Dragon Ball God Mu

Dragon Ball God Mu Chapter 345


The ordinary people naturally couldn’t know about the Prison Planet’s change and the discussion of several Kais.


The time passed, inadvertently it was time for the quarterfinals of the Martial Arts Tournament again. The large Martial Arts Tournament was again crowded with people. Races from different planets of the galaxy gathered together. The previous rounds brought them too much shock, which made them look forward to the next matches.


A loud and clear sound resounded throughout the arena, and the aftershock echoed in the void.

Before the match began, all the spectators knew that this was a battle at the pinnacle of the galaxy. To enjoy the exciting match below, these Heaven Spirits had already raised their spirits.

There was a flash of Muyang appearing on top of the ring. His green martial arts uniform rustling in the breeze and his steely eyes were shining with divine light.

On the other hand, Pikkon moved a wrist, and there was a sound of bones clicking.

The battle would soon begin.

At this time, the two were more than a hundred meters apart. The ki began to collide as the protective shield rose. The venue was like a transparent pot cover was inverted, all the audience’s heart “fluttering flutter” wildly.

“Pikkon, let me see how powerful you really are!” Muyang looked at Pikkon, eyes focused on the opposite person.

According to the original description, he knew that the strength of Pikkon was powerful. Once he kicked away the Perfect Cell in hell, but at that time, Cell had already lost his physical body, and his strength had disappeared, so it was not accurate. However, based on the previous game’s observation, Muyang estimated that if Pikkon was at full power, the strength was not worse than the Perfect Cell.

So when it came time to face Pikkon officially, Muyang was ready to go all out from the start. There was no room for sloppiness in the confrontation between strong people.

The silvery-white flame rose, and Muyang half-squinted his eyes, watching Pikkon with full concentration. Pikkon also looked over with the same seriousness.

Their eyes crossed each other. After the referee announced the start of the match, with a swish, both people disappeared at the same time.

The sound of thumping fights rang out in the venue. Countless lightning and shadows flashed. From the sky and the ground, a blazing awning burst out as they exchanged blows. Compared to all the previous battles, the battle between Muyang and Pikkon was more intense.

One strike.

Two strikes.

Three strikes!

The ground kept collapsing and cracking. The complete tournament ring became completely unrecognizable not long after the battle started, collapsing into a large hole with potholes.

Pikkon kept attacking Muyang with a sullen face, while Muyang’s body was naturally dodging. Some of the Unfettered Instinct he had mastered was used to the extreme, but in the face of the waves of Pikkon’s attacks, crystal beads of sweat began to hang on his cheeks.

“It’s really the same as I speculated. Your technique is very odd, but unfortunately, your biggest weakness is your lack of energy. What’s the use of a technique that is odd but can’t cause damage to the other side!”

Pikkon couldn’t see through the magic of Unfettered Instinct, so he came out from the essential angle. Even if he stood there and fight, what was the use of an attack that couldn’t cause damage to the opponent?

Pikkon almost directly hit Muyang’s soft spot, which was the fighting style that he had thought out, especially for Muyang.





One by one, Muyang’s ki waves were inflicted on Pikkon’s body. However, they quickly dissipated into mist-like air currents. Under Pikkon’s defense, all these attacks lost their effectiveness.

“Is he strengthened in defense?”

Seeing several attacks did not work, Muyang’s body leaned back and flew out several hundred meters, looking at Pikkon across a distance.

The power level of Pikkon might be close to 4 billion. In a full-strength, Muyang only had 2 billion power levels, and most of his attacks will be useless. At this time, Pikkon could only be attacked by surprise, and a single blow was enough to defeat him.

“It seems that you really have no other way.” Pikkon’s low voice rang out, and his body suddenly flashed and appeared beside Muyang.

Pikkon raised his fist, and the riotous energy swung over.

“This type of attack, I learned from Uyamons….”

Muyang’s heart was astonished, already had a judgment. His flashed sharply in succession.


Pikkon’s fist pierced the air, brushing past the side of Muyang’s cheek. The harsh fist wind was rigid and swift, cutting several scars on Muyang’s cheek.


Energy enough to destroy a huge star rose on one side of the martial ring, and all the burst of storm slapped on the protective shield’s air wall.

Immediately, it was like a block of ice falling into a frying pan, turning into thin airflow in an ear-splitting squeak.


At the Central Area side.

Uyamons’s eyes glowed as he watched the battle above the ring, nodding secretly, “Pikkon directly adopted my style of combat, which can indeed bring out a terrifying power…”

“….But can this really defeat Muyang?”

Uyamons was not very sure. His heart was far more afraid of Muyang than Pikkon. Pikkon strong was okay, but he had been in Heaven for so many years and had fought with Pikkon. Only this time, he encountered Muyang, and it gave him a feeling of brightness.

“One power down. Theoretically, it can cause great oppression to the opponent whose power level is lower than their own. However, the body burden is also extremely heavy, not suitable for long-term use by those who have not been exercised. At first glance, it looks like an advantage is taken, but it may not really be an advantage gained.”

If a normal fight was to turn on the tap to drain a barrel of water, Uyamons’s fight directly lifted the barrel for dumping, which was more powerful. However, the water’s capacity in the barrel was limited, and it couldn’t support water for too long.

By the same means, unless Pikkon could finish Muyang in a short time, this type of fight would become messed up instead.


Under the bleachers, Melissa had some nervousness at first. However, after seeing Muyang dodge the early attacks, a faint smile appeared on her bright face.

“Although such a fighting method has a certain theoretical basis, but it will not work for Muyang. Muyang’s best skill is technique. The Unfettered Instinct is a martial arts axiom taught by Whis. The loss itself is less, wait a little longer, Muyang can take the advantage.”

However, Pikkon was also an experienced martial art practitioner.

After Muyang dodged the first few rounds of attacks, he quickly realized that such a fighting style did not work and made timely adjustments to revert to the original fighting style when his physical strength was not depleted. This kind of self-destroying attack method put a lot of pressure on Muyang instead.

‘No one from Heaven was a simple character. Their control and analysis of the battle situation is superb.’

With a secret sigh in his heart, Muyang had to deal with the attack of Pikkon. Fortunately, he still had the power of the Acceleration World hidden and was not without a bit of resistance.

The battle went on in full swing, and soon half an hour passed, during which time Muyang and Pikkon did not know how many thousands of times they had exchanged blows.

The flat ring had long since lost a piece of its integrity.


“Unbelievable, their battle actually made the whole space shake.”

“If this shield wasn’t protecting us, we would have been swallowed up by their ki.”

The audience was already shocked by such a fierce battle, and they all shouted enthusiastically.



The audience no longer cared about who won or lost. They enjoyed the fierce battle brought to their hearts and minds, and all the spectators forgot to shout. Their enthusiasm rose one wave after another.

The sound of one voice after another resounded through the venue, pushing the conference to the climax.

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