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Dragon Ball God Mu Chapter 64


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At this time, Muyang had already roughly guessed the opponent’s identity based on his attacking moves.

If he combined it with the current era’s background, the answer would be even more accurate. Heh, needless to say, this person in front of him must be the Master Roshi’s proud disciple, Son Gohan!

However, Son Gohan had attacked him without permission, which still made him feel very upset. To put it nicely, he must be straightforward, but to put it bluntly, he had no brains and was quite offensive.

Did you really think you could just attack people and call it a spar? It was a spar only when both sides agreed!

That was why Muyang was ready to teach his opponent a little lesson.

After the ki wave subsided, Muyang constantly stepped in a void. His body was rapidly approaching Son Gohan.

As soon as Muyang got serious, Son Gohan couldn’t help himself. His body, which was already a bit flimsy from releasing the Kamehameha, could no longer maintain its balance. As Muyang’s attack became unsettled, the difficult situation was unbearable.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The waves on the surface of the sea were split apart by a single blow. Son Gohan’s face began to turn pale with astonishment.

Muyang’s face was expressionless as he fought back and forth with Son Gohan. He flew into the air, then immediately entering the bottom of the sea, and the whole surface of the sea was being churned up.

A little while later, Son Gohan collapsed on the sand like a dead fish. He was panting, his face bruised and purple, and his clothes were stripped.

On the other side, Muyang was much better. Although his face was also a bit pale, his image was much better. 

“Hey, I’m just saying hello to you. You don’t have to be so cruel, do you?” Son Gohan cried out as he felt very unlucky.

Muyang’s face was cold, “Is that how you greet people, by attacking without asking permission?”

Son Gohan chuckled twice, “My hands are itchy. I just saw you releasing ki waves, so I didn’t hold back for a moment. I would say that your martial arts skills are not bad. Besides my master, you are the first one to fight me for so long, and you actually defeated me.” 

“Hmph.” Muyang snorted and took out his scouter to test Son Gohan. The data he got was 143.

What a great guys, they were all already more powerful than Master Roshi after decades.

However, it was still a little bit less compared to his.

Son Gohan was definitely a talented character. In the original story, Son Goku, who easily defeated Mercenary Tao, was still defeated against Son Gohan.

Although Son Gohan was aging at that time, his power level was still over 150. This time, he was still very young and wasn’t far from his golden age. 

Upon seeing that Muyang didn’t pay any attention to him, Son Gohan laughed awkwardly, “Hahaha, I’m Son Gohan, a disciple of the Turtle School.”

“I’m Muyang from the Heavenly Sky School,” Muyang said indifferently.

“Yeah, are you Muyang, the winner of the last World Martial Arts Tournament?” Son Gohan was surprised, but then he nodded, “Hmmm, with your strength being as strong as it is, it’s reasonable for you to become the winner. It’s a pity that my teacher didn’t think I needed to participate in the last tournament. Otherwise, I would have met you much earlier.” 

‘Luckily, you didn’t participate last year. Otherwise, I wouldn’t be a match for you at all,’ Muyang said in his heart.

His strength had only improved by a huge leap after he had climbed the Korin Tower. A year ago, his power level was only 80, how could he be a match for Son Gohan.

It wouldn’t be nice to be tortured back then.

“Hey, your ki just now was so powerful, is it called ‘Heavenly Sky Bram?’ Can I see it again…” Son Gohan seemed to have a lot to say. His words kept bothering Muyang’s ears.

Muyang gave him a blank look, “Do you still want to get beaten up?”

Son Gohan smiled and quickly shut his mouth.

“Anyway, since you’re Turtle School’s disciple, if you’re not training with your teacher, what are you planning to do out here now?” Muyang asked.

Son Gohan replied, “Oh, my teacher thought I was ready to go out, so he sent me out to practice on my own. However, shortly after I went out to sea, I saw the ki wave you just unleashed, so I rowed over here.”

“Oh.” Muyang nodded after he figured out that he was the one who had drawn Son Gohan here. Son Gohan said he had just started out, so that meant he hadn’t planned to settle down in the Mount Paozu yet.

“Where are you planning to go?”

Son Gohan touched his head and said honestly, “I haven’t thought about it yet.” He suddenly thought of something and suggested with interest, “However, I have suddenly thought of a good place. Are you interested in going with me to see it?”

“What place?” Muyang asked.

“Fortuneteller Baba Palace.” Son Gohan shouted, “I’ve heard from my teacher before that he has a sister living inside the desert. Fortuneteller Baba knows a lot about the world, and she has five great masters there. I think we can challenge them.”

Muyang was impressed by the words.

Legend had it that Fortuneteller Baba knew everything about the Earth and had the ability to communicate with the Other-World. Many people would make a special trip to ask her for advice. That was why Muyang was impressed by Son Gohan’s offer.

It was just that the masters at Fortuneteller Baba’s place seemed quite average.

“Are you sure the masters there are great?”

Son Gohan was confused at the words, “I’ve heard that there are many other races there, even those from the Other-World, so it should be very powerful.”

“Alright, then, it would be good to go over and take a look.” Actually, Muyang wasn’t planning to go there, but then he realized no other place could grow his strength on Earth except for the Lookout. So why not go over to Fortuneteller Baba’s palace? Maybe he could gain something. 

The two of them hit it off and decided to go to Fortuneteller Baba Palace.


Fortuneteller Baba Palace was located on top of a dry river. It had once been an oasis, but it turned into a desert all around with the change of climate.

When Muyang and Son Gohan approached the desert, a hot wave of air swept over them. The temperature soared to over forty degrees. 

“It’s just ahead.”

The two flew ahead according to the map. Soon an oasis appeared in front of them, with a clear lake in the middle. Fortuneteller Baba Palace was in the middle of it, with a few coconut trees planted around it.

As soon as they stepped into Fortuneteller Baba Palace, the hot air outside disappeared like magic. A pleasant breeze blew in, which felt like a spring breeze. 

Muyang couldn’t help but be shocked. Judging from the changes in the surrounding environment, this Fortuneteller Baba was indeed good at something.

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