Dragon Ball God Mu

Dragon Ball God Mu Chapter 337


The battle between Muyang and Yahalo gradually went on for more than two hours. It was such a long battle that tested physical strength and endurance.

Yahalo gradually felt physically and mentally exhausted, and his mouth was already gasping for air. However, on the opposite side of him, wrapped in a layer of silver-white energy, Muyang maintained a state of minimum energy consumption, and body consumption was reduced to the extreme.

If it were an evenly matched contest, the two sides wouldn’t have had such a different experience. However, if it weren’t an evenly matched contest, it wouldn’t seem to last as long as two hours or so at all!

“This guy, he seems to be practising something….”

Yahalo eyelids jumped; he couldn’t go on like this. Yahalo stepped on the ground hard, and a huge force penetrated under the ring.


The ground suddenly produced a depression, and the cracked lines spread out in all directions along with the center point.

His body swooped quickly, and Yahalo hands clenched his fists. The tyrannical energy coalesced in the tip of his fist shining brilliantly, and his fist struck through the air with the sound of breaking air.

In the face of the rolling river-like sweeping Yahalo, Muyang seriously raised his palm. A silver-white light flashed in his eyes, and Yahalo’s movements began to slow down as his movements began to synchronize with Whis’ image.

Muyang smiled shallowly. His movements were plain, without rendered vapors or dazzling flashes.

“That’s it. If it’s Vis, his movements should be the same.”

The palm of his hand traced a graceful arc in the air. The moment it touched Yahalo’s raging fist, the palm began to change its angle, taking Yahalo’s fist with it to change direction.

After unloading most of the opponent’s energy, Muyang’s palm violently changed into a fist.


The two fists collided, the flying sparks burst out, and a terrifying shock wave spread in a ring. The ground’s hard stone slab rose and fell as if it was about to fall apart!


A miserable scream came out of Yahalo’s mouth. His body flew backward several hundred meters, fiercely stomping on the ground with both feet, shoveling two distinct traces on the ground.

Yahalo’s hands trembled, and the muscles of his legs were shaking.


“That action just now… seems to be not simple!”

In the West Area’s waiting area, Pikkon was wearing a tall hat with a frozen face recalling the scene just now. It was obviously the most uncomplicated attack; why would it cause such a result? How did Yahalo get knocked off his feet?

“Interesting. Maybe I should pay more attention to this guy. He’s called Muyang, right?” Pikkon began to get interested.

Previously, because the energy of Muyang was far lower than his, even with outstanding performance, Muyang failed to attract his attention. It seemed that he was wrong in thinking that this person called Muyang of the North Area was weak. He was afraid that Muyang was not an easy person to deal with.

In the Central Area camp, the green-skinned strong man’s face also gloomed.

On the East Area side, the orange-haired Carliss locked her eyebrows tightly. She still couldn’t see what was going on.

Only on the North Area side, the corners of Melissa’s mouth curled up into a smile as Muyang changed the way he attacked.

She had, of course, comprehended the image of the Whis martial arts in Muyang’s hand, but her comprehension was not as good as Muyang’s. She had only superficially read some of it. However, according to what Whis said when she entered the God of Destruction Planet for the second time, the martial arts image seemed to conceal a practice method that led to an Unfettered Instinct or something.

Anyway, it was very profound.

“Muyang is going to win this match. I thought he would use the Acceleration World’s divine power, but in the end, he actually relied on Whis’ martial arts to gain an advantage… However, his movements just now were so fantastic!” Her tongue licked on her red lips. Although she couldn’t see how Muyang’s body did it, at this time, Melissa was completely at ease.

Seeing the smile on Melissa’s face, Dofira and Kerter had not yet recovered from their shock.


On the podium, Grand Kai’s gaze was deep, and his face also showed doubts.

“It’s too subtle. What a remarkable movement, that realm of freedom and spirituality, that’s the true essence of the martial pursuit! Even without profound energy, one can still defeat a powerful opponent just the same.”

Muttering under his breath, Grand Kai watched attentively as if he saw a strong man truly rise to power.

“Ahhhh, what’s wrong with you, Yahalo? Hurry up and fight back!” West Kai slapped his chair in exasperation. The already short West Kai was like a meatball constantly bouncing on his chair at this time.

North Kai wiped down his sunglasses and said proudly, “No need to look. My North Area’s player will win for sure, look there….”

He said with a finger pointed towards the martial arts venue and saw Muyang walked towards Yahalo step by step.


Like a burst of huge drums beating, the silver flame on Muyang’s body rose a few points higher with every step. As he arrived in front of Yahalo, the energy on Muyang’s body had already crush over.

“You are no longer my opponent.”


A gorgeous flash flickered, and Muyang turned back with a bland face.

The West Area player Yahalo had already been sent outside the arena by him. The whole crowd was shocked by the high skill of Muyang’s last strike, and before they could regain their senses, Muyang had already achieved victory.



“Wow, a win!” North Kai clenched his fist hard, swaying both hands in the air. He was occasionally looking at West Kai smugly, “How about that? The master on my side was powerful, right?”

West Kai grimaced, “Even so, Pikkon will also win and defeat the person you fancy.”

Pikkon’s number was 97, which meant that if Pikkon wanted to meet Muyang, both of them needed to reach the top four qualifications before they could meet in the semi-finals. However, for West Kai, it was obvious that Pikkon would make it to the final four. His ultimate expectation was that Pikkon would finally win the tournament.

The second match of the fifth round of the top sixteen continued. The winner of the second match of the fifth round was No. 62 Arqua of the East Area; the third match, Kerter of North Area, unfortunately, lost to a player named Sharman of Central Area and was eliminated; the fourth match, No. 75 Pikkon still crushing and directly qualified for the top eight.

Fifth stage competition, East Area No. 146 contestant Carliss won.

Six stage competition, North Area No. 190 contestant Melissa won.

In the seventh stage competition, South Area No. 210 contestant South House won.


Eight stage competition-

With a bang, North Area Dofira’s opponent was No. 251 from Central Area. The green-skinned strong man that Muyang had been observing. This green-skinned strong man was named Uyamons, a very mysterious strong man under Grand Kai.

“Dofira’s situation is not good,” Melissa whispered to Muyang.

He looked very rough and simple, but there was a feeling of single force subduing in the midst of the roughness.

In fact, there was one thing that the other four Kais didn’t know, and only Grand Kai knew, which was that Uyamons was actually not a native from this galaxy. He was from another galaxy like Melissa. He joined Grand Kai’s banner after coming to live in this galaxy for so long.

“You are not my opponent.”

After saying that, Uyamons’s body flickered, and Dofira’s pupils suddenly shrunk to pinpoints.

The space around her seemed to have suddenly shifted, and by the time she came back to her senses, she had actually landed outside the field.


With the judge declaring the results, the top eight players were officially crowned. They were: Muyang, Arqua, Sharman, Pikkon, Carliss, Melissa, South House, Uyamons.

Two people from East Area entered the top 8, only one from South Area, one from West Area, two from North Area, and two from the Central Area.

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