Dragon Ball God Mu

Dragon Ball God Mu Chapter 346


Unlike the jubilation on the floor, the martial arts ring’s atmosphere was very depressing at this time. With Muyang and Pikkon facing each other, their bodies’ power rolled over in stronger waves. The light appeared strangely distorted by these majestic energies.


Like sharp arrows flying, the two people took a moment to stop and fought together once again. All of a sudden, intense energy rays swept in all directions, and the two fighting parties kept releasing terrifying energy waves.

Countless regal explosions followed the gorgeous light.


Even with the shield’s barrier, the wave after wave of oppression still greeted the spectators present and immediately pressed down on their hearts like a big drum beating.


The slightly weaker audience, such as Mutaito and others who were tensing their nerves at the moment. They only felt some dryness in their throats and their bodies unconsciously trembling.

Mutaito’s voice trembled as he said to Noah, “It’s too strong. Even with the shield, their ki is overwhelming me.”

Noah’s face was equally unpleasant as he nodded approvingly, his eyes unblinkingly looking above the ring. Although his eyesight had long been unable to see the changes above the ring, he still did not want to move his gaze away.

Sicos and others were also unblinking, unwilling to miss this once-in-a-lifetime battle.

On the other side, Melissa’s bright eyes kept following the changes in breath, but the intensity of the battle between Muyang and Pikkon continued to increase. Even she felt the nerves in her eyes starting to sore.


Muyang dodged Pikkon’s attack by side-stepping his body.


Four figures wrapped in silver light suddenly appeared, then in a flash, made the same action. The four Muyang attacked from four different directions. When they were close to Pikkon, the four figures put their hands together, and in an instant, a crystal pillar of energy light poured over.


Four sharp pillars of light blocked the front and back of Pikkon. Pikkon saw the situation, and his pupils snapped. He opened his hands at first to prepare to block the attack of the four Tri-Beam, but Pikkon gazed at the attack this time, and the burning energy made his face change.

“Humph!” Pikkon coldly snorted, gave up resisting strongly, and his body fiercely scurried upwards.

At this time –

The four imaginary figures disappeared again as if they had turned into bubbles, and the next second they came together.


The hard fist blasted forward with an incomparable and terrifying force.

“BACK OFF!” Pikkon roared coldly as his fist collided with Muyang’s fist in the air. He immediately resembled a star collision, exploding with dazzling light.

Both men had given their all, and the whole field was flooded with raging energy.


“Who will win the battle between Pikkon and Muyang?” The four Kais looked down with their eyes wide open on the podium of the Martial Arts Tournament.

Truthfully, although the strength of the Kais was not good, their eyesight was good. It was just that when it came to a battle of this magnitude right now, even the Kais could not begin to keep up with the pace.

“Pikkon power level should be similar to the Galaxy Soldier’s boss, Bojack!” South Kai suddenly said.

“It shouldn’t be as strong as Bojack, but it’s much stronger than Bojack’s four men.”

Because the mood was disturbed by the matter of the Prison Planet, the four Kais had not been looking at the tournament results as much as before. Compared to who could win the martial arts tournament’s final championship, they were more concerned about the whereabouts of the five people who escaped from the Prison Planet.

“That Muyang is not simple. Obviously, the power level is so much lower than Pikkon, but he can fight with Pikkon to this extent… He may be able to defeat those Galaxy Soldiers. Did you guys see what kind of martial arts he actually used? His skill gives a very profound feeling.”

Several Kais shook their heads.

“That Dimension Level is really strange. It seems he’s a Level 5 Dimension like us!” The East Kai suddenly said.

“Ah, I really didn’t notice it.” South Kai was a little surprised.

At this time, North Kai picked up a teacup and took a sip of tea, and the corners of his mouth curled up, “Muyang is the ace of the North Area. I’m not afraid to scare you by saying it. He is someone who is valued by Lord Beerus, the God of Destruction, and had been well-received training in the place where Lord Beerus lives.”

