Dragon Ball God Mu

Dragon Ball God Mu Chapter 327


Looking at the female Saiyan, Shasley, kneeling in front of him, Vegeta slightly froze.

“Are you the Elite Warrior that my father sent to follow me?”

“Yes, my father, Oakert, is a follower of King Vegeta.” Shasley answered meticulously.

In the Saiyan concept, male and female Saiyans who form an ordinary squad were very likely to develop into a husband and wife relationship in the future. As for her father, Oakert, and King Vegeta’s intention, Shasley had already guessed that it was meant for her and Vegeta to get along well.

Although there was some disgust at this arranged marriage, she did not hate Prince Vegeta, who was a few years younger than her.

Looking at the appearance of beautiful yet cold words and actions of the Shasley, Vegeta choked. This woman was a few years older than him, so the key was that he couldn’t beat her!

However, the good thing was that she was still respectful, which made Vegeta slightly comfortable—as for her father, Oakert, who was his father’s right-hand man, it explained her famous origin. Compared to Nappa, if he wanted to put a grade, Shasley’s origin was still above Nappa.

Considering her identity, and perhaps even the last female Saiyan left in Planet Vegeta, Vegeta didn’t make things difficult for her.

“You stand up first.”


Shasley came to Vegeta’s side.

“Since you were sent here by father and Oakert, you should already know the news of Planet Vegeta, right?” Vegeta said lightly.

“Planet Vegeta?” Shasley froze for a moment with puzzlement in her eyes.

“It seems that you do not know…” Vegeta looked at her and said, “I just received news that Planet Vegeta…. has been destroyed. “

“What, Planet Vegeta has been destroyed?!” Shasley face changed significantly. The cold expression was instantly filled with dismay.

“Yes. It was destroyed in a meteorite swarm impact. It is said that… there is no survivor on Planet Vegeta. You know, my father seems to be planning something big before. The Saiyans outside is returning to Vegeta one after another. So…”

“….Now the surviving Saiyans are only four of us.”

Looking at Shasley, whose face was slightly white, Vegeta secretly sneered, ‘This woman, hum, she looked like she was very capable of fighting, and now she showed such an expression. In the end, she was just a woman.’

“Don’t worry. Just follow me in the future.”

“Yes!” Shasley responded. The cold expression on her face slightly dispersed.

“By the way, what is your power level?”


“Well, it’s not bad. Seeing that you’re not too old, you’re much more powerful than Nappa.” After glancing at Shasley, whose figure had just been revealed, Vegeta gave a rare compliment. He then looked at the big silly guy like Nappa and thought, ‘How could the gap be so big?’

“Raditz, you seem to have something to say?” Looking at Raditz, who rushed over to the side, Vegeta said with a frown.

“No… no.” Raditz was startled. He originally wanted to say that the Saiyans survived weren’t just the four of them. However, thinking of his brother, who was born with a single-digit power level, he didn’t feel the need to say it because it seemed humiliating.

“It’s not good,” Vegeta grunted. Among the several people, Raditz’s strength was the worst, making Vegeta was very unhappy to see him.

“In the future, the group will be divided into two. Me and Shasley, then Nappa and Raditz. I tell you, as the last Saiyan, don’t disgrace the Saiyan Race!”


They were amazed and answered in unison.


On Heaven’s Grand Kai’s Planet, there were many training spaces where natural attributes could be taken to the extreme. The Yardratian built these training spaces after spending countless years, and training inside them could greatly accelerate training speed.

These training spaces were Grand Kai’s most favored possessions.

On Grand Kai’s Planet, a chamber filled with thunder and lightning.

The thunder and lightning space. As the name implied, it was an extreme environment full of electric arcs and thunder everywhere, in which countless thunder and lightning blasted down every second. It was a harsh place where the existence of life was intolerable. These thunderbolts were different from the natural environment’s lightning; they were terrifying and harmful than lightning. They were the most primitive destructive force generated by giant stars’ decay, black hole collisions, and cosmic thunderbolts.

They were 10,000 times more terrifying than the lightning in the natural environment.

At this time in the lightning space, Muyang and Melissa were sitting at the edge, with ghostly blue lightning flashing around them from time to time. These lightning meanders were long like snakes with spirituality, gulping the chilling faith.

Shortly after the Bardock family reunion, Muyang and the girls continued to stay on earth for some time. During this time, Muyang’s strength was steadily improving. However, as the power gets stronger, the difficulty of upgrading was also increasing.

Because he was not a Saiyan, he couldn’t skyrocket his power level. Muyang’s power was the normal power level. His power was mighty, but there were no shortcuts, so he could only train diligently

Imagine when a Saiyan and an earthling reach 3 million power levels at the same time. The Saiyan could find the way to transform into a Super Saiyan and instantly had 150 million power level, but if the earthling wanted to keep pace, they could only work harder and pay endless hardships.

