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Dragon Ball God Mu Chapter 338


It could be said that there was no doubt about Uyamons’s victory.

Whether it was Muyang or Pikkon, after seeing Uyamons’s skills, they already knew in their hearts that this would be the result. Because compared to Dofira, Uyamons was much more powerful.

Muyang looked at Uyamons. In his heart, he had already classified him as an opponent on the same level as Pikkon. Even Uyamons’s threat might be even higher than Pikkon’s.

Underneath Uyamons’s green skin hid explosive muscles. Uyamons’s combat style was exactly the opposite of Muyang’s. Muyang took the skill plus realm path, focusing on the lightness of body and winning by trickery; Uyamons was the opposite, opening wide and pressing with momentum.

As of now, if they really fought, Muyang would not be able to take advantage.

At this time, Uyamons suddenly turned his head. His eyes met with Muyang’s and suddenly smiled towards him. In this instance, huge oppression passed over, and Muyang’s face suddenly changed. A silver-white luster flashed, carried off the huge oppression of Uyamons.

When he looked again, he found that Uyamons had shifted his sight to Pikkon, likewise releasing signals towards Pikkon.

“Is he declaring war on the strongest person in the competition?”

Muyang’s heart moved and turned to sneer. Although the power that Uyamons was showing right now was much stronger than Muyang, it did not mean that Muyang had no hope of winning.

“One step at a time. If I can continue to comprehend the Unfettered Instinct left by Whis in the next match, defeating Uyamons is not impossible.”

After years of hibernation, he was finally waiting for the moment to explode. The current Muyang gradually began to usher in the harvest period.

The martial art realm that Whis left behind in the martial image was called “Unfettered Instinct,” a not too strong but not too weak realm. Of course, the strength here wasn’t just for Whis, but for Muyang too. It was definitely an extremely profound realm. If Muyang could completely comprehend the “Unfettered Instinct,” it should be easy to win the Heaven Martial Arts Tournament championship.

Unfettered Instinct was a state of existence that was unattainable and natural.

It mostly referred to the physical state.

When one realized the “Unfettered Instinct,” the physical body level would be completely transcendent, bringing unimaginable power. In contrast, there was also the “Extreme Instinct,” which meant to do everything in your heart, to be at will, to do whatever you want. That was a level of the spiritual realm.

The combination of “Unfettered Instinct” and “Extreme Instinct” was the physical body and consciousness. There was an even louder name for it when practiced to the extreme – the “Ultra Instinct”!

Muyang knew that the power of Ultra Instinct was completely beyond the power of his body. It was simply God blocking God, Buddha blocking Buddha; there was no reason to say.

In the original story, on the Tournament of Power held by Zeno, the powerful and desperate Universe 11 powerhouse Jiren, Son Goku and Vegeta, and others were helpless. As if a child was ravaged by it, it was because Son Goku entered the state of Ultra Instinct at the critical time, so that they came back in the game and found the hope of victory.

If he could comprehend the Ultra Instinct, even if it were just a little bit, Muyang had the confidence to deal with it calmly.

The subtlety of the Ultra Instinct martial arts was so powerful.

Its magic had attracted countless universe-level powerhouses to study and practice. However, only a few people really comprehended it. Even the God of Destruction, Beerus, did not fully comprehend this state of mind.

Because this state was the realm level, if there was not enough power to rely on, you couldn’t reach the minimum threshold to comprehend this state.

Power and realm were always complementary. The realm was the power level above the transcendence. After reaching the level of Super Saiyan 3, it had not been easy to find a breakthrough in power. When turning to the realm, it was possible to break through into Super Saiyan God. After that, Super Saiyan Blue, Super Saiyan Blue Evolution.

Relatively, if the power didn’t reach a certain level, although the same could comprehend the realm, it would be more or less affected by half-hearted efforts. However, the good thing was that Muyang had a special case. Because he had the dimension of “Universe God,” and God’s dimensional realm was also, in a sense, a manifestation of the realm.

Like North Kai, Grand Kai, and even the later Supreme Kai, they were in the Universe God position. The rules naturally gave them the benefits of realm comprehension. Therefore, despite their low power level, their eyesight was quite good.

Of course, the half-baked East Supreme Kai, Shin, was also on a special list, allowing him to be a Supreme Kai trainee in essence.

Muyang had only comprehended a little bit of the “Unfettered Instinct” foundation and hadn’t even seen the shadow of the Ultra Instinct. Now, if he started to think about Ultra Instinct, it was a bit far, and he didn’t know how long the road would go.

However, after experiencing several breakthroughs in the Acceleration World, Muyang vaguely felt that the “fragments” incorporated into his body each time he broke through the limit and expanded the Acceleration World seemed to be a kind of “energy” to raise his realm.

