Dragon Ball God Mu

Dragon Ball God Mu Chapter 320


Bulma’s birthday party was held the next day.

Early in the morning, friends from far away arrived one after another. Bulma’s birthday party was not huge; those invited were some relatives and friends. A few tables were set up in the courtyard of Bulma’s house to entertain them all.

“Mr. Omori, is this the alien you were talking about?” Dr. Brief greeted Dr. Omori and saw the odd figure beside Dr. Omori.

Jaco made a funny pose in place, “That’s right. I am Jaco of Galactic Patrol!”

“This friend is exciting.” Dr. Brief grinned.

The scene was a little cold, and the pose that Jaco struck was definitely not flashy, but he was personally unaware of it.

“Someone from the Galactic Patrol?” A voice was as warm as the spring breeze sounded. Muyang walked over with a light smile, and as he spoke, he looked at Jaco and inwardly exclaimed.

This was a living Ultraman.

Jaco looked too much like the characters of the special films he had seen in his previous life.

Jaco crossed his arms and said, “Yes, have you heard of the name of the Galactic Patrol?”

Muyang said, “I have heard of it. Speaking of which, I am still a registered member of the Galaxy Mercenary.”

“Oops, there are still people from the Galaxy Mercenary above earth….” Jaco exclaimed and took another look at Muyang.

Jaco froze for a moment; with his eyesight, he actually couldn’t see through Muyang. Could it be that he was a great person? No, the earth was only a Low-Level Planet in the information. Although it might be a Middle-Level Planet with the actual measurement, there should not exist a character beyond his eyesight.

“May I ask Mr. Jaco what is your purpose of coming to earth?” Muyang ignored Jaco’s reaction and asked with a smile.

“I was ordered by Galactic King to come to earth to clean up some dangerous invaders. According to reliable information, the spaceship coming from Planet Vegeta will soon arrive on earth. The order I received is to stop the Saiyans from causing harm to the earth.” Jaco said thoughtfully, unaware that this was just a random excuse from the Galactic King to get rid of him.

“Saiyans?” Melia looked at Jaco with a leathery smile.

“Yes, the Saiyans.”

Jaco nodded and said, “The Saiyans of Planet Vegeta is a very barbaric race. There have been many planets scourged by them. Although I recently heard that the Saiyans of Planet Vegeta seem to have been destroyed by the impact of a meteorite, there are still leaks.”

Melis said next to her, “Your Galactic Patrol is really well-informed… A meteorite actually destroyed Planet Vegeta.”

“That’s what the news says, but I just don’t believe it a bit,” Jaco said skeptically.

“But it’s best if you guys are there. You are members of the Galaxy Mercenary. Are you interested in searching for that Saiyan with me? The mercenary points can be exchanged for many things at the Central Area.”


At Jaco’s enthusiastic recommendation, both Melia and Melis showed odd smiles.

April listened to their conversation and couldn’t help but cover her forehead. She was aware of the identity of Melia and Melis, the princess of Planet Sala Saiyans. Although there was not much relationship with Planet Vegeta Saiyans, they were still Saiyans.

This rash patrolman member actually said Saiyans were barbaric and rude in front of Melia and Melis; he was simply looking for death.

She knew that Planet Vegeta’s Bardock and Asike lived near the Great Azure Mountain, and if Jaco’s words reached their ears, she believed they could tear him apart.

Melia stared at Jaco for a long time, and just when Jaco felt puzzled, Melia suddenly waved her hand, “You’d better do this mission alone. I’m just an ordinary Galaxy Mercenary; I’m afraid I can’t help you much.”

Jaco thought deeply, “I think so too. After all, Galactic King praised me as the best. It seems that saving this planet still depends on me.”

“This mission is only a minor one.”

“But my spaceship is malfunctioning. Since you are members of the Galaxy Mercenary, can you help me contact that side and have someone send a spaceship over?”

“I can help with the contact, but it would take years to fly an ordinary spaceship from the Central Area to here.” Melia smiled.

“A few years is too long.”

Jaco thought that even if he contacted the Galactic Patrol Headquarters, there was no way. The Galactic Patrol staff was already small; each officer had a responsible area. There was no extra staff that would come to pick him up. After all, was said and done, in the end, he still had to repair his broken spaceship!

At this time, Dr. Omori saw Dr. Gero’s figure and greeted him as well.

Several people were discussing around the corner about Jaco’s spaceship. As some of the best scientists on earth, Dr. Omori, Dr. Gero, Dr. Brief, and April showed great enthusiasm for the advanced spaceship of the Galactic Patrolman.

“Jaco’s spaceship is docked over on the island where I live, so you guys can come with me to take a look around.” Dr. Omori extended an invitation.

“I’ve never seen a spaceship before; I have to go and see one.” Dr. Gero’s face had some wrinkles.

He had pursued April for a long time, but April’s attitude toward him was always just a colleague relationship, and after a long time, Dr. Gero naturally gave up. Both of them were gradually coming up in age, Dr. Gero’s face began to appear wrinkles, while April was always like a young girl.

“Speaking of maintenance, I think we can let Bulma go along to see. She has a brilliant head.” Dr. Brief had his hands in the pockets and a cigarette in the mouth.

“Bulma? She is indeed a genius.” Dr. Gero nodded his head.

“Let’s just make an appointment and visit Dr. Omori’s island together.”

“No need to make an appointment; we’ll go there as soon as the banquet is over. I’m interested in the spaceship.” Dr. Gero said impatiently.

“Gero, don’t delay the research of ‘Blackstone’.” April glanced at Gero. The three black stones left behind by April’s father were named “Blackstones.” April, Dr. Gero, and Dr. Brief each studied one piece, but nothing had been gained so far.

“Don’t worry. There is no delay; my researchers are very dedicated.”

Dr. Gero also owned a part of the Capsule Corporation, so he didn’t even need the Red Ribbon Army’s funding to research like in the original story. He was now in April’s research institute, taking on most of the research work. Life was now busy and compact, and there was endless research every day, which was very fulfilling for Dr. Gero.

April nodded lightly and continued what she had just said.

On the other hand, Tights looked at Jaco and moved her hand to stroke Jeco’s body, “Obviously, it’s a leather cover, but it feels like skin, and the eyes are real. Are all aliens like this?”

“This is my skin,” Jaco said without good grace.

What kind of vision did this blonde woman in front of him have. Couldn’t she even see that he was so handsome?

“I heard that you are from the Galactic Patrol; what kind of organization is that. Do you know a lot of things in the universe?” Tights looked at Jaco with glowing eyes.

Jaco coughed dryly and tilted his head up to show off, “That’s for sure. I’m an elite member of the Galactic Patrol….”

“The Galactic Patrol aims to maintain the peace of the entire galaxy. The membership is rare, but everyone who can join the Galactic Patrol has remarkable abilities.”

“And what are your abilities?”

“I have excellent eyesight.”

“There’s nothing remarkable about it!” Tights said disappointedly. She thought it was some amazing superpower!

In the original story, Tights had written a novel about Jaco as the main character, but unfortunately, it was not popular.

“Foolish. You haven’t seen what I, Jaco, can do.” Jaco looked dissatisfied, pointing to his two golden salted eggs eyes, “There is no movement in this world that can escape my eyes.”

Melia skimmed a bit and asked, “Are you able to see Cooler’s movements?”

“Cooler… I have never seen him!” Jaco skewed his head decisively.

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