Dragon Ball God Mu

Dragon Ball God Mu Chapter 331


“Wait and see. Later the competition will start, and it will be clear who is participating in the competition.”

The one who spoke was an old man without much hair. He was Sicos mentioned before by Mutaito, one of the highest achievers among the earthlings. He opened his cloudy eyes and suddenly burst out a brilliant light.

“Let me see what kind of great talent has appeared above the earth!”

Since there were no contestants from the Other-World, the ones who got the spots must be the earthlings from the World of Living… and Sicos was very interested in this master who suddenly appeared. Of course, he also knew that since he didn’t represent the North Area, the other side’s strength and realm must be above him and was no longer comparable to him.


The sound of a huge gong resounded through the venue. With this loud sound, the entire audience all quieted down. Then, under Grand Kai’s leadership, the Kais of the Four Galaxies and the contestants entered the venue.

Suddenly, the eyes of more than 100,000 spectators turned towards the contestants, and Mutaito and Noah were indeed no exception. They were immediately looking in the direction of the North Area camp.

When they saw the young boy standing beside the North Kai and talking warmly with him, Mutaito and Noah stood up in surprise.

“Huh, it’s him!”

“It’s actually Muyang….”

Both Mutaito and Noah were surprised by the figure of Muyang.

“Mutaito and Noah, you know the people in the venue? And who is Muyang?”

Jialin, who was standing beside Mutaito from the earthling lineage, asked in a low voice. This Jialin once served as the guardian of the Korin Tower. Although the substratum was not as high as that of Kami, the earth’s martial arts had once been glorious during his tenure. So the Korin Tower was also called “Jialin Tower” at that time.

“More than know, he is a descendant of Noah, from the Kami School.” Mutaito looked at Muyang in the venue with a shocked expression, his eyes full of disbelief.

The last time they met was more than forty years ago. At that time, Muyang was just a young man with a little over a hundred power levels. At best, he only had some potential. How long had it been since then? Now he was actually capable of representing the North Area in the Heaven Martial Arts Tournament. And His appearance… how could it be that he had not changed at all compared to decades ago?

Could it be that he is not Muyang but a descendant of Muyang? Just in that case, wouldn’t he be even younger?

After Jialin heard Mutaito’s answer, he said in surprise, “Kami School. Is that martial arts school that Noah came up with when he was a Kami?”

“There is no mistake!”

“That young man. He has such a profound realm!” Sicos stared at Muyang for a long time but could not see him through at all. He then shook his head, “It seems that a great genius has really appeared among our earthlings!”

“His name is Muyang. He should be the most outstanding descendant of Kami School, and I didn’t expect him to be so powerful.” Noah looked fixedly at Muyang.

Back then, he taught the Kami School training method that he had studied for many years to Muyang because he thought Muyang had the hope to carry forward this training method. He did not have much expectation in his heart. Later, from the information that came from the Other-World, it seemed that this wish of his had been realized, which made Noah quite relieved. However, today, in the tournament venue, he actually saw Muyang, and he was qualified to participate!

Noah realized that the earth’s development seemed to be not as simple as he had expected before.


“Huh, the woman standing next to him looks like she’s from earth too!”

“Does it mean that two strong people have appeared on the earth at once?”

The seniors of the earth lineage were all astonished. Only 60 people were representing the North Area, 30 each from the Other-World and Worlds of Living. If the earth lineage could get two places, could it be that the earth martial art had really become so strong?

The earth martial arts doctrine had indeed been powerful. In addition to Muyang and Melissa, the strongest person on earth, Son Gohan, had a million power levels in Kaio-ken mode. After that, Kanalita, Wuting, Liz, Gilo, and others, were also very powerful.

“It must be the earthlings. You see their intimate look, certainly not a shallow relationship. The identity of the earthlings cannot be hidden.”

With black hair, yellow-colored skin, Melissa’s appearance was too in line with earthlings’ characteristics. It was hilarious to say that Muyang was often mistaken for a Saiyan by his opponent in the past battles, but now, Melissa was mistaken for an earthling.


When Mutaito and others were shocked by Muyang and Melissa’s appearance, Grand Kai had led the way to the podium.

Grand Kai was dressed in a very solemn manner, with a black Grand Kai divine costume and a tall Grand Kai hat on his head, sitting solemnly right in the podium center. The four Kais from the East, South, West, and North followed him, sitting on either side of Grand Kai, while the two hundred and fifty-six contestants were divided into five arrays according to their respective affiliations.