However, there was a problem here. When the earthlings worked out with difficulty to reach 150 million power level, the previous Saiyans had long since shifted and reached 7.5 billion.

The 50 times gap was dreadful.

Although there was still a lot of time before the original story began, Muyang already had a sense of urgency in his heart.

The strength improvement of the Dragon Ball World was quite overbearing. Maybe in a few months, the pattern would change drastically. Look at Krillin and Tien Shinhan; in the early stage, they could still keep up with Son Goku, but later with Frieza and the Androids’ emergence, their status fell by the thousands. They even became cheerleaders shouting at the backꟷhighlighting the power of the protagonist team.

Under the Acceleration World’s speeding ability, Muyang was confident not to be left behind later. However, a chase was not what Muyang pursued. If he wanted to do it, he would be a master, far ahead, not like Vegeta, who had been watching Son Goku’s back and chasing.

With a sense of practice increasingly became difficult, Muyang thought of the training space on top of Grand Kai’s Planet. So, he deliberated and brought Melia and Melis to Grand Kai’s Planet for training.

Because his dimension had reached Level 5, Grand Kai gave him the honor of allowing them to stay on the Grand Kai’s Planet for training.


Time had passed, and it was already four years. At this time, it was the fifth year after Planet Vegeta’s destruction.

After four years of hard training, Muyang’s strength had increased rapidly. His power level from the initial 300 million leaped to 1.6 billion, which was a value that Muyang did not dare to think about at the beginning of his journey.

After all, few masters in the universe had more than 1 billion power levels.

On the other hand, Melissa’s training was not so smooth. She seemed to have encountered a bottleneck in her training. Her normal power level was stuck at 22 million; even if she turned into Golden Eyes mode, her power level was only 1.1 billion, which was still a big difference compared to Muyang’s normal power level.

It could be seen that Melissa’s Legendary Super Saiya physique was not the same as Broly’s Legendary Super Saiyan physique.

Melissa was reincarnated from the original demon soul. Combined with Planet Sala’s extremely high bloodline talent, she became a “Legendary Super Saiyan.” While Broly’s bestial “Legendary Super Saiyan” was a completely different concept. At least, Muyang had never heard that Broly on the original story would have any training bottleneck.

In the original story, Broly appeared when his normal power level was frighteningly high. The only flaw might be that at the beginning, he did not know how to transform into a Legendary Super Saiyan and pass the Legendary Super Saiyan transformation.

However, when Broly learned to transform into a Legendary Super Saiyan, the power jumped to the extent that it could compete with Super Saiyan God Son Goku and Super Saiyan Blue Vegeta.

In the lightning space, swarms of thunderbolts hovered in the void, emitting a faint ghostly blue glow…

Muyang and Melissa could only practice at the edge of the thunderbolt space. They didn’t dare to go deeper into the core, where the purple lightning shone because it looked creepy.


A thunderbolt came straight at Muyang and Melissa, and the blue electric aura flashed by, leaving a devilish arc.

Muyang suddenly opened his eyes. His eyes flashed with divine light, and his first shone with a crystal light directly blasted at the lightning in the sky.


The thunderbolt was broken apart by the rough force, turning into countless tiny wisps like swimming snakes.


The tiny arcs of lightning strayed on Muyang’s body. His clothes emitted a “sizzling” sound and were instantly blown to pieces, then quickly recovered and withstood the baptism of lightning. Muyang’s entire body tingled, and every cell was accumulating a tremendous amount of energy.

“It hurts!”

Tilting his head up and roaring, Muyang jumped up again with agility in his body, breaking several lightning attacks in a row.

“You’re enjoying yourself while I’m a lot behind.” Looking at Muyang’s spirited appearance, Melissa said sourly.

Her husband’s power level had reached 1.6 billion, but she was still trapped at 22 million; even if she turned into a Golden Eyes state, she only had 1.1 billion. Obviously, she was a Saiyan and should be more powerful than earthlings. However, when it came to Muyang, it all didn’t count.

Muyang laughed and pinched Melissa’s delicate face with his hand, “Saiyan’s greatest advantage is the ability to transform. The normal power level is not necessarily more powerful than other races in the universe. Since your normal power level has hit a bottleneck, it may be a good idea to take advantage of the transforming ability at this time so that your body can adapt to the higher power level and break the bottleneck in turn.”

In the original story, Son Goku’s Base Form Power Level hadn’t been very prominent. Especially after becoming a Super Saiyan, his direction of training became a more powerful transformation ability. From “Super Saiyan” to “Ascended Super Saiyan,” and then the “Full Power Super Saiyan” to “Super Saiyan 2,” the search was for amplification of energy multiplier, not the promotion of Base Form Power Level.

