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Dragon Ball God Mu Chapter 34


Chapter 34 Breaking The First Limitation

As time passed, in the second month after Muyang had climbed the Korin Tower, the “ceiling” of the Acceleration Space had already reached a point where it was close to the ground. If this continued, it would seriously affect the function of the Acceleration Space!

At this point, Muyang was ready to take a desperate gamble and use all his strength to crush it. Two months of training had given him confidence in his strength. 

One night, the stars were bright, and the moon was like a plate. 

While Korin was sleeping downstairs, Muyang quietly entered the Acceleration Space.

Looking up at the substance-like clouds, which were only three meters from the top of his head, they really had become a ceiling! Muyang adjusted his breath and made his final preparations.


Powerful ki boomed out along with a yelp, Muyang’s face was determined, as he gazed at the sky with a serious expression.

The ki inside his body gathered between his hands. A radiant azure light suddenly flickered, blossoming like a star in this small, claustrophobic space.

Whether it would work or not, it was all up in the air.

“Heavenly Sky Beam!!!”

With a long whistle, Muyang waved his fingers forward with force, and a radiant beam of ki shot straight out. The blue ki rustled.

It rubbed against the air, making a sharp explosion before piercing through the layers of clouds and mist and streaking towards the center area where the thickest clouds were.


The blue beam of ki struck the core of the ceiling, collided, and burst out in an earth-shattering explosion.

At this time, Muyang’s ki waves were even more solid than a few months ago. Penetrating and destructive power had increased exponentially. On top of that, the ki waves released by Muyang were terrifying.

The terrifying scene produced by the collision of the two was as fierce and powerful as a ground-breaking. The vortex rotated, the airflow was scattered, and the center was raising up high, like an inverted trumpet flower… 

Crack! It was like the sound of shattering glass.

At this moment, the world cracked, and endless clouds suddenly seemed to have lost their “cover.” They all exploded at once, and the entire space was shaking violently as if it was about to crumble.

The tearing force of the explosion could no longer be stopped by anything as it began to expand the space.

Muyang was exhausted after releasing the ki wave, but strangely, the terrifying ki didn’t harm him. Instead, a piece of crystal fragment fell from the sky, landing on him and entirely absorbed by his body. 

Time went by, and when all the dust had settled, and the ground was calm again, the hazy vision became bright once more. 

The image that appeared in front of his eyes frightened Muyang.

The sky became taller, and the earth became wider. The space that was originally only a ten meters square expanded to a thousand meters square, enough to accommodate a small mountain. 

Simultaneously, just as the Acceleration Space range continued to grow, Muyang felt a faint sense of the shackles that had bound him previously seemed to have disappeared.

The road ahead seemed to become flat with a completely different feeling than before. He felt like a prisoner breaking free from his cage and regaining his freedom.

He couldn’t help but roared, and his body and mind were swelling with pleasure. 

He then used the scouter on himself, “Tick! Tick! Tick!” A series of data was displayed above the lens. 

121 power level!

His power level had instantly increased by over twenty points, reaching the level where Son Goku had been after participating in the 21st World Martial Arts Tournament!

“What a great breakthrough. This Acceleration Space is indeed connected to my power… the ceiling that blocks the sky, could it be that it’s my physical limitation?”

The ceiling pressing into the ground meant I was getting closer to the limit, and with a single blow, I was breaking it!

All the changes made Muyang had to think about it more. Normally, the limit of an ordinary earthling was 100 power level, and there were only a few earthlings who succeeded in breaking through this limit.

This Acceleration Space that Muyang’s consciousness communicated with seemed to be able to reveal its own limit.

The invisible limits were manifested, which was then subjected to a substantial attack to break them.

How wonderful was that?

After an ordinary person breaks through the limit, the power level must be accumulated little by little. To put it simply, after 100, then 101, 102, but he… was breaking through and absorbed the power at the same time, so he was able to reach 121 in one blow!

After thinking about this, Muyang couldn’t help but get pumped up. If the truth was as what he thought, then he would be far too dominant.

This meant that he could stop worrying about the innate gap between earthlings and aliens.

What did Saiyans and aliens rely on to be that strong? Could it be that their own potential was strong enough?

Earthlings were weak, but if you worked hard enough, it wasn’t impossible to break through the multiple limits. Compared to this, the function of time acceleration in the Acceleration Space was, on the contrary, a trivial pediatric. 

That was the real golden finger.

Of course, this was just Muyang’s own speculation. As to what the specifics were, no one knew!

And even if Muyang guessed it correctly that the Acceleration Space could really manifest the limits of the body, and he wanted to break the limits as he did just now.

It was uncertain whether he could succeed. After all, for earthlings, the limit of 100 power level wasn’t impossible to break; the difficulty was behind 1000 power level, 10000 power level, and so on… 

Whether or not it was possible to keep breaking through infinitely, it came down to the racial talent in the end. 

But for now, at least, it gave Muyang something to think about.


After exiting the Acceleration Space, Muyang’s heartbeat was slow as he was able to calm down. After testing the speed of time flow between the Acceleration

Space and the outside world as he broke the first limit, the ratio between the two sides changed from two to one to four to one.

In other words, the flow of time in the Acceleration Space was now four times faster than the outside world.

At the same time, the Acceleration Space also had an additional storage function. He could directly put things to the Acceleration Space, simple and easy. Even without a Capsule, he didn’t have to worry about not being able to store things.

Also, he didn’t have to worry about things getting deterioration inside because of the nourishment energy in there. This Acceleration Space was simply a necessary thing for home travel. 

“This is the biggest gain I’ve had in a while.” Muyang was so happy that he was laughing in his sleep.

The next day, when Korin saw Muyang again, he clearly felt the change in Muyang. After not seeing him for one night, the spirit that Muyang’s entire body emitted seemed to be different?

“It’s only been one night, but you’ve changed quite a bit.” Korin was puzzled.

Muyang was like a spring breeze with a gracious smile, “Last night, I figured some things out, and I feel like my whole body is different.”

“Oh, you’ve gained your understanding and have explored the shackles of the martial arts.” 

Korin nodded. The epiphany was mysterious, but it wasn’t like Korin hadn’t seen it before over the past 800 years of his life. A single epiphany was all about chance, and Korin was happy for Muyang.

Muyang nodded. His approach to breaking limitations in the Acceleration Space was somewhat similar to the epiphany that Korin had spoken about.

Korin said, “Since you have made significant growth in your strength, you will have to make a slight change in your next training. Today, you will spend time getting familiar with the growth of your power. Then I will instruct you after you can manage to retract and release it freely.”  

Muyang nodded, “Thank you, Immortal Korin.”

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