Dragon Ball God Mu

Dragon Ball God Mu Chapter 330


Under the leadership of North Kai, Muyang, Melissa, and the others headed towards the Heaven Martial Arts Tournament venue, held on a meteorite in the Eastern part of Heaven. Grand Kai had opened up a stable area with his ability.

While Muyang and his team headed towards the meteorite in the Eastern part, the ancient heroes of the various planets in Heaven started to set off towards the Martial Arts Tournament venue one after another.

Since there were too many heroes in Heaven, and not many people could enter the venue to watch the competition, a large screen would be put on each planet of Heaven to broadcast live for those unable to watch the match in person.

On a planet in the Northern part of Heaven, transparent pipes were connected from one planet to another. Through these pipes, one could see the view outside. The light pink space was the primary color of Heaven, and in the space floated a golden cloud.

Amid the crowded planet pipeline, two old men with white hair and white beards walked side by side, moving slowly forward…

“Master Noah, I didn’t think we would be qualified to go to the Martial Arts Tournament venue to watch the competition live!” An old man with white hair lamented.

The old man, who was called Noah, said with a serious face. “I heard that there are masters from earth among the participants of this competition, so those of us are qualified to enter the Martial Arts Tournament.”

There were too many heroes in Heaven, and the Martial Arts Tournament venue area was limited. It was impossible to accommodate that many people to watch. So those who were qualified to enter the venue to watch were either particularly old, with very high prestige, or had a relationship with the participants, such as from the same planet.

The two old men heading towards the venue were Noah and Mutaito, who had instructed Muyang and Son Gohan.

It was more than forty years ago when with notable strength, Muyang challenged most of the martial arts schools on earth and then met Son Gohan for the first time on the East Sea’s shores. The two discussed and went together to the palace where Fortuneteller Baba lived, at which they met Mutaito and Noah and received their guidance.

Time flashed by, and it was more than forty years. Muyang’s strength had undergone a radical change, but it did not cause much change for Mutaito and Noah, living in Heaven at this point.

“Which master is participating in this Martial Arts Tournament? Could it be Teacher Sicos?”

Teacher Sicos was one of the most respected among the ancient heroes of earth. He had entered Heaven for 4,000 years, and his strength had reached an appalling 100,000 power level, a rare super master among the people of earth.

“No. Teacher Sicos did not participate in the competition.”

Noah shook his head a little. Although Teacher Sicos was one of the oldest among the earth’s heroes, it was not that Noah belittled his side; it was really that such strength was as plentiful in Heaven and didn’t qualified to participate in the Heaven Martial Arts Tournament.

In the Other-World, the 100,000 power levels of characters were countless and couldn’t be called masters at all.

“Besides Teacher Sicos, then who else could it be? Could it be a master from the World of Living?”

Excluding the masters of the World of Living, even Mutaito himself did not believe that the weak earthlings could qualify for the tournament.

“The World of Living? No way!” Noah shook his head a little.

“I also think it is impossible…”

Mutaito sighed. If the World of Living could have such masters, Noah would not have gone to work on the Kami School Martial Arts back then.

The two moved forward with the tide of people. Finally, after a long time walking, in front of them appeared a distorted, as if the wave surging strange space. This space was dark and deep, with a dark curtain separated the surface so that the situation inside could not be seen at all.

Inside the dark and deep space was a cave with a vast martial arts venue hidden in it. The outer space was commissioned by the Grand Kai to be built by the Yardratian, using special energy to isolate it from the outside world.

On the outside of the entrance of space, two rows of orderly staff stood. They checked the qualifications of those entering one by one and then sent the audience into the venue through teleportation.

Soon, it was the turn of Noah and Mutaito. The staff took a strange instrument and shone it on their bodies, then “beep,” one of the staff said, “Earthling lineage, Noah, Mutaito, please go forward.”

Follow the instructions forward; when their finger touched the dark black curtain, the strange teleportation ability acted on their bodies. With a whoosh, the scene in front of them had completely changed when they opened their eyes.

Mutaito and Noah entered the venue’s interior and then went to the area where the earthlings were located.


The entire venue was huge, and the main building was on top of a giant meteorite. The venue was divided into four sides; each side had dozens of layers densely filled with spectators. It accommodated more than 100,000 people, who were spectators from the four East, South, West, and North Galaxies.

At the center was a giant martial arts ring, a thousand meters long and wide. The ring was built with the most complex materials in the galaxy and enriched with Grand Kai and particular races’ abilities to withstand mighty energy attacks.

Because there was only one ring and the competition was by elimination… two hundred and fifty-six players competed by lottery (240 players from the four galaxies and 16 players from the Central Area). A total of eight rounds of 255 matches were needed to determine the champion.

When all the matches were over, it was estimated to last several days and nights.

“Noah, Mutaito, you’re here!”

Fixing their eyes, they were greeted by other heroes from the earth; not many, only twenty or so. Some of them were several previous Kamis and some folks that made outstanding contributions, such as martial artists like Mutaito.

“Jialin, Kosap, Ouyu….” Mutaito and Noah greeted these heroes.

“Do you know who are the participants in the Martial Arts Tournament this time?”

“We also wondered about it!”

“Could it be someone from the World of Living?”

“There doesn’t seem to be such a master on top of the earth in the World of Living… In recent centuries, earth’s martial art has been going downhill, and I’m afraid it’s challenging for a master to appear.”

Earth’s ancient predecessors watched the gradual decline of the earth’s martial arts, and their hearts could not help but feel pain.

“But recently, I went to the palace of King Yemma and met the souls from the earth. It is said that now the earth martial arts atmosphere is different from the past. It seems to have begun to flourish gradually.”


Mutaito looked at the people in the audience. The strongest group of people in the earth lineage were all here. Since they did not participate in the Heaven Martial Arts Tournament, the real contestants might have come from the World of Living.

But who was it? Was there such a master on earth?

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