Dragon Ball God Mu

Dragon Ball God Mu Chapter 343


More than forty years ago, Muyang was already close to twenty years old. Seriously speaking, this year, Muyang was already sixty-one years old. If it was a normal earthling, he should be showing his old age at this time. Even if the body were particularly tough because of its great strength, it would not be possible to remain in his twenties like Muyang.

Mutaito understood in his heart that Muyang’s experience must be extremely extraordinary; otherwise, it would be impossible for him to achieve such achievements in just a few decades.

To Mutaito’s surprise, Muyang smiled heartily. After looking around at the gradually dispersing scene, he turned his head to these ancient heroes of Earth and said, “Let’s find a place to sit first. We’ll talk about the details later.”

“Yes, let’s find a place first.” Noah also felt something inappropriate about standing in the meeting hall and talking, so he nodded approvingly, and the others certainly had no problem with it.

The Dragon Ball World still followed the rules of the strongest. Even if the strongest were a little capricious, it’s still completely reasonable. Even that, to say a few words to a super master like Muyang, was a great honor. How could they not be happy?

Muyang smiled and led them to the outside of the martial arts venue.

The entire martial arts venue was located on a meteorite star specially built by Grand Kai and the Yaedratians for this Heaven Martial Arts Tournament. There were many small planets around it for rest. After passing through the dark curtain-like spatial barrier, several people landed towards one of the nearby small planets.


Above a white planet, a section of waterfall cascaded down from a high cliff, white water splashing up. Pikkon sat calmly on a boulder on the waterfall side, his white tunic hanging down naturally and his black hat rushing up to the sky.

To cope with the next game, Pikkon was here to close his eyes and recuperate.

Suddenly, a subtle movement came, and with a twitch of his ear flap, Pikkon opened his eyes. Appearing in front of him was a strong man with green skin.

“Uyamons, what brings you here?”

Uyamons laughed loudly, “I came to see you for a moment. It seems that for the next match, you don’t seem to be a sure winner either?”

Pikkon closed his eyes again, “I will win.”

“That earthling named Muyang is not weak.” Uyamons sat on his butt on edge, “Obviously, he had only 2 billion combat power, but he can continuously defeat Yahalo and Arqua. Honestly, I can’t even figure out how he made his move.”

“Screw it. You will lose to him.” Uyamons chuckled.

“Don’t worry about it!”

“Tsk!” Uyamons shook his head and threw a stone towards the water, which immediately spread a ripple on the lake, “If you lose to him, you won’t have a chance to challenge me.”

“……” Pikkon was like an old monk in meditation, without any reaction.

When Uyamons saw this, he felt bored and looked at the splashing water, shaking his head still couldn’t understand what was so magical about Muyang’s martial arts. Studying martial arts was not his forte, and he thought he could get some hints from Pikkon, but it looked like it was a wasted trip.

“Okay, you continue to enlightenment; I’m leaving.”

After saying that, Uyamons’ body flashed, and he had already left.


On another small planet for resting, many spectators dispersed from the martial arts arena had gathered on it at this time. When they saw Muyang and Melissa coming, these people hurriedly made way and whispered in the back.

The service staff immediately came up and brought fresh drinks and fruits. In this Heaven, if it weren’t for a golden halo above the head, it would really be like being on a planet in the Lower Realm, with all the available services.

“Muyang, this is teacher Sicos. He is the oldest hero among the earthlings. Back then, it was he who led the earthlings to find the Korin Tower and was the first to ascend to the Lookout.”

After taking his seat, Noah introduced Sicos to Muyang because of his close relationship with him.

“Ah, so it’s the senior!” Muyang was busy greeting him.

“Too much praise, too much praise. I’m just a bad old man who has lived a few more years in Heaven.” Sicos hastily stood up and said modestly.

Muyang’s attitude towards them was extremely good, so it could be said that he gave them enough face. However, if they didn’t know how to advance or retreat and took face for face, it would be a bit too much.

If people really think that they could rely on their old age, it would be a big mistake.

At this time, Mutaito said, “Teacher Sicos is the source of the earth’s martial arts, but also the first Kami of Earth, the Earth’s lineage can grow up, thanks to the efforts of Teacher Sicos back then.”

