Dragon Ball God Mu

Dragon Ball God Mu Chapter 329


The planets in Heaven were beautiful, unlike the mortal planets. The planets were covered with auspicious golden clouds, dazzling with gorgeous light. There were also some plain planets, with blue sea and blue sky, green mountains, and water dotted the quiet nature.

Of course, Heaven’s main color was still golden, and the pervasive auspicious clouds indicated that this place belonged to another dimension.

Frankly speaking, the heroes of Heaven with a physical body living here was equivalent to starting another life.


One day, Muyang took Melia and Melis, walking on a section of white stone paved stairs with strange peaks and rocks on both sides reflecting each other. A dense pine was growing between the stone peaks, looking magnificent and moving, attracting people to stop and look longer.

Melia’s face couldn’t help but hang a joyful smile upon walking on this quiet and beautiful path. she hadn’t been so relaxed for a long time, “Muyang, the scenery here is so beautiful, why don’t we create an environment like this on top of Planet Wudao as well.”

Muyang nodded, “As long as you like it, then we’ll build one exactly like it.”

Everything in Planet Wudao was under Muyang’s control, and if Melia liked it, Muyang didn’t mind spending some effort. Muyang’s words made Melia smile. She gave a kiss on Muyang’s face before walk away with Melis holding hands and laughing.

On the top of the mountain, the stream’s clear water gurgled down from between the rocks.

At this time, a white figure walked past. Muyang fixed his eyes to see that it was a middle-aged man wearing a robe, with a golden halo on his head and a power level of about one million. He was the same person who Muyang met on the Grand Kai’s Planet when he first entered Heaven. He was the one who guided him to the Grand Kai’s palace.

Muyang didn’t expect that he also resided on the Heaven Planet in the North Area.

“Hello!” Muyang greeted the robed man with a smile.

“Huh, you are the one who searched for Grand Kai’s Planet in the first place. Are you still in Heaven?” The man looked at Muyang for a long time thinking, and finally remembered Muyang’s identity.

Muyang shook his head and said, “No, I left a long time ago. I came to the Heaven this time because of the Heaven Martial Arts Tournament that the Grand Kai will hold.”

“You are a participant representing the World of the Living?” The man looked up and down at Muyang and was surprised to find that he could not see through Muyang at all. Indeed, those who were qualified to represent the World of the Living in the competition were masters.

“To be exact, it is to represent the North Area.”

“So you are from the North Area…” The robed man immediately got close, “My name is Fimamons. I came from Planet Honghe of the North Area before.”

“Muyang, from North Area Earth.”

“Earth?” Fimamons thought for a long time but did not find any information about the earth in his memory.

There were countless living planets in the North Area, and before the rise of Muyang, the earth was nothing more than an obscure Low-Level Planet. Of course, perhaps it was once glorious in the distant past, but it had long been unknown to this day.

“Earth is just a small planet; you most likely have not heard of it.” Looking at Fimamons’s puzzled look, Muyang explained with a smile.

Fimamons shook his head, “No matter what planet it is, it is all equal in front of life.”

Muyang was stunned for a moment. He did not expect the man would say such a thing. It seemed that those who could enter Heaven would have to surpass most people in terms of heart! The practice of dividing the planets in the universe according to their strength into Low-Level Planets, Middle-Level Planet, and High-Level Planets like today was simply a crooked way in these people’s eyes who had an exceptionally high ideological awareness.

After chatting with Fimamons for a while, Fimamons wished Muyang good luck in the martial arts tournament and said that he would also go to watch the match, and then said goodbye to Muyang and the girls.

After Fimamons left, Melia lamented, “The people of Heaven are noble-minded.”

“They were once great heroes who saved the world, and those who can sacrifice themselves for the life of the planet are mostly people of noble quality.”

Muyang wandered around with the girls for some time. These days they continued to adapt to their strength, and the process of relaxation was also the process of gradually improving their minds.


Finally, ten days passed quickly.

Today, North Kai brought the specific news of the Heaven Martial Arts Tournament. Accompanied by three men and one woman, in addition to a short alien, the other three people had a circle of light above their heads, plus Muyang; they had a total of seven people.

“The Heaven Martial Arts Tournament rules have come down, and it uses a system of elimination. Every galaxy can send 30 people from World of the Living and Other-World to compete, and the venue of the tournament is on the meteorite on the east side of Heaven.”

If thirty people from each World of the Living and Other-World participated in the competition, sixty contestants would be for one galaxy. There would be a total of two hundred and forty people for four galaxies, and the four people brought by North Kai must be the seeds he valued.

Muyang surveyed the four people who followed North Kai. These people’s strength was excellent; a few people of the World of the Living had about 20 million power levels. This kind of strength was considered a master among the Galaxy Mercenary, but it was far worse than the other three Other-World experts.

After all, they were characters who kept their physical bodies and trained in Heaven for countless years, and their strength had long since passed through the baptism of long years.

Especially that female hero with long silver hair; her skin was light green, and Muyang vaguely felt a great sense of oppression in her body.

She was a master!

“She’s powerful, at least 1.2 billion power level. Even compared to the original Android 18, it is not much worse.”

Muyang’s heart secretly compared her with Android 18. The gap should not be huge. His eyes shifted to the other two, all with frighteningly high energy.

However, since there were so many masters who belonged to the North Area in Heaven, how could North Kai still be embarrassed by Frieza and Cooler…

After thinking about it for a while, Muyang roughly understood. After entering Heaven, these Heaven’s masters belonged to the sequence that had been separated from the North Area. They lived for the North Area planet to fight, and after death, they would be under the command of the Grand Kai. Grand Kai, who usually looked cynical, actually hid tremendous wisdom.

Perhaps in Grand Kai’s opinion, the disaster of the World of the Living was essential. The appropriate danger could stimulate the vitality of the World of the Living. As long as the degree of harm did not exceed the limit, Grand Kai would adhere to the rules and would not send people from the Other-World to interfere with the World of the Living operation.

That was different from North Kai. North Kai loathes the Saiyans of Planet Vegeta, believing that they brought disaster to other planets in the World of the Living and were a source of disturbance to the order. In contrast, Grand Kai believed that the Saiyans of Planet Vegeta’s existence added vitality to the universe, which was selective pressure.

“Several of you are my handpicked contestants, Muyang, Melia, Melis, Jieke, Kerter, Kayo, Dofira… I hope you can fight to the end so that those who underestimate the North Area will be severely disgraced.”

Those people mentioned by North Kai were the other three Kais, especially the old woman, East Kai, who has a rude and ugly personality and always disgusts him, which was too terrible.

North Kai looked at Melia and Melis again.

Muyang and Melissa were essential objects of North Kai’s attention. Although Melia and Melis were also powerful, North Kai wanted Melissa to participate in the battle.

If Melissa were allowed to play, the probability of North Area winning would be greatly increased again.

Noticing North Kai’s gaze, Melia and Melis revealed a smile, and with a light touch of their fingers, the two fused into the black-haired, green-eyes Melissa. Their fusion technique had long since exceeded the scope of the Planet Metamor Fusion Technique.

“Good. With you ‘six’ is enough.”

North Kai was enthused and was already imagining the other three Kais’ embarrassment in his heart.

Muyang smiled lightly, also looking forward to the masters in Heaven Martial Arts Tournament.

According to rumours, several masters in Heaven were comparable to Perfect Cell and Full Power Super Saiyan. So, Muyang wondered if they would appear by then.

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