Dragon Ball God Mu

Dragon Ball God Mu Chapter 61


Regarding his future partner, Muyang actually didn’t have many thoughts. Two people as a partner, first of all, they must first meet each other.

Second, they must feel comfortable with each other, not entangled nor restricted. No one should be a burden to the other, or if they felt “I’m okay with you,” then it would be enough. 

It was hard to have a shelf life for passionate love. In the end, when the heat cooled down, it was the blandness of firewood.

Then if this blandness remained familiar, as if her scent was the scent of your own body, it was actually the right person to choose. 

Love and family affection was a thin line apart, and family affection could last longer. At this point, a flexible figure came to mind. 


Muyang smiled slightly as he whirled and frowned. She was a little younger than him! 


After taking a short break inside the restaurant, Muyang watched through the window as pedestrians on the road carried all kinds of farming tools and set up ox carts and wagons. Some of them were local farmers, while others were passing traders.

Thud, putting down the wine glass in his hand, Muyang stood up and walked to the counter to pay the bill.

For him, who was currently carrying a huge amount of money, nothing bothered him in terms of money anymore. 

It should be said that as long as you were a martial arts practitioner, there were countless ways to make money.

You could find a treasure trove, exterminate robbers, open a school and teach disciples, or even become a mercenary to uphold world justice.

You could have a large source of income and basically wouldn’t be trapped by financial problems. 

Therefore, Muyang wondered why Son Goku, Krillin, and the others always lived in such poverty.

After he continued wandering the streets alone for a while, Muyang entered a blacksmith shop, where the set of weights he used for training was built.

“Ah, Junior Brother Muyang, come in and take a look. I wonder what you need this time?” The blacksmith shop owner greeted warmly.

“Boss, you’re busy, so I’ll just look around.” Muyang smiled and nodded to him, then strolled around the shop.

This iron shop was stocked with farming utensils and then kitchen utensils like knives and iron pots.

A few crossbows were hanging in the corners instead, as well as a few sets of weights for training.

As Muyang took it, the owner glanced at him. Muyang didn’t expect him not only to be able to use and learn but actually to sell the props he had asked him to build. 

It was estimated that the blacksmith shop owner had also made a small profit by borrowing this martial arts training style that made him won the World Martial Arts Tournament.

After wandering around the shop, Muyang shook his head. These weights made of ordinary metal materials would no longer work for him now.

“Boss, do you have any metal here that’s smaller and heavier?”

The owner shook his head in embarrassment, “Junior brother, we don’t have the kind of metal you’re talking about in a small place like this. You’ll have to look for it in the big city.”

Muyang nodded and had another polite conversation with the owner before walking out of the shop towards the martial arts dojo. 


Back at the dojo, the disciples had finished their lunch and were now resting in the backyard. Martial arts practitioners needed to make reasonable arrangements for their training.

It wasn’t good enough to train all the time, so after lunch, the dojo would arrange a two-hour break for them.

“Brother, brother!”

April’s delicate and pleasant voice was heard.

Muyang turned around and saw April sitting under a shade tree in the corner of the dojo facing him and waving, while the young blue dinosaur was lying next to her, napping.

“April, what are you reading?” Muyang saw that she was holding a book in her hand.

April spread out the book in her hand, “Brother, I’m reading mathematics.”

Muyang smiled, “You can learn these things in class. You’ve worked hard all morning. You should rest like those senior brothers and sisters.” 

“I can’t sleep… “April curled her lips.

Muyang smiled and rubbed April’s head with his hand. Children’s energy was always high. He didn’t know if they were tireless or what.

They were making trouble all day long. Compared to other children, April was much quieter and knew how to learn at a young age.

“By the way, how does it feel to practice martial arts?”

April’s face was bitter, “It was so tiring.”

Muyang smiled, “It’s okay to be tired, but you have to practice well because it will strengthen your body.” 

“Hmm.” April chirped softly. Her attention was then turned to the books in her hands, leaning back against the young blue dinosaur’s body to find a comfortable position. 

Muyang smiled at the sight. He whirled around to stand up and head over towards the other fellow disciples.

After Muyang’s morning teaching, the dojo’s disciples seemed to have found some kind of sense.

However, it was a pity that the connection wasn’t deep enough, and they were stuck in a layer of mist.

So, when Muyang came towards them, they eagerly gathered around, hoping to get the answers they wanted from Muyang.

Of course, Muyang knew everything and explained it patiently.

After he answered his junior brothers’ questions, Muyang returned to his room and began his training.

With a swoosh, Muyang entered the Acceleration Space. After he broke the first limitation of his body, the Acceleration Space’s time flow rate had become four to one.

The opening time had been strengthened as his strength grew. Now he could maintain opening the Acceleration Space for five hours, which was equivalent to twenty hours inside. 

In a blank space, a thousand-meter radius was filled with a thin layer of ki. As Muyang breathed in the ki-filled air, he felt his body was nourished and relaxed.

Then Muyang began his training in this vast and boundless space.

With a swoosh, the body moved quickly, and the shadow of the man faltered. Another image of himself appeared not far from him, the residual shadow left by the Afterimage Technique. 

“Heavenly Sky Beam!”

“Dancing Air Art!”

“Afterimage Technique!”

The various moves were all displayed. The azure-colored light traveled through space, making it colorful for a while.

Apart from these few moves, Muyang didn’t actually have much involvement in ki application.

Although there were still some profound things in the Heavenly Sky School’s inheritance, it was all theoretical. It hadn’t even been figured out by Isaac before. That was why it hadn’t been passed on to Muyang.

Now that Muyang’s strength had already surpassed Isaac’s, Isaac had handed over all the inheritance he knew to Muyang some days ago. This was to train Muyang as the next headmaster. 

According to Isaac, the ancient legacy of the Heavenly Sky School might have originated from the Lookout. So for the next move, Muyang was preparing to study it properly.


Time flew by, and the days went by like lightning.

Half a year had passed in the blink of an eye.

During this period, apart from teaching his junior disciples and April in the martial arts dojo, Muyang had spent his time in Accelerated Space studying the secrets of the Heavenly Sky School inheritance.

Of course, in the meantime, Muyang also took the time to attend the wedding of the restaurant owner’s daughter, Marlene.

She was married to a hunter in the village who had once trained in a martial arts school, so he was pretty skilled. 

After that, he went to the Southern Region to see Mexia again.

After all, she was the future wife that he had decided to have. So, he had to keep her from being taken away by others.

It was necessary to go over there to declare sovereignty without any problem.

Of course, it was worth mentioning that this time over, he also got Isaac and his wife’s support.

In their minds, perhaps they also decided that Muyang was the most suitable for their daughter to marry even when their daughter was only fourteen or fifteen years old. 

After dealing with these trivial matters, Muyang settled down to practice wholeheartedly.

The Heavenly Sky School inheritance was worthy of being the essence of the Lookout. In just half a year, even with the addition of the Acceleration Space’s internal support, Muyang had only comprehended a little.

Of course, he had benefited greatly from it, and now if Muyang exerted his full strength, his power level had reached 150 points.

It had exceeded Master Roshi so much.

It was roughly on the same level as Son Goku when he killed Mercenary Tao.

This half a year could be considered the golden period of the Heavenly Sky School. Not only did Muyang’s strength soar, but even a few of his junior disciples had also made full growth. Their power level had reached forty to fifty. 

Although it wasn’t comparable to Muyang, it was actually very powerful. It had already reached the level of those great school rookies.

Besides, the disciples who resided in the martial arts dojo were also benefited. Their strength was scuffling up under Muyang’s guidance.

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