Dragon Ball God Mu

Dragon Ball God Mu Chapter 340


“Arqua actually lost.”

On the East Area side, Carliss grabbed her orange hair and kept turning it between her fingers. Her delicate face shifting as she sighed regretfully. Although Arqua’s strength was a little weaker than her, to be eliminated easily still made Carliss feel a little uneasy.

‘Is that black-haired man someone from World of the Living?’

‘It is said that the North Area was the weakest of the four galaxies. How could a man from the World of the Living defeat so many Heaven’s masters who had been training for years?’

Thinking to herself, Carliss felt that even if she were in the ring, she might not match that person.

Carliss’ eyes turned to Melissa, who was holding Muyang’s hand and laughing. She would face that woman next, but after seeing Muyang’s battle, Carliss started to feel a little worried about the next battle.

Maybe, the East Area was going to be wiped out in the next match.

At that moment, the referee’s voice announcing the second match interrupted Carliss’s many thoughts. She shook her head and put her eyes back on the top of the tournament ring.

“The second match, Central Area No. 81 Shaman, versus West Area No. 75 Pikkon!”

“It’s finally time to start.”

After the referee announced Pikkon’s entrance into the ring, Muyang’s spirits lifted. He focused intently on the match together with Melissa.

“Pikkon of West Area and Uyamons of Central Area are probably the most powerful contestants in this Heaven Martial Arts Tournament.” Melissa observed the match and whispered to discuss it with Muyang.

Muyang’s eyes kept following the position of Pikkon and smiled lightly, “Don’t forget there’s also East Galaxy’s Carliss. She’s also a strong opponent.”

“The energy in that woman is indeed very strong, but in terms of explosive power, she is certainly no match for me, the Legendary Super Saiyan!” Melissa laughed and tilted her head proudly.

The Legendary Super Saiyan body was Melissa’s most proud, plus she had also received training from Whis. Although she didn’t comprehend the Unfettered Instinct like Muyang, her battle intent was beyond most people.

If the Super Saiyans wanted to comprehend any realm, it was mostly impossible; otherwise, it could really be against the sky.

Muyang smiled and nodded, not sure whether to agree with Melissa’s words. It was reasonable that Melissa was full of wildness and violence.

In between the conversation between Muyang and Melissa, the martial arts ring was changing…

Pikkon’s opponent was a veteran spirit whose strength could be considered very powerful. However, when facing Pikkon, he was still oppressed by the majestic power of Pikkon’s body.

“Central Area’s player is no match for Pikkon.”

“It seems that my next opponent is Pikkon.”

Seeing this, Muyang was secretly sure that Pikkon’s strength would not be easily lost even against the Perfect Form’s Cell. His power level was at least more than 3 billion, and this combat skill was also quite mature and old!

It should be known that Muyang’s current power level, the full calculation was equivalent to Vegeta when he was just out of the Hyperbolic Time Chamber and reached the level of “Ascended Super Saiyan.” He wasn’t as strong as the Full Power Super Saiyan level of Son Goku, not to mention the Perfect Cell, who was a little stronger than Son Goku.

If it wasn’t for he comprehended the Unfettered Instinct, even if he relied on the divine power of the Acceleration World, he wouldn’t be a match for Pikkon.

But now, the realization of the Unfettered Instinct of Muyang could no longer simply look at the power level. At this time, he had a grasp of facing Pikkon.


The result of the match was just as Muyang estimated. The match lasted for twenty minutes when Pikkon finally used his full strength. Suddenly, a shocking force burst out, and Pikkon defeated his opponent in one fell swoop.


As the result of the match was announced, fierce cheers erupted from the entire venue.


“Fortunately.” West Kai was also relieved as if he was carrying a heavy load.

Pikkon was already the only seedling of the West Area to enter the top eight, while his opponent was the Central Area known for its strength. Even though he was confident in Pikkon, he couldn’t help but sweat for him.

