Dragon Ball God Mu

Dragon Ball God Mu Chapter 65


“Huh?” After officially stepping onto Fortuneteller Baba Palace, Muyang and Son Gohan clearly felt that the air was filled with a mysterious power that they had never seen before. It didn’t seem like it was from the Earth.

Inevitably, Muyang began to look at the Fortuneteller Baba squarely. It didn’t seem like she could live for so many years because she had coincidentally eaten the Elixir of Immortality.

“Everyone line up, and don’t crowd. If you don’t follow the rules, you’ll be disqualified.”

A ghostly thing floated in the air with a pointy hat on its head, directing a group of people at the entrance.

“Look, it looks like a ghost.” Son Gohan whispered.

Muyang took a closer look, “What is it? It seems like it’s simply a ghost. Fortuneteller Baba has the ability to travel between the Other-World and the World of the Living. Her skill is truly remarkable to have a ghost working for her.”

In the middle of the conversation, Muyang and Son Gohan walked to the back of the crowd and started to line up.

Most of these people who came to Fortuneteller Baba Palace were famous and wealthy people worldwide.

They were looking for treasure or valuables and wanted to have Fortuneteller Baba give them divination.

However, no matter how powerful and influential they were, they had to line up and behave properly in Fortuneteller Baba Palace.

“Look at those two, tsk, they actually came empty-handed. They really don’t know how to be polite.” A wealthy man with a suitcase laughed and talked to the next person who was also in line.

“Yeah, if you dare to come without money, you’ll definitely be blasted out by Fortuneteller Baba later.” Some others who felt good about themselves laughed disdainfully. They straightened their backs and acted like successful people.

Because Fortuneteller Baba charged a hefty commission for each divination, this wasn’t a place where poor people should come.

Those who were in line right now were almost all dressed in suits and clanky shoes. Many of them even brought more than one bodyguard with them.

“Cut it out. You guys don’t need to say anything. Maybe people are planning to have their fees waived by Fortuneteller Baba through the challenge route?” A skinny rich man with a crutch sneered out of the corner of his eye.

“Hahaha, with their little arms and legs, they want to pass the challenge too? I don’t think anyone in the World could ever pass Fortuneteller Baba Challenge. The reason Fortuneteller Baba set up the challenge was just to give those poor people some illusions! Ooh… I also saw a two-meter tall, strong man trying to challenge the Fortuneteller Baba warrior the last time I was here, and guess what?”


“It was a complete disaster in the first round.”


A group of rich people, who were of the same stench, chatted and laughed at each other’s jokes. It seemed like they could be superior by making fun of the poor.

“Those bastards!” Anger appeared on Son Gohan’s face. He waved his fist as he planned to go up and beat them up.

Muyang looked at them coldly and shook his head gently, “Don’t be impulsive. Why bother with this bunch of trash? Certain people have Money to spend anyway.”

Son Gohan, “???”

“What are you talking about, kid?” A rich man with a big belly got annoyed. His bodyguards immediately surrounded him.

“Huh?” With a sweep of Muyang’s eyes, the cold humming sounded like a thunderbolt exploding in his ears. The rich man’s devilish face suddenly turned pale. “You… what are you guys waiting for? Go on and teach them a lesson?” The rich man yelled in annoyance. However, when he regained consciousness, he suddenly heard a puffy sound, and his bodyguards had all collapsed to the ground.

“Ah, what are you doing? Don’t come here. This is Fortuneteller Baba Palace!” The rich man saw Muyang keep approaching. He was scared to death and fell on his ass.

Muyang came in front of him and looked at him despicably, “Didn’t you hear what I just said? Some people have Money to take, but no life to spend… It seems like it was referring to you.”

“You… want to kill me?” The rich man reacted, looking frightened.

“You’re the one who jumped out at me.

“I…” the rich man opened his mouth. He was speechless.


“Nothing.” The rich man looked at his fallen bodyguard. The other rich men retreated in fear of getting into trouble were in tears.

“You got a nice case.” Muyang suddenly moved his gaze away and pointed at the suitcase on the floor.

“… Sir, since you like this suitcase, I can give it to you.”

“It’s not good, is it?” Muyang gave him a stern look.

“Money is a possession outside of my body. It would be my honor for you to see it!” The rich man looked righteous, but couldn’t hide the guilty sweat on his forehead.

“If that’s the case, then I will not reluctantly to do so.”

He said and lifted up the suitcase on the ground, heading back to Son Gohan. He then said to Son Gohan, “Look, there were people who said we were empty-handed earlier. Now that we’ve stretched our muscles a bit, we have everything, don’t we?”

“Heh, it’s pretty heavy,” Muyang said as he shook the box in his hand.

Beads of sweat appeared on Son Gohan’s forehead, “You just told me not to be impulsive… why did you rush out yourself?”

“Stupid, I’m telling you not to be impulsive because I’m afraid you’re going to beat them up, but don’t get anything back! When you think about it, wouldn’t that be a real loss? You have to think about everything, and impulsiveness won’t solve the problem.”

Son Gohan suddenly came to his senses and slapped his head, “So that’s why. Okay, I understand now!”

A naive boy.

“Ugh, you people. Can you please stop arguing at my door?” An old sigh came from an old woman in a black witch’s uniform sitting on top of a crystal ball floated over. Her wrinkled face drooped somewhat, looking like a ghost from a distance.

“Fortuneteller Baba, help me, please. These two insolent people are trying to provoke the rules you have laid down. They are also stealing the gifts I was going to mourn you in your palace…”

Seeing Fortuneteller Baba appeared, the rich man, acting as if he had found a savior. He immediately crawled over.

Fortuneteller Baba ignored his cries and waved her hand to call guards, “Someone, drag him away. I don’t want this guy here, and the ones next to him, throw them out.”

“Fortuneteller Baba, I’m not breaking any rules, please let me go.”

The several rich men who opened their mouths to taunt earlier suddenly turned pale as they begged for mercy. However, the guards wouldn’t listen to them.

They picked them up directly and threw them out into the desert. The hot sand suddenly burned those rich men’s snot and tears, and they had no choice but to run away in disgrace.

Muyang was now staring at that old woman.

To be exact, he was staring at the large crystal ball beneath her. It looked like a crystal ball on top of Korin Tower.

“She is Master Roshi’s old sister, Fortuneteller Baba.” A huge figure in the universe called “Master Zuno” emerged in Muyang’s mind. Master Zuno knew everything in the universe, while Fortuneteller Baba knew everything on Earth.

“You two boys are very disrespectful… Well, you’re the disciple of that Roshi guy…” Fortuneteller Baba looked at Muyang and Son Gohan and immediately knew a lot.

“Never mind, you two come with me.”

As if she had already seen their intentions, Fortuneteller Baba didn’t ask any more questions. She turned and walked towards the palace. Muyang and Son Gohan looked at each other and followed her.

“Whew! It’s a good thing we didn’t talk much before, or else we would have been disqualified from the divination like those people.” After a few people disappeared, the other rich men in line shook their heads in fear. They were glad that they hadn’t been as talkative as the ones before.

The people who came here were either seeking wealth or looking for opportunities to grow. None of them wanted to lose their chance.

“Yeah, if I get disqualified, I won’t be able to find the underground gold mines.”

“Nellius has lost a lot. The mine in his possession has not yet been contemptible, so it must belong to me.”

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