Even the limit could be materialized, why the realm couldn’t.


In the ring.

After moving Dofira out of the arena, Uyamons provoked Muyang and Pikkon as if declaring war again, followed by a long leap and drifted back to the Central Area’s waiting area.

“Oh, it looks like Uyamons was also stimulated by the fierce battle and ignited his desire to fight.” Grand Kai stroked his white beard and laughed.

Over the years, Uyamons had been staying very low-profile in Heaven. The fact that he came from other galaxies was only known by Grand Kai alone, so his might had been unknown to outsiders. He was considered a hidden trump card of the Grand Kai. Uyamons participated in this Martial Arts Tournament to be able to fight with Pikkon, but now it seems that there was also the addition of Muyang.

When he first met Muyang, he was just a young man with one or two million power levels. It was only a few years ago, but now he had already grown to the point where he could attract the attention of Uyamons.

Grand Kai was looking forward to Muyang’s next growth, especially since Muyang seemed to have comprehended some remarkable realm.


On the other hand, with the victory of Uyamons, the birth of the top eight naturally brought the Heaven Martial Arts Tournament to a climax. The audience cheered and shouted with enthusiasm, and the whole venue was filled with people. Infected by this, regardless of their own strength, a surge of emotion was burning in their hearts at this time.

This feeling of being there in person was something that those outside the martial arts arena couldn’t experience through the video broadcast.

To get to the top eight in the Heaven Martial Arts Tournament was already outstanding in the entire galaxy, even if it was known as the most pinnacle.

“Aiyaaah, two people from my North Area have entered the top eight.”

North Kai twisted his body and squeezed his eyebrows at the other Kais. That villainous look made the other Kais gnash their teeth, and they really wanted to go over and grab him and beat him up.

“I also have two people from the East Area in the top eight.” East Kai snorted coldly.

“But the number of people who entered the top sixteen in East Area before was only three, which is not as many as my North Area. No matter how you count, North Area is still a little bit more powerful.”

North Kai was always ridiculed by the other Kais before, and now that he had won back the game, North Kai, of course, wanted to show off properly.


East Kai blackened her face and did not speak. West Kai and South Kai also snorted coldly.

West Kai antagonized the North Area and said, “What’s the use of having more people? The higher the ranking, the more points the group will have. I have Pikkon on my side; you can’t win.”

“This can not be said…” North Kai said slyly.

‘Muyang and Melissa have to continue to win and let those arrogant people know the power of North Area fiercely!’


“North Kai seems to be pulling hatred for us!” Noticing the unkind eyes of the surrounding players, Melissa said to Muyang with a smile.

Muyang laughed, “North Kai does look like he needs to be beaten up sometimes. If it were me, I would want to beat him up too.”

“He was usually repressed for a long time, and when he bounced back, he was even more powerful.” Melissa blinked her eyes.

“None of these Kais are normal.”

“They should all be too repressed.” Melissa laughed.

In between Melissa and Muyang whispering, the sixth round was about to start. It was the eighth into the final four, and the first game was still Muyang on the field.


“The first match of the sixth round, North Area No. 14 Muyang versus East Area No. 62, Arqua! Both players, please take the court.”

After the referee announced the identities of the two sides of the match, Muyang nodded his head, “It’s my turn to take the stage.”

“Win this match!” Melissa cheered from the back.

“No problem.” Muyang jumped onto the ring.

The wide martial arts ring was as white as new; stepping on it immediately gave people a sense of solemnity and heaviness of having their feet on the ground. The hard stone slab that was severely damaged in the previous match was already intact under the Yardratian and Grand Kai’s divine power. There was not a trace of breakage that could be seen.

“Muyang…” a man wearing short black sleeves stood across the room.

“Arqua?” Muyang smiled.

East Area’s Arqua, whose strength should be a little more powerful than Dofira, was equivalent to Android 16.

The alien named Arqua looked at Muyang with a serious expression and then assumed a fighting posture. At this time, Muyang also became serious. His smile tightened as his silver-white ki flame wrapped around the surface of his body, and a unique and strange ripple stirred up around Muyang.

Even in the face of Arqua, whose strength was far inferior to his own, Muyang was particularly serious. The lion fought the rabbit with all his might, and lightness on the battlefield was never acceptable.


The debris flew up, and the ground that had just been repaired suddenly appeared a series of craters. It cracked and undulated again.

The silver-white lightning attached to Muyang’s eyes as he continued to rehearse Whis’ realm, trying to master the “Unfettered Instinct” even further before he encountered Pikkon or Uyamons.

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