her own modification.

The original Bulma, at this time, already had the ability to repair Jaco’s dilapidated spaceship.

Next, led by Tights, Muyang, Melia, Melis, and others walked into Bulma’s house. Dr. Brief and Panchy were already waiting at home, and when they saw Tights returned with Muyang and the others, they hurriedly and warmly welcomed them.

“Mr. Muyang, welcome.”

Dr. Brief was wearing a white lab coat with unkempt hair and a beard. In contrast, Panchy was much younger and still looked like she was only in her twenties.

“You’re welcome; we’re all acquaintances.” Muyang smiled. If not for the revenue brought to him by the Capsule Corporation, the three Saiyans at home alone would have strained his life.

“I should, Mr. Muyang is a legend.”

Dr. Brief lit a cigarette and swallowed up the clouds. Although Brief’s character was very spontaneous, he was still a bit restrained in front of Muyang. After all, when he was still young, he had always heard the legend about the God of Martial Arts, and at that time, he did not think that the two would become relatives.

“Mom, thanks to Auntie this time, otherwise I would have been bullied,” Tights held Panchy’s hand and whispered.

The two did not look like mother and daughter, but more like sisters. Muyang could not help but feel a little saddened at this time by the strength of the Panchy’s family’s genes, which seemed to be able to resist the passage of time.

“What the hell is going on?” Panchy’s face changed, and her eyes looked at Tights.

Tights spat out her tongue and told her what happened before. When it came to the time she was surrounded by several samurais, a trace of fear flashed through.

Seeing that Tights was not hurt, Panchy breathed a sigh of relief and said seriously, “Tights, you’d better stay back home from now on; it’s too unsafe to be out there alone.”

“I don’t want to. I can experience life better outside; I can definitely write popular works.” Tights shook her head repeatedly.

“But what will you do if an accident happens when you’re out there alone?”

Knowing that Tights’ interest was to become a good sci-fi writer, Dr. Brief and Panchy also supported and allowed Tights to live outside alone. However, it was all predicated on the premise that she could keep herself safe. For the world’s richest man, his daughter’s future wasn’t a concern at all, and doing the work she was interested in was what made her enjoy life.

At this point, both Dr. Brief and Panchy were very loose. Perhaps they both have big personalities and didn’t care about these details.

He remembered Panchy in the original story; she had was always old-fashioned and used to tease little Goku, while Dr. Brief was still laughing aside.

“Tights, just take my latest development of Saibamen with you, and safety won’t be a problem at all.” April said a fair word.

Although the level of earth’s martial arts had increased a lot compared to the original story, a strength like that of the Saibamen was still able to walk across. After all, advanced martial arts practitioners were still only a minority. On the contrary, she was a little doubtful that Tights could create popular works among readers.

“I will definitely bring the Saibamen seeds in the future.” Tights stated with a pat on her chest.

“Tights can go practice some martial arts; I see that those martial arts schools in the West City are teaching something quite useful.” Muyang sat on the sofa, picked up his coffee, and took a sip.

“If you want to learn martial arts, I can teach you,” April said likewise.

Tights’ pretty face immediately fell, “I think it’s better to forget it; I can’t take the pain.”

The physical exercise was okay, but she didn’t think she could support it if she had to practice hard. Otherwise, she would have been unable to beat a few samurai before.

On Tights’ safety, Dr. Brief and Panchy admonished her a few times and then started talking about other things. Dr. Brief said, “Just now I received a call from Teacher Omori. He encountered an alien there; it seems that the spaceship is malfunctioned and needs our help.”

“An alien came to earth?” April asked in surprise. Her eyes didn’t move as she glanced at Muyang.

“It should be someone from the Galactic Patrol.”

Muyang’s heart moved and thought of Jaco, a Galactic Patrol member who had a relationship with Dr.Omori and Tights in the original story. Could it be that Jaco had come to Earth?

In the original story, Jaco chased Kakarot’s spaceship to earth but encountered Dr.Omori and Tights because of the spaceship’s malfunction. He repaired the spaceship with the help of Bulma and missed Kakarot’s spaceship because of the accident, making Kakarot survive.

“How did the people from the Galactic Patrol come to earth?” Melia asked curiously.

“Maybe they were attracted by Kakarot and Gine’s spaceship.”

“They really have nothing better to do.” Melia said disdainfully.

When Frieza and Cooler were in rebellion, they didn’t seem to appear, even when Planet Vegeta Saiyans were conquering other planets. Now that Frieza and Cooler were dead, their people were popping up.

“Their management is indeed quite lax.” Muyang also felt that there were problems with the Galactic Patrol management, but their ability also limited it to some extent.

“Nah, Nah, are there any aliens in this world?” Little Bulma blinked her eyes, her light purple eyes full of curiosity.

“Of course there are. There are many aliens in the universe.” April smiled gently; she had seen several aliens when she was researching the Cooler spaceship. Not to mention when she was a child, Muyang had given her the technology of the Dominian.

She was considered the first group of people on earth who had seen aliens.

“Can you tell me about it?” Bulma said with glowing eyes.

“I want to hear it too.” Tights squeezed over too, still holding the note in her hand, realizing that it might give her creative inspiration.

“No problem.”

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