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Dragon Ball God Mu Chapter 71


“Do your best. When you get to the Lookout, tell Mr. Popo I said hello. Mr. Popo is the guardian of the Lookout and has served Kami.

If you have any questions about training, feel free to ask him. He’ll be able to solve most of them.” Kami, Noah explained.

Time passed, and soon the sun was setting at the end of the desert, staining the horizon with the remaining light.

“… That’s it. I’ve taught you everything I can; the rest is up to you.” Kami Noah said. He looked back at Mutaito’s side, where Mutaito had already finished teaching Son Gohan.

Since it wasn’t appropriate for the Other-World’s people to meddle in the World of the Living, Kami Noah and Mutaito could only stay in the World of the Living for a day.

“Thank you for teaching me, ancestor.” Muyang was grateful.

Noah’s pale face smiled and waved his hand, “Remember, there is no end to a martial arts training. Stay true to your heart, move forward, and improve your strength well… What’s next is your time, and it’s time for us, old bones, to go back to Heaven to enjoy our blessings.”

“Ancestor, please rest assured, I know what to do.” Muyang nodded his head with a hint of perseverance in his eyes.

Kami Noah saw it and smiled in delight. Kami also had emotions; there was no such thing as black and white. A truly desireless Kami didn’t exist.

Muyang was very good – his fundamentals were good. Even if there was a hint of gray in his heart, that would be his motivation to advance, no harm intended.

If someone had no desire or ambition, it would be difficult to make progress.

Recalling the scene a few hundred years ago when Namekian Katas’s son worshipped before him, Kami Noah remembered his own disposition at that time.

Was Namekian Katas’s son, who split Great Demon King Piccolo, was having difficulty in his training because he missed that desire part in his heart?

The past clouded, and Kami Noah sighed. ‘Where can there be a true son under Heaven! At the time, I was overly demanding.’


Flash forward to a few hours ago, as Kami Noah was opening a small stove for Muyang. Mutaito, on the other side, was also imparting his centuries of insights to Son Gohan.

Under the coconut tree, Son Gohan and Mutaito stood face to face.

“I have examined your martial arts just now. It seems that Roshi has taught you thoroughly and has not lost his reputation as the ‘God of Martial Arts.’ I won’t repeat the details because time is limited today. I watched you just now use a move called ‘Kamehameha’ as well as the ‘Thunder Shock Surprise,’ which is really good! So today, I’ll teach you two more techniques.” 

“Please, Grandmaster, teach me!” Seeing that Mutaito was going to teach him new techniques, Son Gohan became excited.

Knowing that the Kamehameha and Thunder Shock Surprise were both signature techniques, it had to be said that the new techniques Mutaito was going to pass on to him would be no worse than them.

Thinking of this, he couldn’t help but look at Mutaito with even more reverence.

“The moves I’m going to teach you today are called ‘Tri-Beam’ and ‘Evil Containment Wave,’ which are different from your ‘Thunder Shock Surprise.’ It is extremely powerful but very draining, so remember to use it carefully.” Mutaito said seriously.

Mutaito’s top two techniques were the Thunder Shock Surprise and Tri-Beam, which he passed on to Master Roshi and Master Shen.

Based on these two techniques, they evolved Kamehameha and Dodon Ray. However, compared to the Kamehameha and Dodon Ray, the Thunder Shock Surprise and Tri-Beam were more overbearing.

They consumed more energy, especially the Tri-Beam. If it was overused, it could cause death from exhaustion, just like the Evil Containment Wave.

“I’ll keep that in mind.” Son Gohan nodded cautiously. A burning bright light was shining in his two eyes. 

He had heard about these two techniques from his teacher, Master Roshi. The legendary Evil Containment Wave was a compulsory sealing technique.

If it hit a person, he would be powerless to break free even when his ki was way stronger than the person who cast this technique.

This technique was something that Master Roshi himself could do, but he hadn’t passed it to Son Gohan because it was too risky.

As for the Tri-Beam, it was the secret technique of the Crane School, which even Master Roshi had never learned. Its power was definitely not inferior to the Thunder Shock Surprise. 

Now that Grandmaster Mutaito was ready to teach him these two moves, Son Gohan was very excited when he remembered these two moves’ power. 

After practicing the moves for a while, Mutaito was very satisfied with Son Gohan’s talent.

As expected, Turtle School did have a successor on its side.

“Gohan, you have great talent. Go to Korin Tower sometime; it will improve your strength even more.” Mutaito looked over at Kami Noah and saw that he had paused then started talking again. From there, he knew that the impartation had come to an end, so he gave Son Gohan the final advice.

Son Gohan nodded seriously, then looked at Mutaito.

Fortuneteller Baba came over at this time and said, “Gentlemen, your time has come. Please return with me to the Other-World.”

Mutaito laughed loudly. He was unrestrainedly stood with Kami Noah.

“Hey, one day has passed so quickly. Well, Earth, it’s time to leave after all!” As if he was filled with nostalgia, Mutaito and Kami Noah lamented as they walked towards the Other-World entrance with Fortuneteller Baba.

“Have a good journey, ancestors.”

Muyang and Son Gohan stood behind each other to send their ancestors off. Only after Mutaito and Kami Noah’s figures became blurred did they let out a sigh of relief.

Muyang said, “I didn’t expect to see my ancestor on today’s trip.” 

“Who says I did!” Son Gohan calmed down and asked, “Muyang, where are you going to go next?”

“What about you?” Muyang asked rhetorically.

Son Gohan said, “I’m going to follow Grandmaster Mutaito’s advice and go to Korin Tower.”

Muyang smiled, “Then we’re going the same way. I’m going there as well.”

To be precise, Muyang’s destination was the Lookout above Korin Tower.

He had already received a token from Kami Noah to enter the Lookout. That string of small bells was both a token and an approval.

Without that string of bells, even if you knew that the Lookout was suspended above the Korin Tower, you would still be repelled by the Lookout’s mysterious power.

Unless you were as strong as a Super Saiyan or received other tokens or permission, you would never be able to enter the Lookout. 

Son Gohan said, “So we’re indeed on the same road again. Why don’t we go over there now?”

“Let’s go!”

After saying goodbye to Fortuneteller Baba, Muyang’s entire body levitated and swooshed off to the Sacred Land of Korin’s direction. Son Gohan was dumbfounded, “Hey, why did you fly away? How can I keep up with him at this speed!”

We were supposed to be on the same road. Why did one person leave before the other?

He was a disciple of Turtle School. He didn’t even know the Dancing Sky Art! Son Gohan smiled bitterly, looking at Muyang’s back that was gradually disappearing in the clouds.

After settling down, he lifted his feet and began to run. Suddenly a series of dusky sands began to rise up in the desert, as Son Gohan ran towards Sacred Land of Korin at a rapid pace.


The Sacred Land of Korin.

After a long gap of half a year, Muyang once again stepped into the Sacred Land of Korin’s territory.

This time, he didn’t stop at the bottom of the tower but changed direction as soon as he could get a good look at the Korin Tower. He accelerated directly towards the top of the tower.

Swoosh, a strong whirlwind, brought up a stream of tailwinds that blew against the Korin Tower’s ivory-colored body. Muyang rose in a straight line. The wild whirlwind directly washed away the floating clouds floating around the Korin Tower, revealing a turquoise blue void.

Soon, the flat, spherical top of Korin Tower came into view.

“Finally, I’ve arrived. I didn’t expect to come over again after only half a year or so.”

Muyang lightly chanted and quirked a faint smile. He then slowed down to enter from the second level of the Korin Tower.

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