“There are more spectators this time!” Grand Kai laughed and stroked his beard with satisfaction.

As the highest God in the entire galaxy, Grand Kai was very spontaneous by nature. He often did an unexpected thing, such as holding a few Martial Arts Tournament from time to time to liven up the atmosphere of Heaven. If he were happy, he wouldn’t be stingy in giving some guidance to the winners.

To get the guidance of Grand Kai was something that many heroes in Heaven could only dream of. After all, the vision of Grand Kai was not comparable to the four Kais. On this side of the galaxy, it was not wrong to say that he was a master of martial arts.

Above Grand Kai, only the legendary Supreme Kai had a higher level than him. However, the Supreme Kai’s whereabouts had always been secretive; even the Grand Kai had not seen him for millions of years.

So, for millions of years, the existence of the Supreme Kai had gradually been considered a legend.

“Isn’t it natural to have a large audience? Grand Kai rarely holds Martial Arts Tournament, and I’m afraid that the master of Heaven has been waiting for many years with their fists in the air.”

The one who spoke was a tall Kai, responsible for managing the South Area and had a terrifying singing voice.

“Haha, the last time a Martial Arts Tournament was held, it was a thousand years ago. I think it’s a bit lengthy indeed.”

Grand Kai nodded with a smile, “Which masters have your galaxy sent? If they are not strong enough, I’m afraid the championship candidate will fall to my Central Area again.”

The Central Area was the place that gathers the most masters in the entire galaxy. Thus even in the Other-World, the number of masters in the Central Area was far more than the other four galaxies. With Grand Kai’s occasional guidance, the gap between them was even greater.

“Grand Kai, I’m afraid it won’t be that easy for your Central Area to win this time.” The only female Kai, the East Kai, fanned her fan and said very condescendingly.

“Oh, has a master appeared at your place, East Kai?” Grand Kai unexpectedly glanced over.

East Kai proudly waved her fan and smiled, “That’s for sure. Our East Area’s Carliss is the most talented player in the last thousand years and can definitely compete for the championship position for a bit.”

As soon as East Kai finished her words, West Kai retorted, “No matter how strong the East Area’s people are, they can’t compare to Pikkon. He is the strongest master ever in the West Area’s jurisdiction and has been living above Grand Kai’s Planet for a long time. He is the most powerful master.”

“Pikkon? I’ve heard of him. He is indeed a master.” Grand Kai smiled and said.

Pikkon’s strength was ranked top in the entire Other-World; even if the Central Area sent out a master, he was probably in that class.

“Hmph, it’s definitely Carliss who is stronger.”

“No, Pikkon is the strongest.” West Kai was short in stature but very aggressive.

At this time, North Kai puffed out a smile and shook his short and fat body, “Don’t you compete; the final champion is definitely my North Area.”

With two experts, Muyang and Melissa, North Kai had the strength to speak.

North Kai had shrunken aside in previous years, quietly watching others arguing. He was most afraid when Grand Kai held a Martial Arts Tournament. Every time it was held, the North Area was at the bottom. His face was thrown on the ground, friction with a bitter heart.

However, this year. Haha, he was also qualified to intervene in the quarrel.

East Kai and West Kai coldly snorted in unison and said with an unkind face, “North Kai, haven’t you lost enough face? You can’t even manage your precinct well; what qualifications do you have to compete for the position of the champion?”

“You guys….” North Kai’s face turned red with anger, and he grunted angrily, “You guys will regret it.”

“Then we’ll see!”

East Kai and West Kai sneered in disbelief. They never heard that any talent had emerged in the Other-World of the North Area; as for the World of Living, they looked down on it even more. How many years had the people of the World of Living been training? Even if they were strong, could they compare with the countless masters of Heaven?

In fact, in their hearts, they even thought that Grand Kai’s inclusion of Other-Wolrd contestants in the Martial Arts Tournament was utterly superfluous. How could Other-World masters be the opponents of Heaven’s masters?

“Haha, don’t make any noise. The Martial Arts Tournament will start soon, so we’ll know who’s strong and who’s weak then…” Grand Kai’s gaze was profound, and his face showed a smile.

The eyes swept over all the contestants and finally landed on Muyang, who had already reached Level 5 Dimension and was particularly conspicuous among the many contestants.

“Hey, hey, it’s worth looking forward to next.”

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