North Kai already knew that Muyang had “received” good food and drink in the God of Destruction Planet. At that time, Muyang’s original words were, “Thanks to the recognition of Beerus and Whis, I was invited to the God of Destruction Planet to train…. in the God of Destruction Planet, I was treated with good food and drink….”

Wasn’t this the unusual thing about Muyang?

To be able to be valued by Lord Beerus was why North Kai especially believed in Muyang. The result also confirmed North Kai’s suspicions, Muyang’s progress speed was really beyond imagination, worthy of being a person valued by the God of Destruction.

Several Kais just heard about this for the first time, and when they heard that God of Destruction Beerus valued Muyang, they got up from their seats at that time.

“North Kai, the God of Destruction, Lord Beerus, you said, is that the ..” South Kai couldn’t hide the shock in his heart.

North Kai nodded with tears in his eyes, “It is the God of Destruction who destroyed my planet.”


Several Kais could not help but suck in a breath of cold air. The gaze towards Muyang became different. He was a master, simply a godman.

“No wonder the difference in energy with Pikkon was so much. Turned out, he could still fight to this extent because he was taken care of by Lord God of Destruction.”

The three Kais looked at North Kai enviously. If the Galaxy’s World of the Living also had masters like Muyang and Melissa, why worry about those few Galaxy Soldiers and the threat of Loomu?

Grand Kai’s expression was also a bit surprised and nodded, “So it’s from the attention of Lord Beerus, the God of Destruction. No wonder he was able to become stronger for a short time.”

“North Kai is really lucky.”

“So envious of the stability of North Area.”

“Hey, you guys can’t envy it. From today onwards, I can rest on my laurels in the North Area.”

North Kai was so pleased by the idea of being able to rest on his laurels. However, if he knew that in a few decades, the terrifying Super Saiyan, Androids, Majin Buu, and even God of Destruction Beerus would appear in his North Area. Could he still be proud of himself?

He would be in tears.

Back to the topic. When the Kais were considering how to calm the Prison Planet’s storm with the power of Muyang, the spacious martial arts ring was showing through the smoke.


At this time, both Muyang and Pikkon’s bodies were covered with wounds.

One of Muyang’s arms was hanging down, showing a weird twist, and blood flowed out from the injury.

On the other side, Pikkon was not in a good state either. His whole body was half-kneeling on the ground; half of his body was sunk into the rocks.

“Cough cough, there is actually a master like you among the World of Living…” Pikkon coughed and wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth.

“You are not bad either. You will receive my strongest blow next.” Muyang forced his body to endure the pain of injuries. His eyes were half-open and half-closed with difficulty, and his state was even worse than Pikkon.

“Cough… After all, I didn’t spend all these years in Heaven for nothing.” Pikkon grinned. He wondered how this guy trained. How could he hone such a strong power in the World of Living? Without training in Heaven, he was no match for Muyang.

This was especially true when the opponent’s ki was so much lower than his own, yet he could still beat himself to a draw. If the Ki were the same, he was afraid he wouldn’t resist a few moves. It seemed that his training was still not enough!

“I feel excited to meet you. It seems that there is one more opponent that I recognize.” Pikkon said seriously.

“I’m honored!” Muyang said properly.

After thinking for a moment, Pikkon did not intend to continue the match, “You won this match.”

After saying that, Pikkon looked deeply at Muyang and walked down from the martial stage.

He lost to Muyang, not because Muyang defeated him, but he felt fighting someone whose strength was so much lower than he was already a defeat in itself.

Pikkon was very persistent in the pursuit of martial arts; he was not afraid of failure. Failure was an incentive for him.

Being able to meet opponents like Muyang and Uyamons was a blessing in itself.

When he heard Pikkon concede defeat, Muyang was dumbfounded. Then, a smile appeared on his face, and he nodded towards Pikkon. He then walked out of the ring to use Senzu Beans to heal his wounds.

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