Dragon Ball God Mu

Dragon Ball God Mu Chapter 322


After coming to earth, Bardock and Asike liveD in the Great Azure Mountain near the side of the Primitive Mountain range. Further to the east side over a few mountains to Mount Paozu, where Son Gohan and Annin live in seclusion.

Although it had been some time since they came to earth, during this time, Bardock and Asike were adapting to the environment of the earth and hadn’t met with Son Gohan and Annin. Earth’s gravity was only one-tenth of Planet Vegeta, and with Bardock and Asike’s strength, it did not take much time to adapt. Now, it was mainly in learning the martial arts on earth.

Bardock had received the inheritance of Muyang, and he knew the concept of “ki” very well, so the learning was very smooth.

Asike was much worse. Because Planet Vegeta’s implementation as rough energy operation, combat mode, and energy operation had long been deeply rooted in the marrow, it couldn’t be turned over in a moment; he was like a layman now, must start from scratch to practice.

When Muyang and the girls arrived at Bardock’s residence, Bardock was teaching Asike advanced training concepts.

Bardock’s place was located between two hills where ki waves cut the quiet mountain forest out a whole piece of flat land. The house was a small portable building using capsule technology with three floors and all kinds of living facilities. On both sides, birdsong and flowers were fragrant, and a gurgling stream flowed by the side from near the house.

“Teacher Mu, you’re here!”

Seeing Muyang and his two wives, Bardock stopped the movement in his hands.

Smiling lightly, when he saw Bardock’s dress, Muyang’s eyes slightly showed some surprise.

At this time, Bardock had taken off the battle-armor and changed into the popular martial arts clothes on earth. The loose martial arts clothes were light blue, with two arms exposed on the upper body and a blue belt tied around the waist, looking like the grown-up Son Goku.

If not for the scar on his face and powerful ki, he would have been thought that Son Goku had come from another world through time and space.

“The person from Galactic Patrol has come to earth, so it is expected that in the next two days, Gine and Kakarot’s spaceship will arrive on earth.” Muyang directly told about Jaco.

“Is it going to arrive soon?” A joyful look passed over Bardock’s face, “After counting the time, it is indeed almost there.”

Asike, on the other hand, worried, “The person from the Galactic Patrol is also on earth; will this be detrimental to us?”

Asike had been wandering in the universe for decades and had heard of the Galactic Patrol name. It was an organization rumored to be dedicated to maintaining the peace of the galaxy, and it was also the superior of the Galaxy Mercenary. All along, because of the Saiyans’ barbaric acts, the Galactic Patrol had not been very friendly to the Saiyans. This time, it even chased after Gine and Kakarot’s spaceship to earth.

If they knew that other Saiyans were living on earth, he wondered if they would invite any trouble?

“Asike you think too much, it’s just the Galactic Patrol. They can’t even handle a character like Cooler, so what’s there to worry about. Besides, the one who came to earth this time is a rash, so don’t worry about it.” Melia waved her hand, not caring in the least about Asike’s worries.

Bardock was also confident in his strength and felt that his father’s worries were superfluous.

“Melia is right. We have enough strength to deal with all difficulties.”

“Oh, that’s true.”

Asike was stunned for a moment, suddenly remembering his son’s power level of up to more than a million. His face could not help but reveal a smile. Yes, with so many masters on their side, what could happen? He then realized that his worries were indeed superfluous.

“Now, our priority is to get Gine and Kakarot back,” Bardock said with a serious face.

“Gine body is fragile, but her power level was close to 1000. So, it wasn’t difficult to find her, but if Kakarot, I’m afraid it will take some work.”

Gine was responsible for meat handling, and she was a non-combatant in Planet Vegeta. Her power level was not high, but she was at least a Saiyan. So, even if the power level was low, she could withstand the strength of ten times the gravity of Planet Vegeta, and the energy contained in her body was nearly 1000 power levels.

On earth, 1000 power level was not considered the top, but it had been more prominent.

Bardock wasn’t worried about finding Gine, on the contrary, Kakarot, because of the low natural power level. Unless they could find him at first, it would not be easy to find the child in a sea of people.