Son Goku Base Form Power Level in Majin Buu Saga was probably based on Majin Buu’s 20 billion power level. Son Goku’s normal power level was only about 50 million there, but his Super Saiyan 3 state was probably comparable to Majin Buu.

Melissa slapped off Muyang’s hand in depression, “But I can’t increase the normal power level, and the Golden Eyes Transformation is just like that. I feel like I’m going to become a salted fish.”

Muyang said, “Your Golden Eyes Transformation will increase 50 times your power level. This cannot be changed, so in that case, why not try to transcend the Golden Eyes Stage Transformation?”

“Ascended the Golden Eyes Stage Transformation?” Melissa’s expression became odd.

“Yes, ascended the Golden Eyes Stage Transformation, to reach a higher level of transformation.” Muyang said.

“Ascended the Golden Eyes Stage Transformation,” which was borrowed from the concept of Son Goku, Vegeta, and other people “Ascended Super Saiyan” state. It was based not only on Base Form Power Level improvement but also on improving the Base Form Power Level. The overall promotion of Body Transformation’s amplification multiplier was also carried out.

If the “Super Saiyan” increase was 50 times the power level, then “Ascended Super Saiyan” was almost 65 times the increase. A more complete and powerful transformation to “Full Power Super Saiyan” was 80 times the increase, all the way to Super Saiyan 2 to reach 100 times the increase. Overall was a gradual process.

Here to explain, the so-called “Ascended Super Saiyan” was not merely to improve Base Form Power Level, but also to increase the number of times. Otherwise, it was not worthy of the name “Ascended Super Saiyan.”

What was beyond was the overall level surpasses “Super Saiyan.”

If only to improve the Base Form Power Level, Son Goku had done so when he returned from Planet Namek!

Compared with Son Goku in the Planet Namek period, did Android Saga’s Son Goku Base Form improve? Yes, there was an increase. Even the improvement was said to be ten times (Planet Namek period Son Goku 150 million power level. In the Androids Saga, after healed from Heart Virus it was equivalent to Android 17, which was about 1.2 billion power level.) However, at that time, why didn’t Son Goku or Vegeta say that their level had suppressed Super Saiyan?

The answer was simple; the essence was different.

“Ascended Super Saiyan” had a different mode of Body Transformation than “Super Saiyan.”

One was 50 times increase; one was 65 times increase.

After the Hyperbolic Time Chamber training, Son Goku and Son Gohan directly mobilized the Full Power Super Saiyan level. Adapt to Super Saiyan’s power under Base Form, to play a more powerful Body Transformation power level; it was the whole 80 times increase.


“Even more powerful Golden Eyes Transformation!” Melissa’s eyes snapped open.

Muyang’s words were a great inspiration to Melissa. She used to be dead set on improving her normal power level to the point of hitting a bottleneck but never thought about making her Golden Eyes state even more powerful.

Thinking about it differently, if she broke through her current level and reached an even more powerful transformation, wouldn’t the current bottleneck be solved as well?

This was possible. The more Melissa thought about it, the more excited she seemed to have found a path to become stronger.

This was the so-called good work, which was necessary to sharpen its tools. If the Saiyan Body Transformation was compared to a device, the normal power level was like using the person’s original power who uses the device. The speed of plowing the ground was fast, and the quality of the ground pressed was good only if one’s strength was high and the hoe was pleasing.

“This path seems to work!”

The Legendary Super Saiyan’s best thing was that it was continually breaking through the limits of Body Transformation in battle!

At that moment, Melissa began to leap and try. She left Muyang behind and couldn’t wait to study up in the corner of the lightning space alone. At this time, he suddenly thought, when Melissa wanted to transcend the Golden Eyes state, did she directly turn into a Super Saiyan, or did she turn into another state?

“Her Golden Eyes Transformation is already comparable to Super Saiyan, both 50 times increase. It seems unnecessary to turn into a Super Saiyan at this time….”

Muyang shook his head; he couldn’t figure it out unless Melissa became a Super Saiyan that wasn’t 50 times increased in the future…. Just like Broly Super Saiyan state in the original story.

‘Boy, Melissa would not breakthrough and then directly overtake me, right?’

This was impossible. It was easy for her to take a big step ahead, but she couldn’t overtake him. Otherwise, his majesty would be gone.

‘Well, let’s train!’

After Melissa began to comprehend more powerful transformations, Muyang also refreshed himself. To maintain the status in the family, he also had to work hard to improve the strength!

Compared with the Legendary Super Saiyan training speed, wasn’t it looking for abuse?

He was thinking about it while immersing himself in training.


Time flew by, and another year passed.

Today, Muyang woke up from his training. He stood up and shook his fist. His body immediately resounded with a “crackling” sound, every cell in his body was full of vitality.

“I’ve reached 2 billion power level so quickly.”

Muyang felt the power in his body, and a faint smile spread across his face.

