Dragon Ball God Mu

Dragon Ball God Mu Chapter 333


The next contest was between No. 3 and No. 4, with two players representing West Area and North Area.

This time, North Kai and West Kai were serious, especially North Kai and West Kai were already deadly rivals. They always fought against each other, so they took advantage of this tournament to trample each other underfoot, and this first match, of course, was critical.

The No. 4 player was a person from the North Area who lives in Heaven, named Palmery, with a power level of about 50 million, which was not the top in Heaven, but definitely a master. –At least in the eyes of the earth hero Sicos, who has entered Heaven for 4,000 years and whose strength had reached an appalling 100,000 levels. That was already an absolutely unattainable existence!


At this time, Muyang began to look at the two players below carefully. Palmery’s opponent was a dinosaur-like creature with a long, pointed horn on top of its head that shone like metal.

“Do you think Palmery can win?” Dofira, who had silver-gray hair, came over and asked.

As a seeded player in the North Area, Dofira’s strength was close to the original No. 18, with more than a billion power levels. However, she knew that this player of the same camp named Muyang was North Kai’s real Ace. Thus she wanted to hear his opinion.

The corners of his mouth lifted as Muyang looked down, “It’s not too difficult for Palmery to win, but pay attention to that sharp horn on the opponent’s head. I think if the opponent has any master technique, it’s hidden in that sharp horn.”

Palmery’s opponent looked kinda dull, not like he knew any advanced martial arts. So most likely, he had some special ability… and it was probably hidden in the sharp horn on the top of his head.

Dofira nodded thoughtfully and watched the battle in the ring. The entire ring was about a thousand meters long and wide, and the huge ring would be invisible even to an ordinary person’s eyesight at the edges. However, Muyang and others each had good eyesight, and the field changes were in full view.


The battle continued for a while, Palmery began to take the initiative gradually. He launched severe attacks again and again. In the face of Palmery’s relentless attacks, the dinosaur creature tossed its head in annoyance and saw the metal horns on its head start to stir up arcs of electricity. The blue lightning was sweeping out from the horns, turning into a series of crescent-shaped attacks.

“You’ve really got me there.” Dofira laughed lightly.

“The moment that arc of electricity was created, the energy on that dinosaur rose to 40 million power level. This kind of tactic is not simple.” Muyang said in a light-hearted manner as the battle in the ring continued to change. 

Palmery was a master who had been practicing in Heaven for many years. So, he could quickly found the weakness of his opponent through experience. The battle soon ended with Palmery’s victory. 

North Area had won its first victory!


The match continued with more than 100,000 spectators in the audience watching the match with great enthusiasm. The whole venue constantly resounded with fierce shouts and cheers.

Soon, the match came to the seventh match, No. 13 Dorne versus No. 14 Muyang.

“It’s my turn,” Muyang said softly and walked towards the ring very casually.

“Go for it!” Melissa cheered for him from behind.

Muyang raised his hand and turned his back to Melissa and others. He then leaped and appeared in the center of the martial arts ring as if he was teleporting.


On the martial arts ring, which was made up of countless pieces of special materials horizontally and vertically, Muyang’s tiny figure looked like a black dot.

At this time, his opponent also came up. It was the East Area Heaven’s person.

“It’s not good for Muyang!” The martial artist of the earthling lineage said worriedly.

The martial artists of the earthling lineage certainly felt proud that Muyang represented the World of Living in the tournament. However, there had been cases of people from the World of Living versus people from the Other-World in the previous matches. The difference in training levels between the two sides was too vast. The difference in years of training alone doomed the World of Living masters to be mostly no match for the Other-World masters.

“Maybe, Muyang’s strength is stronger than the opponent!” Jialin thought on the bright side.

Sicos said, “Hardly. I know that opponent of Muyang. His name is Dorne; he has been living in Heaven for more than a thousand years and is rumored to have more than 100 million power levels.”

Sicos was the oldest hero among the earthlings and had been in Heaven for more than 4,000 years. He knew a lot of information that others did not know.

“What, 100 million power level?!”

Sicos’ words made everyone startled. A 100 million power level was a value they could hardly believe. In that case, wouldn’t Muyang be in danger?

Even if they were full of confidence in Muyang, the 100 million power level was too frightening.

Inevitably, they looked at Muyang’s gaze began to be filled with regret. A talent scarcely emerged among the Earthlings; why did he have to be eliminated so soon?

At this point, Noah kept his mouth shut and watched silently.


On the podium, East Kai narrowed her eyes towards North Kai and smiled broadly. She was sure of Dorne’s victory.

Tsk, it’s a pity that Dorne is one of my seeds of the East Area, with a power level of 100 million! Although it can’t be compared to a genius like Carliss, compared to your North Area’s players… it’s still considered a genius.”

“A genius who has trained for more than a thousand years. A 100 million power level is so high!” North Kai choked out with an expressionless face.

