Dragon Ball God Mu

Dragon Ball God Mu Chapter 336


As soon as the battle began, the strength displayed by Muyang and his opponent, Yahalo, brought silence to the audience.

As expected of a master, the fight was so intense that it was dazzling.

All the spectators held their breath and poked their heads in the ring to watch the battle. However, Muyang and Yahalo were so fast that even if these people’s eyesight was good, they could only see the light that kept appearing and flashing and could not see both sides’ movements at all.

“It’s too fast!”

“What a swift attack. My eyes actually can’t keep up with the rhythm at all.”

“Who says it wasn’t? It was a wonderful match; the strength of both sides in the match was so intense that it was unfathomable.”

In the audience, the spectators stretched their necks and gazed unblinkingly at the ring. Whether they could really capture the battle in the ring or not… no one could tell. They all pretended to be a veteran’s posture and commented there with a smile. In fact, their hearts were already crouching.

The ability of the naked eye to capture the shadow was, after all, limited. If they could not keep up with their speed, what was left in addition to the sudden flash of light and the sudden appearance of a broken crater?

Even if most people in the Other-World had learned a similar ability to perceive the battle with ki in Heaven, however, they still couldn’t keep up with the level of battle reached by Muyang and Yahalo.

So it was better to watch the fight through the big screen in front of the audience.

Of course, the screen couldn’t show the whole battle at all times, only a small part of it. However, for most of the audience, this small part of the picture had been more wonderful than imagined, causing them to cheer and shout with red faces.


Two afterimages collided together at high speed, then quickly separated. The next second, the two rays of light folded back in the void and collided once again.

Muyang set up an arm to block Yahalo’s bouncing leg attack; his body shook slightly and panned back a few meters. After blocking his opponent’s attack, Muyang’s body faltered slightly, and his figure became low.

Switching his position, he clenched his fist and slammed it towards Yahalo’s waist with a low cry.

The power of the fist was as powerful as breaking through the air, bringing up a fierce air-breaking sound.

At this time, Yahalo’s expression suddenly changed and roared, both arms staggered downward, then fiercely lifted upward, using this air force to fling Muyang out.


Muyang’s body leaned back. His feet stomped on the void, and a few unreadable strands of shock waves were created in space.


Once again, the two men began to fight in close quarters. The hard stone blocks on the ground crumbled into zigzag cracks in the collision. Tiny stones splashed out, swooshing as if bullets sliced through the void.


There was a flash of bright white light, and a wave of ki smashed the stones to pieces. The two men swept away the interference in unison, then looked at each other and fought again.

So far, both sides seemed to be comfortable with each other, and the rhythm of the battle was seamless, without a hitch.


In the contestants’ waiting area, Dofira watched the match with surprise, “Their real strength is so strong. With this kind of fierce battle, I feel that if I go up there, I will be blown down by them in three or two moves.”

Kayo nodded approvingly, “Compared to the top masters, we are still too far behind.” Although he had been eliminated in the previous battle, Kayo did not leave the contestant area.

“Have you noticed the battle that has been going on so far? Although both sides’ attacks are very sharp, neither has caused substantial damage to the other side.” Kerter looked seriously and could not help but praise, “Their control of the battle is too great. Any tiny details they can always seize the opportunity, and the prediction is also compelling; neither let the other side get it!”

“What you say is true. Both sides have zero mistakes. No wonder the fight is so exciting; it is evenly matched ah!” Kayo said with a glare in his eyes.

Dofira said, “That Yahalo’s strength is powerful. In the West Area, I’m afraid he’s one of the best. I’m worried that Mr. Muyang will be in a bitter battle next.”

Melissa’s beautiful eyes flashed. She shook her head after hearing their discussion, “No, Muyang hasn’t brought out his full strength yet, or rather, both of them haven’t shown their full strength until now.”

“They… haven’t exerted their full strength until now?”

“Yes, so the battle has only just begun.”

The energy strength of Muyang was 2 billion power level, and Yahalo were higher than Muyang, reaching 2.5 billion power level. However, Melissa had enough confidence in Muyang. This confidence was not blindly protecting her husband, but she was well aware of Muyang’s combat techniques’ superiority.

The fact that Yahalo had been practicing for more than 2,000 years in Heaven, his combat experience and skills did not need to be mentioned. However, Muyang was not far behind, and his skills were not only developed by himself but by the angel Whis. As the most extraordinary master in Universe 7, Whis left him images of martial arts, which almost directly raised Muyang’s level.

The fact that Muyang personally received many teachings from Whis in the God of Destruction Planet was much more effective than Grand Kai’s guidance. Especially in the last few years of training, Melissa felt that Muyang’s martial arts seemed to have entered a level that even she could not say.

With the same power level, he seemed to be able to break it up.


On the competition ring, Muyang’s expression calmly responded to Yahalo’s attacks. After generally adapting to the fight’s current intensity, Muyang gradually increased his body’s energy while his body became more flexible.

Seeing this, Yahalo also followed suit and raised his energy.

‘Sure enough, he also still has some energy left!’

Muyang looked at Yahalo and nodded secretly while fighting, not bothered at all by the fact that his opponent’s getting stronger might hinder his victory.

“Yahalo’s combat experience is vibrant. Because he lives in Heaven for many years, he gets guidance from Grand Kai many times, and the level of his martial art is far beyond normal people…”

“….Several other people in this Martial Arts Tournament whose strength is much higher than Yahalo, especially Pikkon and that big green-skinned man from the Central Area. The current me is not their opponent at all.”

