Dragon Ball God Mu

Dragon Ball God Mu Chapter 342


“Damn, the elite of my East Area would actually lose to those weak guys of the North Area?”

East Kai was still having a hard time accepting it for a moment, especially when she saw the playful expressions cast at her by North Kai next to her. A moment of malice overflowed, and a great sense of humiliation lingered in her heart.

“Aiyaa, East Kai you lost it. It’s too bad; my people eliminated both players. I didn’t want this, but there’s nothing I can do!” North Kai’s smug voice came over with a villainous look.

“Now you know the power of my North Area, right?” North Kai laughed. His mind was overjoyed, and it was hard for him not to take advantage of the moment to show off.

Her opponent’s happiness was no different from her pain. East Kai yelled angrily, “Don’t be smug there!! This time it was just luck that let you win once. Wait until the next Martial Arts Tournament; you won’t be so smug.”

“Oh, it’s hard to say, who knows what will happen next time. Maybe I will win again! Besides, in a few thousand years, maybe the strength of the North Area will have completely surpassed your East Area.”

“You’re dreaming!” East Kai gnashed her teeth.

“Aiya, are you angry? It’s not good; just put your mind at ease. Look how calm I am.” North Kai said with a smile squeezed on his face towards the East Kai.

North Kai had never been so comfortable as now. He felt that even if Muyang and Melissa lost in the next round, it did not matter. He got the face he should take, to be a man and a god, to know satisfaction, he suddenly found that his consciousness was still very high.

With a twinkle in his eye, North Kai looked at West Kai and said, “Look at them, one person from East Area stopped in the top sixteen, and two people entered the top eight. According to the tournament rules, the total points count up to five, not bad!”

“You….” East Kai shivered with anger.

West Kai was also not used to seeing North Kai’s smug look. He couldn’t help but frown high, “Your North Area only have two people to enter the quarterfinals and haven’t got the champion. What are you proud of?! Do not forget that your people have to face Pikkon in the next game. The last person to win is definitely Pikkon, plus Melissa also has to face Uyamons….”

“Tsk, it’s all about the future!”

“Hey hey, West Kai, what do you mean by that? What do you mean ‘that Melissa also has to face Uyamons’? Do you think my South Area’s South House will definitely lose?”

The last match of the sixth round had not yet been played, and West Kai said that Uyamons would win. When these words were heard in the ears of South Kai, they became quite harsh.

Did it mean that it was determined that South Area’s South House would definitely lose?

“Daliz, do you think your people can defeat Uyamons?” West Kai asked rhetorically.

South Kai had no words at once. Although the strength of several Kais was not very strong, the eyesight was still there. It was actually clear at a glance who was stronger and who was weaker between South House and Uyamons, but it was just inevitable that South Kai was a little unconvinced in his heart.

When he saw that South Kai did not speak, West Kai sneered and turned his attention to the top of the martial arts ring.


In the center of the large venue, the vast and wide martial arts ring had become pockmarked after the battle just now. Now, the Yardratians living in Heaven were doing their best to repair it.


A sound like a yellow bell came.

The Martial Arts Tournament proceeded to the sixth round of quarterfinals’ final match, with South Area’s South House taking on Central Area’s Uyamons.

The final result was obvious. Although South House’s strength was very strong and belonged to the South Area’s top, there was still a huge gap between him and Uyamons.

When the match was roughly 15 minutes long, Uyamons suddenly raised his energy and roared. An invisible energy hand broke the space. Inch by inch, the crystal light shone, and the terrible power fell on South House’s body. South House’s face was pale, and he flew out of the field like a kite with a broken string.

Uyamons rightfully won the last match after fighting with South Area for fifteen minutes, which had already given enough face to the South Area. Even South Kai gave some gratitude to him.


At this point, all the top four players were crowned were Muyang, Pikkon, Melissa, and Uyamons.

Since the competition had been held for several days in a row, the spectators’ spirits were already a bit tired, so to ensure the viewing quality of the martial arts meeting, the semi-final battle of the seventh round would be put on 24 hours later, during which there would be a long period of time for the players and spectators to relax.


