Dragon Ball God Mu

Dragon Ball God Mu Chapter 324


Son Gohan and Annin looked at Son Goku’s innocent and cute appearance and wanted to adopt him. However, when they thought that Son Goku was a Saiyan and probably had a relationship with the two Saiyans in the back of the mountain, they were a little hesitant.

In the absence of a clear relationship, when they took the risk of adoption, it might cause some misunderstanding. So, it would be better to sort out the relationship.

However, even if they failed to adopt Son Goku, they could still take him as a disciple.

It should be known that Son Gohan’s qualifications were not bad. After getting Muyang’s martial arts crystal, step by step, his strength had been steadily improving. Now he had a 300,000 power level, which was different from the original story. After using Kaio-ken, he was not much worse than Badak. Besides, he was well versed in the essence of earth’s martial arts, so he could better instruct Son Goku.

He thought if Muyang could say a few words, he should have no problem accepting a disciple.

“Son Goku, who are your parents? Do you remember?” Annin picked up Son Goku, took off the battle-armor he was wearing, and then used God Power to change into a set of clothes.

“Hee hee, I don’t know!” Son Goku lay on Annin’s knee.

Son Gohan explained aside, “He was hit in the head; he can’t remember anything from before.”

“Ka Ka ~”

The blue dinosaur, Growlie, patted his belly. It innocently barked a few times, then stuck out his tongue and licked Son Goku’s face, causing Son Goku’s body to be covered with saliva.

“In that case, let’s go find Mu Yang and the others and ask what to do with this child. Let’s talk to them.” Annin thought for a while and made a more reasonable arrangement.

“Mm.” Son Gohan nodded a little, then looked at Son Goku, who started playing with Growlie on the side.


Eastside of Mount Paozu.

The vast ocean and the azure water was deep and bottomless. Under the sea breeze, it rose a section of several meters high waves.

On an isolated island, the jagged and towering mountain peaks had undergone the baptism of ages, and the surface had cracked with sinuous cracks. The peaks’ main body had become so fragile that stones would flake off from the surface when touched.

On this day, a spaceship suddenly crashed head-on into this mountain peak. With a loud boom, the mountain peak was destroyed, and the broken stones spilled all over the ground. With a click, the spaceship hatch opened, and a very petite looking female Saiyan climbed out of the spaceship.

Gently brushing off the sand and dust on her body, Gine coughed lightly twice and looked around somewhat nervously.

“Here, what is this place, and why am I here?”

The memory in her brain returned to the night she left Planet Vegeta. When she was sending Kakarot away with Bardock, Bardock suddenly slashed down a hand knife at her neck, after which she was unconscious.

“Bardock, where is Bardock? And everyone in Vegeta….” Gine’s face showed sadness. Her eyes red at once when she knew that it must be Bardock, who knocked her out and sent her from Planet Vegeta.

“Hey, Saiyan, don’t move. I’m Jaco of the Galactic Patrol!”

A black shadow flew to Gine’s place. Jaco drew the energy gun at his waist and pointed it at Gine, shouting a warning.

“Ah!” Gine, who was grieving, was taken aback and raised his hands in panic.

“Huh, how can it be a woman? Is there a problem with the information from the headquarters? It doesn’t matter, anyway; there is no mistake that it is a Saiyan. If I clean her up, my mission will be completed.”

Although there was some confusion about how the female Saiyan was in front of him, which was different from what the information said, his personality was rather big, and he didn’t care much. He only thought about finishing the mission quickly and then leaving the earth.

“Galactic Patrol….” Gine’s face went white all of a sudden.

“Haha, it seems you have also heard of our name. I am the elite patrolman of the Galactic Patrol, responsible for three-star territory areas.” Jaco did not forget to pose as he spoke. He then pointed his energy gun at Gina again, “Saiyan, tell us your purpose. What exactly do you intend to do when you enter earth?”

“I don’t have any purpose. I’m escaping from the refuge.”

Being pointed at by Jaco with the energy gun like this, Gine had to answer honestly.

“Did you said this is the earth?”

“That’s right.” Jaco nodded his head.

“Kakarot, Kakarot must also be on earth,” Gine murmured under his breath.

Jaco frowned for a moment, “Saiyan, what are you talking about?”

At that moment, a jet plane landed right after him, and Tights jumped down from the plane. She saw that Jaco was actually pointing a gun at a soft woman and walked up and smashed Jaco hard on the head.

“Jaco, what are you doing. It’s rude to point a gun at a woman.”

Jaco touched the hit area and yelled, “Idiot, this guy is a Saiyan. As long as it’s a Saiyan, it’s dangerous.”

“Is she the Saiyan you’re talking about?”

Tights was stunned for a moment; she heard Jaco talk about it. Saiyans were a rough and barbaric race, looking exactly like earthlings, only with an extra tail behind them.

Tights looked at the tail coiled around Gine’s waist.

“Huh, there was a tail…” However, seeing Gine’s soft appearance, Tights did not believe it, “You say she is dangerous. I see you are more dangerous than her!”

“Do not be deceived by her appearance. Saiyans are dangerous; she came to earth most likely with bad intentions.”

“That… I am a non-combatant. I usually only responsible for handling meat food, and I hate fighting. I come here not to invade.” Gine immediately explained.

