Dragon Ball God Mu

Dragon Ball God Mu Chapter 332


“Hey, look, Muyang, there are many masters here!”

In the waiting area for the contestants, the two hundred and fifty-six contestants were divided into five arrays according to the galaxy they belonged to. Melissa took Muyang’s hand and looked around, using her ability to detect the ki of the people around her, and powerful ki came to meet her.

Upon feeling this powerful ki, Melissa’s eyes grunted up. The corners of the eyes were narrowed.

‘As expected of the highest Martial Arts Tournament level in the galaxy, these masters were much more powerful than I had encountered in the past.’

‘One, two… several masters with a power level of more than 100 million!’

‘How exciting it is to be able to fight with these masters!’

Thinking about the competition that would take place in a few moments, Melissa’s cheeks were slightly red, and she was unusually excited.

“Settle down. You’ll have your time to play later!” Gently patting her shoulder, Muyang slightly pacified the excited Melissa. Muyang’s eyes were also looking around, and he found the number of master in Heaven really exceeded his imagination. He never thought that Grand Kai had so many masters under his command!

No wonder Grand Kai was able to sit on the fishing platform. This was because he had absolute strength! With such a “regular army”, plus the Galactic Patrolman and Galaxy Mercenaries, two informal armies, how could he be afraid of the small people who tried to make waves? Just find someone, and he could slap them to death!

In contrast, the four galaxies Kai were a bit rotten. Even their law enforcement team was put together from scratch.

His eyes lingered on the alien named Jieke for a moment. As a participant representing the North Area World of Living, Jieke’s strength was definitely not low. However, a power level of 20 million was already a bit low among the masters of Heaven.

“Compared to the masters of Heaven, the contestants of the World of Living are much weaker… It seems that it is still these masters from Heaven who play the main role.”

Muyang glanced at Kerter, Kayo, and Dofira over there. It just so happened that they were also observing the situation around them. When their eyes collided with Muyang’s, Muyang nodded politely.

Suddenly, Muyang’s eyes stared, and his sight fell on a green-skinned alien wearing a white tunic and a high black hat in the West Area. Powerful ki suddenly passed over, causing Muyang’s spirit to shake.

“Pikkon!” A chant escaped his lips, and Muyang’s face turned serious.

Judging from the ki sensing, if Muyang’s energy reached Imperfect Cell’s strength, then Pikkon was at least the Perfect Cell. There was a big difference in energy between the two.

Melissa’s gaze was wandering, perceived the change in Muyang, and was soon also shocked by Pikkon’s ki, “That green-skinned guy, he’s so strong.”

“Among Heaven, there are indeed crouching tigers and hidden dragons… Look at the ones from the East Area and Central Area….” Muyang whispered to remind Melissa that there was also very powerful figures in East Area and Central Area camp.

There was an orange-haired woman in the East Area, while in Central Area, there was a green-skinned strong man, especially the one in Central Area, whose energy was no better than that of Pikkon!

The ki of those people subdued Melissa, and her face flushed a gloomy expression, “Now it seems that the situation on our side is very unfavorable!”

Muyang was slightly calmer, “They are indeed powerful, but we are not bad. We can’t match them in energy, but with the overall strength, we may be able to compete.”

Of course, this was the ideal situation. If the opponent also had excellent combat skills, then Muyang’s advantage would be gone. In short, the next would be a few bitter battles.

However, Muyang and Melissa also started from zero, and years of training forged them to be what they were now. A few games certainly did not scare them. Even the ability to fight with more powerful masters was what they look forward to!

Grand Kai was so happy to hold the Martial Arts Tournament of the Other-Wolrd and the Worlds of Living, other than using the Martial Arts Tournament to pass the boredom; he was actually more concerned about the personal training of the participants. Let the weak expand their horizons and let the masters compete with each other and grow. This was the harvest of the Martial Arts Tournament.

If this tournament were held just for entertainment, there would be absolutely no need for the World of Living contestants to participate.



The gong’s loud sound rang out again, and this time, Grand Kai stood up from his seat.

“Everyone, you’ve waited for a long time; it has been more than a thousand years since the last tournament. I know there are already many people who have been looking forward to this tournament for a long time. I will not say anything more; I will announce the following rules of the tournament:

“This Martial Arts Tournament gathered a total of two hundred and fifty-six players in the Other-Wolrd and the Worlds of Living. The tournament takes an elimination system and requires a total of eight rounds. The first round will be 128 matches to determine the 128 players who will enter the second round. The second round will be 64 matches to choose the players who will enter the third round…

“Finalists in the top 16 will get one team point; finalists in the top 8 will get two team points; finalists in the top 4 will get four team points; finalists in the final will get eight points; the winner will get 16 team points! The same player’s points in each session are not accumulated, and several major galaxies are ranked according to the final total score.

