Dragon Ball God Mu

Dragon Ball God Mu Chapter 51


Thousands of kilometers away.

In a small town hotel.

“Ring Ring!” The phone rang urgently. It was the Assassin Organization’s special line.

“Hey, it’s vacation time. Don’t bother me if you have nothing to do.” A man with braided hair just finished his shower. With his hair still wet, he grabbed the phone and spoke in a cold voice impolitely.

“I’m sorry, Mr. Mercenary Tao, but it was a mission sent out by the Snake Charmer Legion. They beg you to take the mission, and they said you could set the price.” On the other end of the phone, the operator spoke very carefully. He knew that the person he was talking to was the world’s number one assassin, Mercenary Tao.

Mercenary Tao was interested, but he still spoke coldly, “I don’t have time.”

“Sir, sir, everything is negotiable.”

“Four million!”

“Everything is negotiable.”

“Who’s the target?”

“A small martial arts school called Heavenly Sky School.” The information was reported across the phone.

Mercenary Tao stroked his beard, twisted his neck, and immediately made a crunching sound “click, click, click,” and grimly said, “Well, it’s a martial arts school. Hey, you know I’ve never fought against martial arts schools.”

“This…” the other man panicked. It was said that Mercenary Tao was also from a certain martial school, so the missions he carried out were always against individuals. There was no precedent for him to take action against an entire school yet.

“Well, it has to be an extra charge!” Mercenary Tao said bluntly.

“Yes…uh, yes!” The man on the other end of the phone kept wiping his sweat.

“Thirty million, nothing less than that.”

The hotel room soon became smoky as Mercenary Tao hung up the phone directly. He then sat next to the bed and lit up a cigarette.

“Heavenly Sky School. Is this the school where the winner of this year’s World Martial Arts Tournament comes from?”

A little while later, Mercenary Tao put out the cigarette in his hand and put on a very representative outfit. Black fit trousers, a pink lab coat, and a big “kill” written on the left chest in a bright red color as if it was dyed with blood. He usually only wears this outfit when he’s working.

After straightening up his image, Mercenary Tao stalked out of the room and went to the hotel’s front desk.

“Boss.” The cold voice was chilling.

The owner, who was wearing glasses, looked for the voice when he heard it. Cold sweat swished down his face when he saw what the other man was wearing.

“The world’s greatest assassin, Mercenary Tao, why is he in my hotel?”

The boss’s face suddenly turned pale.

“What can I do for you, my guest?” That boss spoke tremblingly. He kept wiping the cold sweat from his head.

Mercenary Tao looked at him coldly, “How far is this place roughly from the Eastern Primitive Mountains?”

“Uh… It’s about two thousand six hundred kilometers.” He bowed his head and spoke.

“It’s pretty far.” Mercenary Tao stroked his chin and began to walk around the lobby. As he observed, he also stretched out his fingers. He tapped his knuckles against the stone pillars in the corners of the lobby like he was looking for a suitable pillar.

A little while later, he nodded his head and spotted one of the stone pillars.

“Thud!” With two blows, Mercenary Tao jumped up and struck the stone pillar at the top and bottom. His hidden strength penetrated the interior of the stone pillar, destroying the internal structure and forming two sections at the top and bottom of the pillar. As a result, the whole pillar was broken down by Mercenary Tao with a click.

Upon witnessing this astonishing scene, the hotel’s owner stared with his eyes wide open, and his entire soul was shocked.

“Well, that’s the way to go!” Mercenary Tao found the right direction. He whirled around and threw the stone pillar with force. With a swoosh, the pillar instantly turned into a black shadow and disappeared into the sky.

Mercenary Tao turned his head to the hotel owner and said, “For the sake of the holidays, I’m not going to kill you this time. So take this good fortune gratefully.”

He then pointed his toes, and the Dancing Sky Art was instantly activated. His body had turned into a shadow and caught up with the fast-flying stone pillar.

With Mercenary Tao’s throwing power, it would take about four or five relays to reach the Great Azure Mountains.

With “a plop,” when Mercenary Tao’s figure disappeared, the hotel owner could no longer support himself and fell straight to the ground as his legs went limp.

The hotel owner’s face was pale, “Mother, that man is actually the number one assassin in the world, the bloodthirsty Mercenary Tao! I actually survived him…” suddenly, the hotel owner thought again. He was still unsure and quickly closed the hotel door, afraid of attracting any trouble.

This time he was lucky to survive Mercenary Tao. However, next time he wouldn’t be so lucky, so it was better to go out and take refuge just to be safe.


On the other side, the Snake Charmer Legion’s headquarters was now filled with smoke and flames.

The explosions of various shells detonating were intermingled with the sound of bullets firing out of the gun.

Boom! A cannonball hit another building. Splattered rocks came down, along with thick black smoke as the castle continued to collapse.

Large and small shell craters could be seen everywhere on the ground. Today was definitely the end of the Snake Charmer Legion.

And it was a young man who caused all of this.

To be exact, it was Muyang.

On that day, after ending his conversation with April, Muyang talked to Isaac and the others about the Snake Charmer Legion.

After getting everyone’s unanimous agreement, Muyang first approached the nearest branch of the Snake Charmer Legion near the Primitive Mountains and staged a devastating sweep.

In the process of sweeping up that division, Muyang got information about the Snake Charmer Legion’s headquarters.

At that point, he changed his mind and thought it was better to cut down the grass than remove the roots.

Just like the original Son Goku destroying the Red Ribbon Army, Muyang went straight to the Snake Charmer Legion’s headquarters without stopping.

Muyang was a powerful man of action. In his eyes, once he identified his enemy, it was only prudent to cut down the grass and eliminate the roots. 

Tuk tuk!!

The fire snake danced, and dazzling red sparks splashed.

Rows of officers carrying guns rushed to the front. The flying bullets wove together, forming a net of fire towards Muyang.

However, all of this was to no avail as they faced martial arts experts who were beyond ordinary earthlings. They were crackling, and couldn’t see how the enemy was doing it; they just kept getting knocked out.

“Retreat, let’s retreat!”

The Snake Charmer Legion’s officers were scared to death to face the enemy’s ghostly attack techniques. No one dared to rush forward.

“Don’t retreat, all of you, charge forward.” The commander yelled angrily, with his machine gun firing forward.

“Help me; someone helps me…” There was a ghostly cry of grief. The officers mouthed, all desperate to escape from this place. They didn’t dare to fight back at all.

Muyang watched with a cold face. The ki wave in his hand kept firing, and with a rumble, another building collapsed.

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