Hmph!” East Kai snorted coldly and stopped talking to the unlucky fellow, North Kai.

‘Let’s see how Dorne teaches your North Area player a lesson later!’

No one knew that at this time, North Kai’s heart was very excited. There was nothing more comforting than having a pillow handed to you when you doze off.

‘How could 100 million power be the opponent of Muyang? Muyang is a great master with a 2 billion power level; how could he lose!’

Thinking of East Kai’s thunderous appearance, later on, North Kai was so excited that his body was trembling.

In the eyes of East Kai, North Kai was weeping in his heart… but there was nothing she could do. With a power level of more than 100 million, Dorne couldn’t lose even if he wanted to.


In the ring, Muyang tightened the belt in front of him and then calmly looked at his opponent.

This was a cosmic being who was not weak. It had a very different appearance from earthlings, with four arms on his upper body; the muscles on his arms were coiled and crisscrossed. Each muscle was shaking slightly, which then caused the air to tremble, looking full of explosive power.

“The seventh match of the first round, No. 13 Dorne versus No. 14 Muyang!”

“The match begins!”

As the referee announced the match’s start, the middle of the venue suddenly quieted down, and all the spectators watched intently. These spectators were all good fighters in Heaven. Although they had no chance to participate in the Martial Arts Tournament, their strength and eyesight were excellent.

“That player named Dorne is so strong!”

“There’s an overwhelming advantage from the ki alone.”

“That World of Living person is miserable; it’s completely unequal!”

All sorts of discussions rang out because of Muyang’s very concealed ki. Almost no one could see how strong the ki on Muyang was, so they unanimously agreed that Muyang must have lost.

Mutaito and Noah could not help but frown when they heard the chatter of the people around them.

“Alas, even if Muyang loses, it is still a good experience to be able to participate in this tournament.” Mutaito said in his heart.

No matter how the martial arts world of earth develops, there was still a difference of clouds and mud compared to Heaven. So, it was good to see a little more.


“Hello, I’m going to win this match!” Dorne said very politely towards Muyang and then prepared to launch an attack towards him.

With a smile on his face, Muyang said, “I’m afraid it’s not easy for you to win!”

Dorne raised his eyebrows. Without further ado, he directly dived as if his body was springing towards Muyang. Muyang showed a smile at the corner of his mouth and pointed his toes slightly towards the ground.


A peculiar cyclone to the toe landing place as the center spread out in all directions.

Suddenly, white dust fluttered up, and Muyang’s figure became illusory until it completely disappeared. At the moment Muyang disappeared, Dorne’s attack arrived at Muyang’s original position.

“So fast, where is the person?”

Dorne felt his fist cut through the air, without the slightest sense of blockage from the attack. When he came back to his senses, the opponent figure was no longer in his field of vision.

At this point, his heart was shocked, and he began to look around, “Where is it?” 

“Over here!”

A disembodied body sounded up, and Dorne turned his head. He found that Muyang’s body had arrived in front of him at some point. His pupils tightened into a point, and his heart beat fast for a while.

Just at that moment –

Muyang stretched out a finger. The finger bent and flicked hard towards Dorne’s forehead across the air.


A black trajectory crossed the thousand-meter square martial arts ring in a horizontal position in the blink of an eye. It rushed towards the outside of the arena, directly hitting the protective layer on the audience’s surface.


Dorne fell from the sky and fell straight out of the arena.


The entire venue fell into silence as if everyone had not expected such an outcome.


The referee blew his whistle, declaring Muyang was the winner and moving on to the next round.

The people above the stands were stunned. Mutaito’s eyes were wide open, and he didn’t understand the scene just now at all. By the time he reacted, the referee had already blown his whistle.

“What the hell just happened? How did Muyang win?”

“Didn’t they say that Dorne had 100 million power levels?”

“Muyang just struck too fast; we didn’t even react.”

“Muyang is so powerful!” Sicos stood up in surprise. He, like the others, didn’t even know how the two sides had split the victory.

“Quickly, watch the big screen replay!”

At this moment, the light and shadow of the lingering air appeared the course of the battle just now.

From the start of the match, when both sides looked at each other to the winner’s final division, it was only a few seconds. The actual strike was not even less than zero point one second.

“Oh my god, he can actually kill a 100 million power level master in seconds!!?!”

“Unbelievable. How strong should he be?”

The audience below the field sighed and boiled up.


“How could this happen? How could Dorne lose?” East Kai’s expression stiffened. Her hand was holding the fan swung in the air without moving.

Hey, hey, Muyang is the ace of my North Area.” North Kai said smugly.

“Not bad, not bad.” Grand Kai stroked his beard and nodded his head. He held Heaven Martial Arts Tournament and included the World of Living players to pull in Muyang.

Now, it seemed that the effect had manifested itself…

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