“For the sake of fairness, lots will be drawn before the tournament start to determine the order of appearance of contestants. I will personally instruct the final winner of the tournament.”

After Grand Kai finished speaking, he swept a circle of everyone in the venue, then resumed his seat.

The audience immediately let out a fierce cheer, high emotions, and intense shouting. The personal instruction from Grand Kai was naturally what every person of Heaven dreamed of.

For the non-participants, the Heaven Martial Arts Tournament was held solely to liven up the atmosphere of Heaven and add some fun for the heroes of Heaven.

But, the deeper meaning was to re-rank the East, South, West, and North galaxies and win the four galaxies’ distribution of resources by Grand Kai.

This was the reason why several Kais secretly competed. These Kais wanted to get fame and resources!

So, to maintain the Heaven Martial Arts Tournament’s relative impartiality, the contestants belonging to the same galaxy couldn’t meet too early to avoid a situation of internal conflict. Therefore, before the competition, the general assembly had developed a blank form according to each galaxy’s situation… The number of appearances of the four galactic players on the form was relatively stable. They were interspersed with players from the Central Area. There wouldn’t be a situation where a particular galaxy had a huge number of appearances, and a particular galaxy had a minimal number of appearances.

The so-called lottery was filling in the contestants’ names from their camp in the blank form, and it was a lottery within the camp.

The rules were already clear, and the next step was to draw lots. Muyang and Melissa lined up to draw small balls from inside a white box, which represented the order of Muyang and his team’s appearance among the North Area personnel.

“Number 3!”

Muyang took the small ball and looked at it. The staff nodded and wrote Muyang’s name in the form. Muyang represented North Area’s No. 3 players and was placed in the No. 14 positions in the whole field according to the overall tournament schedule.

After getting the number 14 card from the staff, Muyang pinned it on his chest.

Next was Melissa, who drew number 45, and was placed at number 190 among all the contestants.

Melissa smiled as she held her entry number, “It looks like we won’t be able to meet up until the final.”

Muyang 14, Melissa 190… With number 128 as the boundary, they were equivalent to having been divided into two different divisions, unless they could keep winning to have a chance to meet in the final.

“Don’t get eliminated too early.” Muyang smiled slightly. How many rounds could Melissa stick? Honesty, Muyang didn’t have a clue in his heart; he could only wish in his heart.

“At least, I can make it to the top eight,” Melissa said confidently.

Muyang smiled a little and looked to the side at several seeded players who also represented North Area, “What number are you guys ranked?”

Kerter, “No. 75.”

Kayo, “124th.”

“No. 230… It seems that everyone is relatively separated.” Dofira said.

Jieke shrugged, “I’m No. 130. I won’t run into you guys for a while. Maybe I’ll be eliminated before I run into you guys.”

Jieke’s strength was the weakest among the several seeded players, not even comparable to the other few World of Living players representing the North Area. He was able to participate mainly because his strength was relatively top-notch in the World of the Living.

While Muyang and the others were talking, the competition had already started in an orderly manner.

Muyang and the others returned to the contestants’ waiting area. They carefully observed all the contestants on the stage to get information about their opponents earlier.


The first contest was between contestant No. 1 and contestant No. 2, from East Area and South Area. Contestant No. 1 from East Area was a peculiar being with three eyes, while contestant No. 2 was an orange-skinned humanoid being.

The peculiar four-eyed beings of the East Area had superb defensive capabilities. The South Area player’s attacks could not cause any effective damage, except for a few ripples on the opponent’s skin.

With a slight glance of his eyes, Muyang detected the gap between the two sides.

“East Area’s No. 1 player’s ki is obviously stronger, coupled with bizarre defense techniques. If No. 2 player does not have any hidden techniques, the ending of this competition is already decided…” Muyang said, shaking his head slightly.

As expected, the match was as predicted by Muyang. The South Area player did not have any special ability and soon started to gasp for breath. The East Area player started to power up; his whole body rampaged across the ring and pushed his opponent out of the martial arts ring.


The whistle sounded, and the No. 1 player representing East Area won the match and moved on to the next round.


“Hahahaha, good job Pudo, Dalitz. It looks like my East Area is still a little better!” East Kai shook her fan proudly and said to South Kai in a very mean tone.

South Kai’s expression tangled up, “Don’t be smug; you just won a game. My South Area will take back the ranking.”

“Heh…” East Kai swept South Kai with a contemptuous glance.

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