Muyang listened and can’t help but be surprised; the legendary Korin Tower and the Lookout had existed for an unknown period of time. The specific builder wasn’t verifiable, but Grand Kai once told him that the Korin Tower and the Lookout were built by the ancient “Beiyaian”. The construction style of the Korin Tower and the Lookout was very similar to the Yardratian temples, perhaps even a bit related to the Yardratians.

Or maybe the ancient “Beiyaian” are the ancestors of the Yardartians.

The rise and fall of Primitive Civilization to Advanced Civilization, from Primitive Civilization to Advanced Civilization. For one reason or another degraded to primitive civilization, several rounds, many relics have disappeared, only the Kailin Tower and the Lookout have withstood the erosion of the years.

If the Sicos in front of you is really the first strong man to ascend the Lookout and served as the first Kami, then he really played a role in promoting the development of Earth’s civilization.

Just then, Muyang frowned a little. He thought of a problem.

If the first Kami was created 4,000 years ago, what was the matter with Annin, who has been guarding the Five Elements Mountain for tens of thousands of years? Was she still an earthling from the previous civilization?

He stored this doubt in his heart. Muyang intended to go back and ask Annin properly.

The ancient Earth seemed to be a bit mysterious…

At this time, Noah introduced the others to Muyang, “These are Jialin, Kosap, Oyu… they are all earth’s successive generations of Kamis or heroes who have made great contributions to the earth.”

“By the way, Jialin is the tower keeper of the Korin Tower. When Korin Tower was still called Jialin Tower…. Oyu, on the other hand, is the creator of the Superpower Academy. Your wife has superpowers… you should know the Superpower Academy, right!”

“I know. I spent several years there as a child.” Melissa’s clear and crisp voice said.

“That’s very kind,” Ouyu revealed a smile, somewhat flattered at first glance.

This was like an internationally renowned award. If ordinary scientists receive it, it could be called the scientist’s glory. The contribution made by the actual benefit of the entire human society, then the karma would be reversed, the award would be awarded to it. This scientist gladly accepted the glory of this award now.

Muyang and Melissa greeted these heroes with respect. The ancient Earth was not as peaceful as now. When the Earth was surrounded by many passages to other spaces, some to the Other-World, some to the magic world, and some rare and weird worlds, in which monsters would come out from time to time to harass the people of Earth. It was these heroes who fought bravely to close the doors of these spaces one by one.

“Muyang, quickly tell us about the situation on the Earth. I want to understand what kind of changes have happened on the earth side in the past few years to actually be able to give birth to strong people like you.”

After introducing both sides, Mutaito and Noah said impatiently, knowing that this Muyang in front of them was still the Muyang they once knew.

Muyang smiled and nodded, “Don’t be anxious. The Earth has indeed changed quite a lot in these few years. The Earth has opened the era of martial arts, more precisely, the era of technology and martial arts in parallel!”

Nowadays, the Earth’s rapid changes have only exceeded Mutaito’s expectations. Thoughts back to the year when the demon invasion, Muyang slowly recounted…

“By the way, Gohan’s power level now also reached more than one million, considered one of the strongest on earth.”

Son Gohan’s normal power level, of course, only a few hundred thousand. The more than a million power level was the power after Grand Kai. Perhaps because of the potential limited by the Earth’s people, Son Gohan had not broken through for a long time. However, in the Mount Five Element, he was tainted with the divine spirit. Subconsciously, the physique was also changing.

He should continue to get stronger in the future.

Once Mutaito heard Son Gohan’s achievement. Although it could not be compared with Muyang, it was very shocking. They then nodded with relief.

Next, Muyang told them about Kanalita, Wuting, Liz, Gillo, and others.

Everyone was so surprised that their jaws fell off.

These offspring living on the Earth, their achievements were about to surpass them!

Not bad. The Earth was really well developed.

According to the common division method of the universe, more than 10,000 power levels belonged to the high-level planets. The Earth at this time could already be classified as a High-Level Planet. A few decades from the Low-Level Planet to the High-Level planet, it wasn’t something that dared to think in Noah and Mutaito era. Of course, at that time, they did not know that there was such a division.

When completely listening to the narrative of Muyang, Sicos and others were muddled, feeling like they were dreaming. Those descendants on Earth really brought them a big surprise, and they didn’t have to worry about the safety of the Earth in the future.

They looked at each other and suddenly felt a little heartbroken. They and others’ power levels were only tens of thousands… now, they were worried about people with a power level of several million.

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