“Don’t worry about this, my disciple Kanalita is now a Kami of earth, and she can find your child from the Lookout.” Kanalita had officially become the new Kami of Earth, so it was easy to find her for a little help.

“It’s good that we can find him.” Bardock breathed a sigh of relief, and a smile appeared on his face.

Saiyans were the most vulnerable when they were young. Once they passed this dangerous period, the Saiyans would become more and more vigorous and basically be able to grow into adulthood as long as no accidents occurred.

Next, Bardock and Asike just needed to wait patiently.

Every moment, Bardock used his ki to sense the changes above the earth, afraid to miss Gine.


Finally, on the second day, Bardock sensed not-so-weak ki in outer space approaching the earth. It was Gine’s ki because Kakarot’s ki was too weak to be sensed.

“It’s Gine’s ki. She’s going to arrive soon.”

Bardock snapped open his eyes, and a hint of joy flashed in his dark eyes. He then got up with a start and flew off, searching for the direction where the ki landed.


Two streams of light streaked across the dark starry sky in outer space, gradually approaching the earth. It was then slowly turning into two red balls of fire in the friction with the earth’s atmosphere.

Swoosh! Swoosh!

The two fireballs trailed a long tail flame and swept across the azure sky with a snort. Because of the different landing angles, the two fireballs gradually separated after entering the atmosphere; one glided along the sea and landed on a deserted island, while the other continued westward, heading toward a large primeval forest.

Sensing Gine’s ki, Bardock lifted off from the east and flew toward the isolated island overseas.


Meanwhile, on the island where Dr. Omori lived, April, Dr. Gero, and others tried to repair Jaco’s spaceship, while Tights and Jaco climbed up a cliff. Jaco put his hand on his forehead and watched the movement in the sky.

“The Saiyan’s spaceship is about to land around this time.”

“Why isn’t it coming yet? Has it already deviated from earth?” Tights asked.

“If that’s the case, then we’re in luck!”

“Whatever the case, the material of your holster is good; it fits well!” Tights then pointed to the purple holster on Jaco’s body.

Jaco said proudly, “That’s for sure because it’s not a holster; it’s my skin.”

“Huh, that means you are now shirtless…” Tights was looking up and down Jaco’s body, as naked as Ultraman, “So how did you go to the bathroom?”

Jaco pointed to several small holes on the top of his head, suddenly spurting out a few drops of liquid, “That’s it.”

“Ahhhhh, that’ll splash on someone else.” Tights dodged in a panic and pushed Jaco off the cliff with one hand.

“Hey, what are you doing? What should I do if I miss it?” Jaco floated on the surface and yelled at Tights.


At this time, a flash of light crossed the atmosphere. It happened behind Jaco, thus avoiding Jaco’s observation.

In fact, if Tights didn’t push Jaco like in the original story, the young Kakarot would have been found by Jaco and was killed. So, there would be no later story of Son Goku and the Dragon Balls.

“Eh, I found the Saiyan’s spaceship!”

Jaco stabilized himself to fly up from under the cliff when he saw a flash of light from Gine’s spaceship, and his sharp eyes saw a light shadow flying towards the coast just in time.

“From the scouter, it should not be powerful. It seems that I can easily complete the mission.” Jaco nodded against the scouter, clattered into a bolt of lightning scampered up into the clouds. He then flew in the direction of an isolated island.

On the other hand, the spaceship was missed by Jaco flight all the way to the west, directly to the vicinity of the Great Azure Mountain, and then crashed in the interior of the deep primitive forest.

The huge impact destroyed the surrounding forest, making countless trees were bent to the ground, the whole tree was uprooted.

A five-meter-diameter impact crater appeared in the center of the impact point, and a black-smoking milky-white spaceship was embedded in the bare rock layer. There were black scrapes attached to the surface of the spaceship because of the violent impact.


The hatch of the spaceship opened, and a small child wearing battle-armor with a tail growing behind it stepped out from inside the spaceship.

Looking around confusedly, Kakarot cried and screamed grumpily.

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