Dragon Ball God Mu

Dragon Ball God Mu Chapter 321


Jaco’s performance made people wonder if he was really an elite member of the Galactic Patrol and if he had good eyesight because it didn’t seem to come in handy.

However, Jaco’s personality was easygoing, even a bit funny, and quickly mingled with Tights.

“Nah, when you leave, can you let me come along to see the other planets?” Tights looked at Jaco with expectation, not forgetting to find material for her own.

Jaco coughed dryly and said, “I’m an elite patrolman in charge of three-star territory areas. I usually have to inspect what’s happening on each planet, so I don’t have time to go out with you.”

Tights was not happy to hear this, said loudly, “I am not going to play; I am sorting out the information. I plan to write a story about other planets in the universe, and it will be a big hit.”

“….can I be the main character?” Jaco sniffed, and his attitude immediately changed. He also put up a Galactic Patrol specific pose.

If it were true that Jaco was the main character, basically, it would not be popular.

However, Tights did not know, so she blinked, “That depends on whether your story is good. You have to take me out on an adventure.”

Jaco’s head dropped, and he shook his hand, “That’s preferable. I can’t go against the principles of the patrolman.”

“You really can’t let me go along?”

“I can’t!”

Although Jaco did not look very strong on the surface, his work attitude was solemn. The Galactic Patrol’s rules should be followed.

Tights immediately pouted in dissatisfaction, “Humph, if I don’t go, then I won’t make you the main character. I don’t care!”

At this time, Muyang sat on the leaning chair next to him and stared wide-eyed with Bulma. The younger Bulma carried the laser in her hand and aimed it at him; hearing the conversation between Tights and Jaco, Muyang said, “I can tell you when you want to know outside the earth. I am still a registered member of the Galaxy Mercenary.”

As soon as Tights heard Muyang’s words, she immediately left Jaco behind and ran over.

Only then did she remember that Uncle Muyang in front of her was a great man who was revered by the people of earth as the God of Martial Arts, and what came out of his mouth was mostly shockingly big secrets.

Jaco looked dumbfounded at Tights, who had just come up to his side and ran away in the blink of an eye, “A woman with no manners, it’s just too rude.”

“Uncle Muyang. Tell me what you know!” Tights sat next to him with her head cocked.

“Hmm.” Looking at the way Tights was seriously taking notes, Muyang glanced at Jaco and looked at Jaco’s depressed look with some amusement.

“The story I’m going to tell you today is about an evil team called the ‘Ginyu Force’….”

“Ginyu Force!”

Jaco likewise perked up his ears and was a little surprised when he heard Muyang said, Ginyu Force.

“What’s wrong with the Ginyu Force?” Tights asked curiously.

Jaco said, “Ginyu Force is a very famous special battle team under the command of the universe overlord Frieza. It has five members; each member is rumored to have a minimum of 20,000 power levels… It is the evil team that has destroyed countless planets in their hands! “

Ginyu Force, the universe overlord Frieza, power level…


Tights eyes glowed as she jotted this information down in her book. The universe overlord Frieza, and the evil battle team were such an interesting setting. She was instantly inspired and had a feeling she could be writing an heirloom masterpiece.

Among so many terms, only the word “power level” was the most familiar to Tights. Because since the beginning of the martial arts era, the concept of power level had become popular on earth.

The earthling’s strength was measured according to the data measured by the Human Index Tester. The ordinary people and primary martial arts practitioners were not included in the category of martial arts practitioners. The measurement unit was “J,” while the martial arts practitioners who entered the category of martial arts practitioners used another set of measurement standards. The unit was “D.” The relationship between these two standards was a hundred times decimal; 1D was equal to 100J.

Because Dr. Omori developed the Human Index Tester regarding the scouter obtained by Muyang a long time ago, 1D was again equivalent to the universe standard of 1 point of power level.

Early certification standards for martial arts practitioners were shallow; 20 points of power level were eligible to be rated as a martial arts practitioner, and 100 points of power level as a martial arts master. With the development of earth’s martial arts for decades, the certification standards also began to improve. Nowadays, in this era, without 50 points of power level or more, they were not recognized as martial arts practitioners.

However, the Ginyu Force members had a minimum of 20,000 power levels; what a terrifying team.

“Uncle Muyang, quickly tell me the story of the Ginyu Force!” Tights urged in a clear voice. As for the even more powerful-sounding Frieza, it could wait until later. Most exciting stories all started with a small BOSS, and then gradually lead to the big characters behind… Tights was planning to write a series of great books.

Muyang smiled lightly and said, “Good, then I will start with the formation of the Ginyu Force.”

“The earliest Ginyu Force consist of Jean, Ouaosi, Gaussian, and the candidate member Guldo. The story takes place in the process of Captain Ginyu leading the team to find Guldo…”

“Wait, the earliest members of the Ginyu Force should not be these people, right?” Jaco interrupted Muyang’s words. According to his understanding, the Ginyu Force’s initial members should be Captain Ginyu, Jean, Burter, Recoome, and Demoness Natania. There was no Ouaosi or Gausan.

Muyang smiled and said, “So that means I am talking about the hidden secret.”

“I understand; stories are all about artistic processing. Uncle Muyang, continue, please.” Tights nodded with great approval. She did not care about the truth of the story, as long as it was interesting.

However, Tights and Jaco didn’t know that what Muyang told was the truest, and he was the one who experienced it firsthand as the first perspective.

Next, Muyang eloquently talked about the several big encounters and personnel changes of the Ginyu Force. Even several big mutations involving Cooler Armored Squadron, the Saiyans, and even Frieza and Cooler.

Jaco skimmed his mouth on one side and secretly said, “That’s a decent story. It must be referring to the information from the Galaxy Mercenary, but his ability to make up stories is great.”

The story told by Muyang had some events that overlapped with what he knew, so it was hard to distinguish the true from the false. Of course, in Jaco’s heart, it never occurred to him that what Muyang told might be true, because how could a remote place on a Low-level Planet, at most a Middle-Level Planet, hide a powerful person who knew so much information.

However, Jaco had to admire Muyang’s ability to make up stories, which was first-class.

Muyang told his story for several hours until Bulma’s birthday party gradually ended.

“Well, that’s all for today. As for the story of Frieza and Cooler, Tights, you can ask Jaco; he knows very well.”

No one knew how old Jaco was. He had been a member of the Galactic Patrol for a long time and knew many hidden things.

“Thanks, Uncle Muyang.” Tights nodded with intent, looking at the things she had written down in her notebook. She then showed a sweet smile with satisfaction.

Muyang smiled and nodded, then saw April walking over with Dr.Omori, Dr. Brief, and Dr. Gero. It turned out that to see Jaco’s spaceship sooner, they planned to go to the island where Dr. Omori lived now, and for this reason, April even canceled the meetings in recent days.

“Bulma’s repairability is very strong, so we plan to bring her along.” April came to Muyang’s side and whispered.

“You guys go ahead. I won’t go with the girls.” Muyang stroked April’s hair.

“Daddy, I want to go too.”

Tights pestered to go along, and finally, they couldn’t resist her, so Brief and the others had to agree.

After April and the others left with the spaceship, Muyang chatted with Bulma’s mother, Panchy. He also turned around to go back to Great Azure Mountain.

With Jaco arriving on earth, it meant that Gine and Kakarot’s spaceship would soon arrive on earth as well.

This news should be told to Bardock and Asike, who have been waiting for a long time on earth.

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