Tights looked at Jaco and said, “Look, she isn’t an intruder at all.”

Jaco was furious, “Don’t listen to her nonsense.”

Jaco only thought of completing his mission early. Besides, the mission given to him by the Galactic King was to clean up the Saiyans who entered the earth. The energy gun in his hand was aimed at Gine, and a blinding energy light was ejected from the muzzle.


The energy ray shot towards Gine. If this energy ray hit her, she would be killed even if she had a Saiyan physique.

There was a snap when the energy ray was about to hit Gine. A figure arrived in time to get the ray of slap down, making Jaco’s attack directly knocked away.

Bardock looked at Jaco with an unfriendly face while holding Gine, “Someone from the Galactic Patrol, were you the one who wanted to hurt my wife just now?”

“Bardock!” Gine shouted in surprise.

“Another Saiyan!” Jaco was startled.

“Bardock, so you are here. How is Kakarot? What happened to Planet Vegeta?” Gine appeared after Bardock and settled down. She then hurriedly asked about the situation of Kakarot and Planet Vegeta.

Bardock said, “Kakarot is also on this planet; we will find him. As for Planet Vegeta…. it has been destroyed. If not for the final intervention of Teacher Mu, probably even I will die on Planet Vegeta.”

Gine froze and said gloomily, “Is Planet Vegeta still destroyed? However, as long as you and Kakarot are not in trouble, everything is fine.”

“What do you say? What should we do about this Galaxy Patrol guy?” Bardock looked at Jaco with an unfriendly face.

Jaco was glared at by Bardock, and the powerful aura immediately made Jaco had a cold sweat. Looking at Bardock’s anger, Jaco’s expression became nervous.

‘What to do? This guy seems to be very powerful! Can’t you see he just knocked the laser energy away? If we fight, I’m not a match for him.’

“Hahahaha, it’s a misunderstanding. This must be a misunderstanding.”

Jaco smiled sarcastically, rubbing his head with one hand. He hid his energy gun behind his back with the other hand and yielded in a very uncouth manner.

“Bardock, forget it. After all, the other party is the Galactic Patrol, so it’s better not to offend.”

The current Planet Vegeta had been destroyed. Galactic Patrol was a behemoth for the Saiyans, so Gine couldn’t help but be a little worried.

“Hum, since Gine said so, I will let you go. However, I warn you; if you dare to publish our news, I will definitely go to Galactic Patrol to ask for a statement, when….”

“No, no, I, Jaco, always keep my word.” Jaco hurriedly shook his head; his purple skin was seeping cold sweat.


After living on earth for a period of time, Bardock knew that he needed to change his words and actions. He could no longer conduct himself in the world by Planet Vegeta’s standards; otherwise, the current Jaco would surely have been in a different place.

Staring hard at Jaco, Bardock picked up Gine and rushed toward the clouds.


After Bardock and Gine left, Jaco just breathed a sigh of relief, and his whole body fell limply to the ground, “That was close. I almost die.”

Tights looked at Jaco with contempt, “How can you say you are an elite patrolman? You were frightened by a glance.”

Jaco retorted, “You don’t know the power of that man just now. That male Saiyan has at least a million power levels! He can shatter the earth with one fist.”

Tights was shocked and surprised, “No way, the Saiyan is that powerful?”

“I do not believe it either, but just now, I clearly felt the terrifying energy contained in him. If not for my resourcefulness and competence, I would have been killed by now. Alas, this place on earth is too dangerous, I’d better leave early!” Jaco’s heart contemplated a wave. He knocked his palm and made a decision.

A gentleman didn’t stand under a dangerous wall. It was better to run away before it was too late.

Tights said nervously, “If you go, what should we do if the Saiyans want to destroy the earth!”

Jaco said, “I can’t do anything about that.”

Tights cursed, “Bastard. How can you claim to be an elite patrolman when you’re useless!!”

“Tights, there is no doubt that I am an elite patrolman, but it does not say that elite patrolman are capable of resisting such a powerful person!” Jaco seriously retorted.

Tights was so angry that she stomped her foot. She thought that Jaco was really unreliable. She then thought of Muyang, the God of martial arts, and now she could only go to him.

“I hope Uncle Muyang will have a solution.” Tights said worriedly.


Great Azure Mountain.

After Bardock picked Gine, he took her to his place.

“Bardock, how are we going to find Kakarot?”

“Don’t worry, Teacher Mu said he already has a way… let’s go to Teacher Mu’s place and see.”

So Bardock and Gine immediately went to the place where Muyang and the others lived. Because the distance between the two was not far, Bardock soon arrived at Muyang’s house.


At this time, Muyang was training two children in the courtyard, Broly and blonde Launch, who were honestly swinging their fists and feet. These movements were fundamental for Broly and Launch, but it wasn’t easy to make each movement standard and even integrate them into their own actions.

Bardock opened the door and said, “Teacher Mu, I hope you can help us find Kakarot.”

Muyang looked at Bardock and Gine, then smiled faintly. He pointed to several wisps of ki approaching in the distance and said, “Do not rush; the answer you want will soon arrive.”

In his senses, Son Gohan and Annin were coming his way. There was a very faint breath next to him, which should be Kakarot, Bardock and Gine’s child.

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