Dragon Ball God Mu

Dragon Ball God Mu Chapter 341


Once Carliss was alerted, it became less easy for Melissa to get an advantage on her again.

The light body of Carliss flickered around the ring from time to time, cleverly avoiding Melissa’s supernatural abilities, and then seized an opportunity to attack Melissa violently.

Melissa was actually prepared for this. When she saw that Carliss was coming towards her, she turned her body by a small margin, and her arm traced a half-moon arc in the void and pushed forward with a rough punch.


With a cracking sound, Carliss’s clear face flashed a hint of surprise. She waved her hand to resist, then her body quickly disengaged by force while a ki wave struck out.


A silvery-white shine blasted towards Melissa.


A wildness flashed in Melissa’s eyes. She cast her hand and was ready to catch the attack, but this attack from Carliss was so powerful that Melissa let out a muffled grunt, and her feet sank slightly into the ring floor.


With a bang…., the ground crumbled, and Melissa leaped into the air.

“Look at me!”

Her face flushed a fierce color. The green glow of her body was released at once, and the light green energy intersected with the golden and green glow of the Legendary ​Super Saiyan, which looked majestic.

The energy had another huge boost compared to before.





The sky shook, and the earth moved; the momentum was like a rainbow, and the majestic energy turned into a hazy fog mass for a while, radiating away as if it was a wave.

The silent and oppressive venue suddenly set off a piece of strange ripples…. and in a moment, spread to the distance, colliding with the protective shield in front of the audience, rippling even more violent movement.

Carliss’s body shook. She frowned a little and continued to fight with Melissa.


Everyone in the audience tilted their heads to look up at the glistening sky and couldn’t help but tsk up.

Although Melissa and Carliss’s power was not as powerful as Pikkon’s, in terms of visual shock, Pikkon’s previous battles were far from being comparable to them.

Because the impact of the previous fights gave the audience confidence in the shield, they were no longer afraid that the energy in the field would reach them. Besides, in the field were two women, after all. Although the fight was equally ferocious, the subconscious still made them feel that the beautiful women were harmless.

People were like that. Once there was no threat, all kinds of arrogance and luxury came to mind, and inevitably had to point out some.

“This Melissa maybe even stronger than Carliss. The East Area is in trouble this time.”

“I also think so. The North Area may have two people in the top four.”

“Tsk, two of the four seats, impressive!”

“No, Carliss’ strength is also very strong. It’s not clear who will win or lose.”

Some people argued, but there was no doubt whether it was the previous Muyang or the current Melissa. The strength of the North Area players had left a deep impression on them.

In the past, the weakness of the North Area among the four galaxies was notorious. That was definitely the bottom of the existence; the status was unshakeable. However, with this Martial Arts Tournament, the next pattern might be changed.

It should be known that the power of a peak powerhouse was enough to change the entire direction. If Muyang or Melissa were willing, it would simply be able to sweep the entire North Area powerhouse.

The existence of the Matthew effect was bound to make the strongest constantly strong. If one master could emerge, a second one could emerge and then enter a virtuous cycle.

“Jialin, do you hear that? Everyone is talking about Muyang and her!”

“I heard it. Earth must have changed a lot over the years; I really want to go back and take a look.”

The ancient seniors from the Earth lineage were also emotionally moved by the constant exclamations coming to their ears. They all looked at the top of the ring with expectation. Although with their eyesight and perception, they couldn’t see anything at all, everything didn’t affect them to cast the greatest enthusiasm.

Sicos ​looked at the ring invigoratingly. The intense light made him unable to even open his eyes.


“No matter what other tricks you have up your sleeve, I won’t be defeated by you!”

Carliss conversed with Melissa from a distance. As she spoke, she violently mentioned her air, and a wave of hot air was released. The ground began to melt and sink, washing out a ring of depressed areas in all directions.

“Ah, so hot!”

Melissa’s heart couldn’t help but feel a throbbing, even from dozens of meters away. She had no choice but to fly towards the area’s edge because of Carliss’s hot energy.

At this point, Carliss’s body seemed like a small, hot sun. As long as she was close, she would be burned.

“I told you, you will not defeat me. So, the one who loses is you.”

Looking intensely at Melissa in front of her, Carliss decisively chose to pursue the attack. She let out a loud cry, fiercely stomped on the earth, swooshing up like a lightning aura, while waving her hand to spill a large mass of energy to entangle Melissa; one strike was the full force.

