Dragon Ball God Mu

Dragon Ball God Mu Chapter 325



Bardock and Gine looked confused.


Just then, Bardock also sensed two powerful ki that was approaching. This two ki he was familiar with the two people who lived not far from his residence.

One of them was very powerful and might be able to fight with him, while the other one’s ki was extraordinarily profound and had a feeling as if it was not there.

Bardock had sensed Son Gohan’s ki when he first arrived on earth. However, because of his first arrival, Bardock had been very low-key, so even though they lived very close to each other, they did not visit to avoid causing misunderstandings.

“Teacher Mu, could it be that their arrival has something to do with the whereabouts of Kakarot?” Bardock said with a serious face. Gine beside him also became excited when he heard Bardock’s words.

Muyang smiled without saying anything and looked on indifferently, “There is no hurry, look they are already here.”

When he finished speaking, two more people were in the courtyard, a man and a woman. They both had black hair; the man was handsome and attractive, while the woman was pretty and stunning. They were standing together, emitting harmonious ki. Son Gohan had been practicing in the Mount Five Element for many years, and his body was gradually tainted with the God’s ki. 

What excited Bardock and Gine was that the woman in red was holding their child, Kakarot, in her arms.


Gine saw the child in Annin’s arms and her eyes instantly reddened.

“Is this your child?” Annin noticed the Saiyan couple beside Muyang and instantly understood that they were the parents of Son Goku.

“Yes, yes, Kakarot is our child.” Gine excitedly walked up and tried to hug Kakarot. However, Kakarot didn’t seem to know Gine and kept going into Annin’s arms.

“What’s going on? Why doesn’t Kakarot recognize me anymore?” Gine said sadly.

“We picked up this child when there was a little accident. This child has lost his previous memory because he fell on his head. Gohan and I were going to adopt him, but considering his identity, so we decided to visit Muyang here first and didn’t expect to meet you guys.”

‘Was it because he fell and hurt his head so that Kakarot became Son Goku?’

Muyang thought to himself, sincerely admiring the powerful inertia of the storyline.

“It’s all my fault. If we had found him earlier, he wouldn’t have been like this.” Gine put some self-blame on herself.

Bardock went forward to take Gine’s shoulders and comforted her, “As long as Kakarot is okay, it doesn’t matter that his memories are lost. Let’s take good care of him in the future.”

Kakarot was just a child of more than three years old; how much memory could he have? Even if he forgets his parents, he could get along with them for a while later, and they could re-train him again.

Gine nodded emotionally, trying to exchange feelings with Son Goku. Perhaps, it was the bloodline flow of affection; Son Goku gradually began to smile at Gine, making Gine satisfied.

Seeing his wife and son get along well, Bardock smiled heartily, and his expression became serious when he looked at Son Gohan.

‘This earthling is very strong!’

“My name is Bardock, Saiyan from Planet Vegeta!”

Son Gohan looked at Bardock seriously, “Son Gohan, earthling.”

“You are very strong; when you have time, we can spar.” Bardock laughed.

“You are welcome anytime. I live in Mount Paozu, next to Great Azure Mountain…. Hey, I have not yet cut a sparring match with a Saiyan; I think it will be interesting.” Son Gohan showed a sunny and warm smile.

Son Goku’s father was a strong man from the temperament, and his strength was perhaps even above his own. If he did not use the Kaio-ken, he might not be his opponent, which made Son Gohan’s long-lost blood boil up.

The only people on earth who were stronger than him were Muyang, Melia, and Melis. However, Son Gohan knew the gap between them, and comparing with the three of them was a complete search for abuse. So, after excluding them, there was surprisingly no one on earth who could be his opponent.

Now there was an additional Bardock, making his days more interesting in the future.

“When we just picked up this child, we thought it was an orphan, so we named him Son Goku. You are his parents. Can you tell me what his original name was?” On the side, Annin and Gine discussed Son Goku.

“The boy’s Saiyan name is Kakarot!” Gine stroked Son Goku’s head and laughed lightly.