At this time, Muyang glanced towards Melissa, and a delicate figure appeared in the electric light. Her black hair was slightly raised, and there was divine light flowing in her eyes; her golden eyes became even more beautiful.

Suddenly, overwhelming ki swept over. By the impact of this aura, Muyang’s face suddenly tightened, incredulously said, “No way. How can she broke through so quickly?”

Melissa’s ki caused Muyang to be somewhat depressed because it was intimidating for the soul. It was ki that was like a demon enveloped Muyang’s chest as if a hammer was directly smashed his heart.

The energy intensity was actually not much worse than his.

“Melissa, have you broke through?” Muyang asked in surprise.

Melissa’s elegant figure came to Muyang’s side, and her chin leaned on Muyang’s shoulder, “Yes, oh, I have completed the transcendence, even my normal power level has also increased.”

Melissa spun around in place and threw her arms with force. Amazing energy burst out, rolling waves of air spread in all directions, crushing all the dust in a moment. Melissa was at the center of the wave, and her majestic appearance was like that of an independent goddess.

“Ascended Golden Eyes State with 65 times increase. I will name this state as Golden Eyes State Second Grade.” Melissa’s clear voice sounded.

Like the “Ascended Super Saiyan,” the Golden Eyes Stage Second Grade was a small breakthrough stage. Far from reaching a level comparable to Super Saiyan 2.

“Black hair, golden eyes, normal state 3000 with power level, transformed state 1.95 billion!” Muyang narrowed his eyes and cast his power to resist.

The speed of the enhancement of the Legendary Super Saiyan was really incomprehensible.

Of course, Melissa’s improvement was obviously no match for Son Gohan in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber. That boy was purely plugged in, directly crossing all stages of the first stage of the Super Saiyan to reach the full power of the Super Saiyan. The same went to Son Goku in Planet Namek Saga. In one month, he improved from 8000 power level to 150 million power level.

Compared with those hangers-on, Melissa’s improvement speed was not fast.

“Hehe, if it weren’t for your reminder, I wouldn’t have reached my current strength.” Melissa very generously attributed the credit to Muyang’s reminder.

Muyang stroked Melissa’s head, Melissa smiled lightly, and her body split into two people, Melia and Melis. They maintained the Golden Eyes State Second Grade appearance, but the power level was reduced by half.

Embracing Melia and Melis with his left and right arms, Muyang said in their ears, “This is the end of this practice, now let’s talk about the future.”

“What is it?” Melia’s pretty face looked at Muyang.

Muyang squeezed a hand on the soft part of Melia’s body, “Look, Broly has grown so big. You guys have to give me a boy and a girl too! After leaving, we have to work twice as hard to do so!”

Melia looked at Muyang, “I also worked very hard. Okay, but if I can’t get pregnant, what can I do? Isn’t there something wrong with your body?”

‘Did I train too much and made myself infertility?’

‘I don’t think so!’

‘That was a nonsense!’

Muyang snapped at Melia’s buttocks, “This is too much. The chances of strong people conceiving are originally meager. Okay, this is the rule of the universe.”

“But after so many years and no pregnancy, it is indeed a bit odd,” Melis whispered and laughed softly.

“While you guys aren’t powerful, I’ll get you pregnant first.” Muyang glared at them.

“Hmph,” Melia coldly hummed twice, not scared at all. She and Melis also wanted to have a child sooner, but their belly didn’t contend!

After a few playful nonsense moments, Muyang, Melia, and Melis walked out of the lightning training space. When they stepped outside, they saw the short figure of the North Kai squatting on the corridor.

“North Kai, why are you in the Grand Kai’s Planet?”

Seeing Muyang and the girls come out, North Kai immediately came forward with a smile on his face, “Aiya, Muyang, you guys finally came out. I’ve been waiting for you for a long time.”

Muyang frowned and said, “What do you want from us?”

“Hey, Grand Kai is going to hold a large Martial Arts Tournament in Heaven, people from all four galaxies are going to participate, and this time it is not limited to World of the Living and Other-World. As long as they’re from all four galaxies, they can participate…”

The Grand Kai’s dominion’s scope was the Other-World and Four Galaxies of World of the Living, so the Martial Arts Tournament would not be limited to the Other-World people.

“Do you want us to participate in the Heaven Martial Arts Tournament?”

“Yes, Muyang. You guys are powerful; you can definitely represent the North Area to achieve good results.” North Kai was busy nodding his head, rubbing his palms up and down like a treacherous businessman.

“Are there no other strong people in the North Area?”

As soon as the words were finished, Muyang knew he was asking redundantly. How could there be no masters in the North Area? It was just that those masters didn’t listen to the command of the North Kai. If North Kai asked King Cold, he would be slapped over in a minute.

North Kai said, “The Other-World in the North Area has some master, but World of the Living is not…”

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