After the top four were produced, Grand Kai led each of the four Kais to exit the stage.

After the Kais left, hundreds of thousands of spectators began to disperse. They discussed with each other in groups; apparently, the previous competition gave them many unending emotions to talk about.

“Muyang…. Long time no see!”

Just as Muyang and several other players from the North Area were about to move to the rest area, an old voice rang out in his ears.

Muyang followed the voice and saw a white-haired old man walking towards him, followed by another two dozen people who looked a bit restrained. They were men and women, old and young, and their racial forms were no different from Muyang’s; they were all earthlings.

These people are naturally Noah and Mutaito, Sicos, Jialin, and others who were on top of the stands before.

As a matter of fact, for the Earth to produce such a strong person like Muyang and Melissa, those ancestors from the Earth were very interested in getting to know each other. However, due to the gap in strength, they carefully considered the idea… The good thing was that Muyang came from the Kami School. So, it’s easier for Noah and Mutaito to help to introduce Muyang and Melissa to others.

The next thing that happened was that everything fell into place. When the Grand Kai announced the intermission of the Martial Arts Tournament, Noah and Mutaito took the idea of trying it out and led the crowd towards Muyang.

At this time, except for Noah and Mutaito, who maintained a certain calmness because they had short contact with Muyang, several other Earthling ancestors were very humble and formal out of respect for the strongest.

After all, the status of Muyang was now different, and it was not too much to say that he was the strongest person in the entire North Area. In the face of such a strong person, they did not dare to put up a front. Even the highly respected ancient hero, Sicos, only had 100,000 power level, which was definitely weak in the Other-World masters, but in the Earth lineage, it was already an appalling existence.

“Ancestor Noah!”

Seeing the visitor, Muyang called out in surprise. In fact, at the beginning of the conference, he had already noticed Mutaito and others, originally thought to wait until the competition was all over before looking for them, but did not expect them to come over first.

“No, no, just call me Noah.” Noah was busy waving his hand.

When he saw that Noah was so insistent, Muyang also went along with their wishes. However, for the basic etiquette, Muyang would still abide by.

At this time, he pulled over Melissa to Noah and introduced them, “This is my wife, Melissa; she was also a disciple of the Kami School. By the way, the Kami School is the former Heavenly Sky School, which has now changed its name to Kami School because of the promotion of the Kami School martial art forty years ago.”

“Good change. Seeing your performance this time, I knew that the Earth martial arts doctrine must have changed drastically.” Noah looked at Melissa and was somewhat curious in his heart as to what all changes had taken place on Earth.

“Hello,” Melissa said gently without losing her manners.

“Greetings.” Noah nodded his head.

At this time, Dofira ​and other North Area contestants looked at Noah and Mutaito. They seemed to be surprised that Muyang had so many “impoverished relatives”.

He said to Muyang, “Mr. Muyang, since your relatives is here, we will not bother you anymore and wish you good luck in the following competition. We will be cheering for you from the stands next!”

“Good, you guys go ahead and do your thing. “


Dofira, Kerter, and others finished speaking, then nodded towards Mutaito, Sicos, and others, and then walked past them from the side. Mutaito and the others hurriedly returned the salute, then looked at their backs with a sigh of relief. If it were the usual case, they would not even have the chance to touch these great masters, let alone salute each other.

“Mr. Mutaito, long time no see.” Muyang smiled and looked at Mutaito.

Mutaito was not tall, wearing a white martial arts uniform, and his white beard forked to the sides.

Among several people, he was most familiar with Mutaito; he had a long time contact with Mutaito when he was training in The Lookout Illusory Realm. Although “Mutaito” was not the one in front of him, his personality and psychology were the same.

“It’s been a long time. More than 40 years have passed; you must have had a colorful experience.”

Mutaito still looked at Muyang with an incredulous face. So many years had passed, but Muyang’s appearance had not changed a bit.

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