“The name is rather strange; I think the name Son Goku is perfect,” Annin said with some regret.

Standing aside them, Muyang suddenly said, “Give him two names, Saiyan name Kakarot, the earth’s name is Son Goku.”

“Son Goku.”

If he weren’t being called Son Goku, it would feel weird.

Annin’s eyes lit up, “This idea is quite good.”

Gine said, “I have no problem with it.”

Finally, after some discussion, Bardock coupled with Son Gohan, and Annin made some decisions about the Son Goku.

Considering the future growth of the Son Goku, Bardock and Gine intend to let the Son Goku worship the Son Gohan as a teacher. Son Gohan would instruct the Son Goku to train because Son Gohan was more adept than Bardock, while Bardock would teach the Son Goku to fight.

His daily life was taken care of by Gine and Annin together.

Muyang watched all this silently, thinking that Son Goku’s future would be taken care of by Bardock and his wife and Son Gohan and Annin together. This would make the starting point be far beyond the beginning of the original story.

At this time, Broly, who has not spoken since the beginning, came to Son Goku’s side. Broly was a little bigger than Son Goku, so he was taller than Son Goku.

“Hello, my name is Broly…,” Broly said coyly.

“Hey!” Son Goku smiled broadly at Broly.

Blonde Launch’s demeanor was much ruder, relying on the fact that she was a few years older than Broly and Son Goku. She was determined to be the senior sister, “After that, you two follow me. This senior sister will protect you.”

With a bang, there was a chestnut knocked on her head. Muyang reprimanded in a good-natured manner, “If you dare to be so rude again, Launch, go run around the Great Azure Mountain every day.”

The blonde Launch flattened her mouth, feeling that she could not afford to provoke, and hid to the side.

At this time, Bardock saw Broly on the side, vaguely felt the energy contained in Broly’s body, and was surprised, “This child’s body contains a terrifying power.”

“Broly is my adopted Son with the girls. Because the power in the body is too strong, he was exiled from Planet Vegeta by King Vegeta very early.”

Bardock froze and immediately nodded thoughtfully, “So it is the adopted Son of Teacher Mu. His future is unlimited.”

Muyang smiled and did not deny.

Broly, as a legendary Super Saiyan, the starting point was too high. If he were not restrained, the overpowering power would instead damage his body. Surpassing Son Goku and Vegeta in the original story was no problem at all.


Just at this time, there was a breaking roar in the sky.

Tights was driving an airplane to Muyang’s residence.

“Uncle Muyang. There is a big problem; the earth is in danger… Eh, how can you guys are also here?!”

Tights yelled loudly as soon as she got off the plane. However, just when she was halfway through, she saw that the two Saiyans, Bardock, and Gine, were also there. Her cold sweat broke out, and she stood there dumbfounded.

“Tights, what did you just say about the earth?”

“No, nothing. I seem to have made a mistake…. hehe….” Tights didn’t know what to say for a while. She was standing in place and giggling.

Bardock lightly glanced at Tights and said, “She may be talking about Gine and me. There was a little accident when I searched for Gine!”

Next, Bardock told what happened before.

Since the misunderstanding was cleared up, Tights was also finally relieved, ‘Great, the other side seems to have no malice towards the earth, so there’s no need to worry about any danger to the earth.’

Two dark eyes carefully surveyed Bardock. It was hard to imagine that this body actually had a million power levels inside, just as Jaco said.

‘The Saiyans.’

Listening to what Jaco said, Saiyan was a Warrior Race in the universe. Maybe she had another good subject to write about.

“Tights, where is Jaco? Did he return?”

“Don’t mention him. That useless guy, he went back to fix his spaceship. I should have known that I shouldn’t have let my sister help him.” Tights’ heart was angry at the mention of Jaco. The Galactic Patrolman elite, who immediately dodged away when he encountered something dangerous, was too unrighteous.

“This is very much like Jaco’s style.” Muyang smiled.

Wasn’t Jaco such a character? He could deal with small things, but he ran faster than anyone else in front of big things.

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