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Dragon Ball God Mu Chapter 88


Roshi, Fanfan?

After hearing these two names, Muyang was stunned.

The name Fanfan was very common and less recognizable; it belonged to the more popular names.

In the Dragon Ball World, there were several people with this name. Certainly, the most famous Fanfan was Son Goku’s granddaughter, but the young girl in front of her was obviously not, so Muyang didn’t care about it much.

What made him care was the name Roshi.

It was actually Master Roshi who was peeping at someone’s bath! Is this the future god of martial arts? The turtle immortal known as Master Roshi?

After a closer look, the outline of the face vaguely had traces of Master Roshi. It was now confirmed that he was the young Master Roshi, and the woman named Fanfan, with her lavender hair was somewhat similar to the auburn color of Fortuneteller Baba.

Came to think of it, Master Roshi had a crush on a girl named Fanfan when he was younger. Was she that Fanfan girl?

In other words, does it mean that it’s a long time before Great Demon King Piccolo appeared this time?

“Gentleman, thank you. Otherwise, I would have been taken advantage of by this big pervert again.” The young girl named Fanfan was blushing slightly. She was still a little shy.

Muyang smiled and waved his hand, “No need to thank you. I’m just not used to see some people’s certain behavior.”

“Hey, how can you talk like that!” Master Roshi yelled in discontent.

“Roshi, if you scream again, I’ll go tell father that you’re peeping on me.” Fanfan immediately glared up in discontent.

Under Fanfan’s great outburst, Master Roshi immediately became quite. He was like a withered grass that turned wilted as he hung his head and stopped talking.

There were two people that Master Roshi feared the most in his life. One was his teacher, Mutaito, and the other was Fanfan.

Even towards his sister, Master Roshi wasn’t that afraid of her. Of course, for Fanfan, Master Roshi was not only afraid but also fond of her. That was why he often couldn’t help but do things to attract her attention.

Upon watching Master Roshi and Fanfan fight, Muyang smiled, “Where is Mutaito Training Academy?”

“Are you here to learn martial arts, sir?” Fanfan said with a surprised expression on her face. She then took the initiative to lead the way to Mutaito Training Academy.

Muyang smiled and followed Fanfan towards Mutaito Training Academy under Master Roshi’s envious and jealous eyes.

“Kid, I’m an entry-level disciple of Master Mutaito, and I need to pass this hurdle if I want to learn the martial arts. Do you know that you almost ruined my career just now.” Master Roshi squeezed over and whispered to Muyang.

“Is your big career to peek at girls bathing? Understood…” Muyang nodded without commenting. He knew that the Master Roshi had been this way since he was young.

The group walked through the woods for a while longer and soon came to the martial arts dojo’s front entrance.

“This is my father’s dojo.” Fanfan pointed at the door of the dojo and said. Mutaito Training Academy wasn’t very big; there were only about a few dozen students inside.

It was inferior to the Heavenly Sky School, but that didn’t prevent Mutaito himself from becoming a martial arts master known worldwide.

“This young man, you…”

Mutaito was sitting on the floor in his white martial uniform. When he saw his daughter and disciple coming over, followed by a young man, his martial arts practitioner’s intuition made him feel something.

He was carefully sizing up the person, and a fearsome pressure greeted him. Mutaito’s face changed suddenly, and an incredible sight appeared in his eyes.

“Master Mutaito.” Muyang gave a salute. It was neither humble nor overbearing.

This Mutaito in front of him was only an image in the illusion. He wasn’t the Mutaito that Fortuneteller Baba met back then. Nonetheless, courtesy was still to be given.

Mutaito got up hurriedly and returned the courtesy to Muyang, “It’s not necessary; you are the true senior.”

“Just call me Muyang.”

“Okay.” Mutaito nodded in response.

“Father… “Fanfan was confused by the scene in front of her. What the hell was going on? Why would father call this young man senior? Was the young man in front of her actually a master from a deep hiding place? But he was still so young.

“Fanfan, father has important matters to discuss with Mister Muyang, so you guys go out first.”

Despite all the doubts in their hearts, after hearing Mutaito’s words, both Fanfan and Master Roshi obeyed. They looked at Muyang in amazement as both of them retreated out together.

After they left, Mutaito asked,” Mr. Muyang, I felt a great natural aura in your steps. I don’t know which school you are from?”

Muyang smiled lightly and said, “Heavenly Sky School!”

Mutaito sucked in a breath of cold air and admired it, “It turned out you’re from the Kami School. No wonder Mr. Muyang has such great strength.” Although Mutaito’s strength hadn’t reached the point where he could see people with his eyes closed, he could still sense the most basic strengths and weaknesses. So, the first time he saw Muyang, he knew that he wasn’t a match for Muyang.

“I wonder what Mr. Muyang came for this time?”

Muyang looked serious, “It is indeed for a big matter. Shortly, two very terrifying demons will appear in this world. One of them is called the Great Demon King Piccolo, and the other is called the Demon King Melukojo. Their appearance will plunge the entire world into purgatory. I am telling you this to remind you to prepare early because no one in the world is a match for them. “

“Does that mean… not even you are a match for them?”

Mutaito was slightly stunned, and his face grew pale.

“That’s right.”

In fact, Muyang’s current strength was already enough to defeat Great Demon King Piccolo and Melukojo. However, in order for Mutaito to develop the Evil Containment Wave so that he could learn something from it, Muyang intentionally chose to conceal it.

Muyang’s answer silenced Mutaito. Then after a while, he said, “What should we do now?”

“Go to Korin Tower and create a technique to seal the demons.”

“Mm.” Mutaito nodded his head. He didn’t have any doubts over Muyang’s words.

In the following days, Muyang stayed at Mutaito Training Academy. In the meantime, Mutaito and Muyang had a few sparring sessions, but without exception, Mutaito was defeated by Muyang with a few moves.

Until Muyang adjusted his ki to the same strength as Mutaito, the two fought evenly.

Thinking of what Muyang had said about not even being a match for the Great Demon King Piccolo, Mutaito felt the time was running out.

Finally, one day, Mutaito closed the Training Academy and put on his backpack to prepare for the journey to Korin Tower.

Behind him, the young Master Roshi, Master Shen, and Fanfan stood at the door to see him off, “Master, I wish you a safe journey. Be sure to find a way to save this world!”

“Wait for me to return.” Mutaito nodded firmly and set off on his journey. 

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