Dragon Ball God Mu

Dragon Ball God Mu Chapter 334


Muyang’s unexpected victory seemed to add a bit of mystery to the Martial Arts Tournament, which was not there in the previous matches. It could be said that this match brought everyone a feeling that was not just a simple victory or defeat, but a shock to the strength!

No one expected that this man from the World of Living, whose ki seemed very weak to everyone, would have the ability to defeat the powerful East Area player, Dorne.

After finishing the match, Muyang gestured towards the audience and then went down to the field, but the aftermath he caused did not dissipate…

Fierce cheers erupted after the venue was quiet for a while. There was no doubt that the master who was able to instantly defeat a master with a power level of 100 million must be so powerful in that it was unimaginable.

Another top strong player had appeared in the Heaven Martial Arts Tournament. The other contestants had their eyes on him, secretly adding his name to the list of strongmen.


On the East Area side, the orange-haired woman who was regarded as an ace by East Kai looked towards the direction of Muyang at this time. Her brows could not help but wrinkle slightly as her face became grave, “Dorne would actually be flicked away by a flexed finger. To be able to do that, that person’s strength is definitely powerful. Even if I want to defeat him, I’m afraid it will be challenging.”

The orange-haired woman named Carliss was the most talented player in the East Area in the last thousand years. That’s why East Kai was so arrogant and confident about her. However, at this time, Carliss was not as spontaneous as before. Her expression became solemn as if she had met a strong enemy and didn’t know what she was thinking in her heart.


On the West Area side, Pikkon also noticed Muyang. After comparing himself with Muyang, Pikkon emitted an overwhelming aura. Then, his aura was converged, and he closed his eyes with a smile.

“A good fighter. I look forward to seeing you in the ring later!” The corners of Pikkon’s mouth hooked up with confidence.


While the other players were all secretly calculating, a strong green-skinned man among the Central Area players had no expression on his face since the beginning. He was seemingly not caring at all about the scene that just happened.

If he could have such a calm expression, his strength must be very frightening.


When Muyang returned to the waiting area for the North Area players, Melissa grinned at him. Dofira, Kerter, Kayo, Jieke, and others also congratulated him on their victory.

“Awesome!! I don’t even know what just happened!” Kerter, with his bright personality, expressed his feelings directly and loudly.

“Me too. I only saw a shadow.” Kayo nodded his head.

Jieke, who was the weakest, shook his head with a torn expression, “I didn’t see it clearly at all. If I was up there just now, I might not even have a chance to react. I would have been knocked down directly.”

Dofira gave Muyang a detailed look and said, “It would be the same if it were me. It seems that Mr. Muyang’s strength exceeds ours by too much, but this is good; we also have an ace player in the North Area.”

In terms of strength, the North Area was the most backward in ranking the four galaxies. Even if the North Kai searched hard and found a master like Dofira, when compared with the players of the other galaxies, the strength was much worse.

Once the strength was weak, it could not avoid being ridiculed in front of several other Kais.

And he was constantly ridiculed. So, when the North Kai learned that Muyang and Melissa power level reached 2 billion, he was overjoyed.

As for the other North Area players, although they also gathered around, they could not open their mouths rashly. Because they knew that there’s a difference in strength. So, they stood aside quietly and watched several bigwigs talk and laugh.

“You guys don’t boast about me; the competition has just started. There are many more games to come, and I feel that there are even more powerful masters hidden in other galaxies. My strength may be no more than that in the eyes of others.”

Muyang shook his head a little, yet he was not so optimistic.

Melissa agreed, “Muyang is right. The East Area, West Area, and Central Area all have powerful masters. Several of them make me feel threatened; we can’t take it lightly.”

“You’re right. The Heaven Martial Arts Tournament is full of strong people; it’s better to be careful.”

Although they did not know Melissa’s specific strength… but, from the performance of Muyang just now, how dare Dofira, and the others underestimate the couple? They were afraid that Melissa’s strength was not much weaker than Muyang’s. Now that Melissa said that the other galaxy’s strongest people made her feel threatened, they couldn’t help but be more concerned.


On the large venue ring, the fierce battle continued. The first round would be 128 matches, selecting the 128 players who would enter the second round.

The process took a long time, but there was no shortage of things to see. The spirits in Heaven never lacked time, and they had waited too long for this once-in-a-thousand-years event. So, after the conference began, the spectators in the stands gazed intently at the ring, afraid to miss any details.

The time passed quietly with the presentation of an exciting battle. Unknowingly, it proceeded to the ninety-fifth match of the first round.


A crisp sound came out, like the sound of glass breaking, as Melissa floated leisurely in the air more than two meters above the ground, emitting a greenish glow all over her body.

The green skirt of her body fluttered, and her serene face revealed a charming smile.


The slender white fingers like warm white jade snapped in the air, and strange energy spread out. It immediately imprisoned her opponent in the air. Then, with a push of her palm, she pushed her opponent to the bottom of the ring.


With a sharp whistle, the referee announced that Melissa had won.

After hearing this, Melissa cocked the corner of her mouth in triumph. With her hands held out under her superpowers, she flew towards the North Area contestants’ waiting area.


“Another win! In this case, both of them from the earthling lineage has made it to the second round.” In the stands, Jialin of the earthling lineage squeezed his fist hard with a look of pride.

“Not bad.” The elder Sicos couldn’t help but nod his head.

Mutaito smiled and looked at the old man on the side, “Noah, that girl just now also has traces of Kami School on her body. Maybe she is also your descendant. This is great; your lineage is thriving.”

Noah blushed and said, “That Melissa is clearly using superpowers. Maybe she’s from the Superpower Academy!”

“It’s the same!”

A few “Old Seniors” from the earth laughed loudly and were in a good mood. Muyang and Melissa were able to achieve such results! Even if they were eliminated in the second round, they would still be satisfied.

In this session of the Heaven Martial Arts Tournament, the earthlings seemed to shine.

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