How strong was Pikkon? Muyang’s heart had some guesses. According to the original story’s strength, he was afraid that Pikkon was at the Perfect Cell level. As for the Central Area’s big man, his breath was hidden more deeply. Although Muyang in the previous game carefully observed, he never got useful information.

Two powerful Masters were right in front of him; of course, Muyang hoped he could fight them. So before that, he must win all the matches behind and even make a breakthrough in the battle.

To break through the current level, the energy aspect was not necessary to consider. Muyang was not a Saiyan; naturally, it was impossible to surge energy during the battle. This was a formal competition; there was no reason to knock Senzu Beans, so he could only start from other angles. Yahalo was an opponent not inferior to him. The rare thing was that there was no absolute strength gap between the two sides, a qualified touchstone or stepping stone!

“In the previous years of training, Melissa and I have been in a state of boosting our energy. So I have been a bit slacking on the development of my realm.”

“Now, let’s take advantage of the battle with Yahalo to hone my combat skills and realm a little bit.”

Power and realm were two important factors in the practice of martial arts. When the power was too strong, but the control was too weak, the intuitive manifestation was the inability to exert power’s effectiveness effectively. In serious cases, perhaps a state of a rampage like Broly in the original story.

That said, in the early stages of the Dragon Ball World, where the power component dominated… the realm was relatively neglected either because the realm wasn’t important enough to manifest itself or the level wasn’t there. However, at a later stage, whether it was the mysterious state of Son Gohan, Super Saiyan God, or God of Destruction Level, all needed the realm’s support.

By this point, the importance of the realm was gradually manifested.

Without a high enough realm, to reach the Super Saiyan 3 level was basically impossible.

Perhaps in many people’s eyes, this was powerful enough. However, in the eyes of the universe-level characters, Super Saiyan 3 was still too weak. It could be flicked away with a finger.

Whether it was the God of Destruction level or the Angel level, the realm was quite important.

All this, of course, Muyang knew. He also tried to deconstruct his current realm to get a breakthrough. However, the realm was such a mysterious thing; it was not like a math problem. As long as he knew how to solve it, there was a fixed solution. Very often, it was more like an open question; there was no fixed answer.

In a sense, the power and the realm were like the difference between macro and micro. They were a unified whole, forming the world we knew, but divided into two very different areas. This was entirely possible that an absolute master above the power level might be a mere white in terms of the realm.

Muyang had already made a small achievement in terms of power with a 2 billion power level, which wasn’t weak. However, in terms of the realm, he was still in the stage of learning. He had tried to fuse his understanding with the essence from Whis martial arts images and had some of his own ideas and insights from it, but he just hadn’t applied it in such a high-intensity battle yet.

Perhaps the realm of such a thing needed to break through the threshold in battle. In the original story, Son Goku came from a low power level; Muyang guessed that perhaps the little Goku in this area was really not quite talented. However, in terms of the realm, Son Goku had a pretty good understanding! The earth’s martial arts was coincidentally and happen to be so little related to the realm.

This was not that the realm was actually more important than the power level. Could the realm of the promotion, to a certain extent, drive the improvement of power level?

Or if the Super Saiyan Transformation as a rough application of “realm”, Muyang wondered whether it was interesting speculation.


Back to the topic, as the two sides of the competition gradually show their full strength, Muyang’s mental outlook changed. He began to become mysterious and unpredictable. His movements little by little matched the movements of Whis in the martial arts images, and his breathing gradually became long.

As the warring party, Yahalo was the first to feel the change in Muyang. Now Muyang’s movements were light and seemingly weak, but his body was as slippery as a loach. Every attack of Yahalo was always dodged by Muyang “just in time”.

“This guy, what the hell is going on?”

“His movements are obviously effortless, but why my attack can’t affect him!”

Yahalo frowned tightly. When his attack once again crossed the corner of Muyang’s clothes, his face sank, and he suddenly shouted. The powerful energy of 2.5 billion power level burst out, and he suddenly turned into a small sun.


Raging waves of ki tumbled as Yahalo accelerated the rhythm of his attack. Such a battle really affected the beginning, but as time passed, Muyang’s body quickly adapted to Yahalo’s rhythm again.


The silver-white ki flame wrapped around Muyang. His black hair raised high under the effect of the ki wave. Muyang closed his eyes, using only the sense of ki to capture the opponent’s movements.

Ki was the essence of the development of earth’s martial arts.

It was the more advanced martial arts.

As long as the physical body with energy possessed ki, this ki would spread in all directions, as if there was a mass of objects that would distort the surrounding space. The energy was the same, which changed very little. However, people who knew how to use ki could capture the opponent’s movements through the subtle changes around them.

This use of energy was still relatively inferior. Once it encountered the energy to shield the ki completely, or there was no ki in the body of non-living creatures, the set of earthlings would not work at all.

In high-speed combat, without the help of ki, the martial arts practitioner was like becoming blind and could only rely on the naked eye to identify the opponent’s movements.

However, the limitations of the naked eye were obvious. The strong light and even the wrong shadow could affect the combatant’s judgment and thus made a wrong response.

High-ranking Gods either had no ki, or their ki had been converged to the level of unable to be sensed. For this reason, of course, there would be a set of matching God practice, which was “Realm of God”.

Only when one entered the “Realm of God”, would one have the qualification to talk to the God of Destruction level.

The martial arts image left by Whis, which Muyang had been comprehending before, was actually the training method leading to the “Realm of God”.

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