If Pikkon lost this game, their West Area would be wiped out. If that happened, he wouldn’t be able to hold his head up in front of North Kai.

Luckily, Pikkon’s power did not let him down, and he eventually won the game, advancing to the top four positions.

“The next match is between East Area’s Carliss and that woman from North Area, a match between two women. I’d like to see East Area’s side win.”

If East Area won, then East Area, West Area, and North Area would each have one person advancing to the final four, and the balance would still be stable. Conversely, if North Area won and took two of the top four seats at once, there was no telling how pleased the dreaded North Kai would be.

However, West Kai’s idea was soon to fall flat.


Melissa tossed her silky hair, and her figure flashed like a glimpse. She stood in the center of the martial arts ring. Opposite her, the orange-haired Carliss also made her official appearance.

“Muyang has already entered the top four. I can’t be too far behind.”

Melissa narrowed her eyes. The golden and beautiful luster flashed in her eyes, and a pale green light rose in a flash. Melissa’s ki suddenly increased dozens of times.

The Legendary Super Saiyan’s power was extremely violent. If Melissa wanted to comprehend the Unfettered Instinct, it would not be easy in such a state. However, there was a benefit to being violent, and that was that the battle was particularly fierce. In the true sense of the word, it was won completely by violence.

“So strong.”

When she felt the energy from Melissa’s body at close range, Carliss’s face was astonished, and her body also stirred up a terrifying aura.

The two ki collided in the air, forming two arc-shaped crushing areas. The brilliant colors split the World into clear-cut sides—the air at the point of contact tumbling continuously like a boiling spring.


“Carliss, defeat your opponent. Don’t let the people of the North Area win.” The East Kai shouted.

The East Area already had an Arqua lost to Muyang; she absolutely could not have a second person close to the North Area. Otherwise, the East Area would be wiped out, not to mention where to put her face!

“Melissa, use your full strength and defeat the opponent fiercely!!!”

The North Kai also did not show weakness and put his hands on his mouth, not caring about the East Kai’s fierce gaze next to him. Moreover, he glanced at the East Kai’s side as if provoking.

With a click, the fan in the East Kai’s hand was twisted off. East Kai sat on the seat in anger with a gloomy face and blue veins on her forehead, both hands gripping the armrests hard.

Grand Kai, however, smiled leisurely, not caring at all about the sparking eyes of the two Kais. He stroked his white beard, “The World of the Living of the North Area has developed well, and the order is a bit more stable than before, so it deserves praise!”

“Hey, hey….” North Kai modestly saluted Grand Kai, but his face was full of pride.


At the martial arts ring, Melissa had already battled with Carliss. The battle between the two women, to be honest, there was still something special about it. After seeing the battle between the men in front of the big open, and then look at the women’s battle. The graceful posture, the ferocious knocking, made people’s scalp tingling!

‘What a violent two women!’

‘These should be the two most dangerous women in the galaxy!’

The audience on the stage watched the match while cold sweat dripped from their foreheads. However, in their hearts, they had to admit that in front of the overwhelming violence, their bodies still breathed an incomparable valiant air.

Two gorgeous colored lights kept flashing on the wide ring. Each time appeared and quickly disappeared, leaving only a shallow crater and a crack that cracked in all directions where it appeared.


Melissa stretched out her palm. While the violent palm force was waved out, a crystal emerald flash also appeared suddenly.


Carliss’s body lurched, and she was shocked. The body withstood Melissa’s violent blow. With a swoosh, Carliss’s body flew out along a straight line, and just then, Melissa’s figure came to Carliss’s front even faster, raised her long, slender thigh, and kicked down hard.

Melissa, wouldn’t have the slightest mercy even with a woman.


The body crashed into a big hole in the ground, and Carliss sprang up from the hole and then launched a counterattack at Melissa.

This time she learned from the previous lesson and kept an eye out for Melissa’s weird superpowers!

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