Melissa had the intention to avoid Carliss’s attack, but her arm was quickly burned with a scar.

“Damn it, back off!”

Melissa’s face was furious. She was wrapped in a layer of energy protection and rushed towards Carliss. When she arrived at the front, she reached out and grabbed Carliss’s shoulder and pressed it into the ground, smashing it with a boom into a large human-sized crater.

Melissa was very violent when she started her rampage and was perhaps a little more destructive than Uyamons, both violent people.


Melissa screamed. Clearly, she was the one who won the attack, but she was the one who screamed the most.


Between the two energies formed a hot glue zone, the heavy pressure, the ground again broke open a tiny crack, and then sharply expanded, not long cracked slit into a chasm.

Carliss face suddenly changed. There was actually some suppression of Melissa’s energy.

“What’s going on? Why has her power increased again?”

In Carliss’ line of sight, Melissa’s black hair kept fluttering, and her entire body shone with golden and grass-green light as if she had gone off the rails.


The Legendary Super Saiyan power was terrifying when it explodes out. Not to mention that Melissa was in the second level of the Golden Eyes State, which was even more malice than the general state Legendary Super Saiyan.


The golden light shines in the eyes, and a clear, crisp voice emerges from the lips and teeth. Melissa held out her arms, and bits of gravel floated up.

The gorgeous light flashed blind. Countless rubble was caught in the swirling storm, then crushed into fine dust under the action of powerful energy, forming a tornado-like energy impact.


The fierce collision began. Melissa’s energy continued to penetrate a scorching wave of air on the surface of Carliss, like a grinding wheel, constantly polishing.

Carliss’s face was white, her pupils slightly shrunken, gritting her teeth to release energy to resist.


Carliss panic, trying to boost her energy.


The huge energy rose, turning into a crystal shining starlight, inch by inch scorching flame constantly flashing…


Muyang watched calmly from the bottom, with a touch of calmness on his face.

“Mr. Muyang, do you think Miss Melissa will win?” Dofira came to his side and asked in a small voice.

“Carliss still underestimates the power of the Legendary Super Saiyan… Don’t worry, Melissa is about to win.”


Dofira revealed a trace of surprise. No matter how he looked now, Miss Melissa was looking very bad. On the side, Kerter, Kayo, and others also looked concerned.

Muyang blandly smiled and didn’t say anything.


As expected, Melissa, who was in the center of the storm in the ring, had a miserable white face at this time, but a beautiful light flashed in her golden pupils, and her expression became even crazier.


“How could this happen?!”

Carliss’ face suddenly changed when meeting Melissa’s wild and disorderly energy. Her heart actually had some trembling, then she gritted her teeth and met the attack without rebellion.



With a delicate cry, Melissa exploded in a desperate attempt.

In an instant, countless bright rays of light began to impact from the side of the ring, as if folding a fan to unfold a huge fan-shaped impact belt…



Crystalline flashed of light cut through the void, Carliss gritted her teeth, but her body took a step back in the impact.

“Not good. It’s going to be unstoppable!”

Finally, near the edge of the ring, Carliss was gasping for breath. Her feet started to collapse at this time, and with them, Carliss fell off the stage.

The scene remained silent for a long time, and it was only after a long time had passed and the light gradually dissipated that the entire audience once again resounded with intense cheers.

“NORTH GALAXY NO. 190 MELISSA WINS AND ENTERS THE FINAL FOUR.” The referee said in a final verdict.

“Hahahaha, finally we won!!!”

After the referee announced the result, Melissa tilted her head and was ready to laugh, but her body went weak and withdrew from the Golden Eyes State, squatting on top of the ring unbearably.

Muyang dashed to the top of the ring, picked Melissa up, and stuffed a Senzu Bean into her mouth. Under the Senzu Bean effect, Melissa finally recovered and slapped her chest with a palpitating heart.

“So close, I almost lost.”

Muyang said, “There was a lot of luck in winning this time. If it weren’t for the ring collapsing because it couldn’t withstand your energy blasts and bringing Carliss down, by the time she had survived your attack, the one who would have lost would have been you!”

Melissa nodded softly, “hmm.”


“How could… Carliss lose?!” The East Kai’s face was dumbfounded, looking in disbelief.

Just this moment, how could East Kai’s good situation be buried like this? Her two players were all lost, and not even one person entered the top four? At this moment, East Kai felt what North Kai felt in the past.

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