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Dragon Ball God Mu Chapter 90


A loud rumble erupted over the forest. The surrounding giant trees either crawled to the ground or snapped in the aftermath of the blast. The places closer to the center of the blast were even instantly reduced to bare charcoal…

Thick smoke spread out. The scene after the battle was shocking. The ki of the Destructo Disc was finally eradicated along with the red ki after several depletions.

Melukojo finally had time to examine his attacker. A white martial arts uniform danced in the windy, the sky, and a young man’s eyes stared at him with cold eyes. 

“Your honor, I don’t seem to have offended you, do I?” Melukojo grimaced. He was trying his best to suppress the anger in his chest, but his chest’s constant rise and fall indicated that his anger had reached an extreme point. 

Muyang looked indifferently and did not reply.

This Melukojo in front of him hadn’t turned into a demon yet. His body wasn’t as strong as the ones he had encountered before.

Still, the tyranny in his breath let him know that if Melukojo was given time, he would eventually embark on the path of enslaving the people of the earth!

Muyang had never thought of showing mercy to the enemy, even if they were still weak. He would always cut down the roots first and cleanse the ground! 

Melukojo saw his opponent didn’t reply for a long time; instead, staring at him with a pair of dark eyes. For some reason, it suddenly gave him a chill all over his body.

When he was about to say something, Muyang moved in the sky. His body slicing through a blurred shadow, clattering… cutting through the air, Muyang arrived in front of Melukojo in the blink of an eye.

“That’s fast. How could there be such a master on this planet?!”

Melukojo’s green pupils shrank. His face was horrified, and he subconsciously tried to retreat. However, Muyang’s attack had already decisively begun–

“Thunder Shock Surprise!”

The light golden palm gently crossed the void, as if dancing, and a sinuous arc of electricity burst out with a sizzling sound.

Under the horrified gaze of Melukojo, the palm covered in lightning came down, followed by a thunderous sweep of pale golden millimeter light.

Melukojo tried to move his body but desperately found that his body had been entirely imprisoned by the Thunder Shock Surprise field and was unable to move. 

“What kind of technique is this!”

There was a glimpse of fear in his eyes. Melukojo’s body seemed to be penetrated by coldness as if he were in Sentuo Purgatory. He was unable to speak.


The electric current of the Thunder Shock Surprise flowed through Melukojo’s muscles, completely paralyzing his body as it knocked him far away.

This made him lose the ability to resist for the next period of time.

Now Melukojo was terrified. His opponent’s strength was unfathomable. He was definitely not a match for his opponent.

His previous disdain for this planet and high ambitions had suddenly turned into a bubble, leaving behind nothing but boundless fear. 

“Bastard, what kind of a crouching tiger and hidden dragon planet is this!”

He seriously doubted that the vendor who sold him the scouter wasn’t just selling them for a cheap product, but they even sold him some broken ones.

That traitor, that damned traitor, had killed Lord Melukojo. If I had known this planet was so terrible, I wouldn’t have been descended here even if I had to crash into a star…

Melukojo was literally in tears now.

“Although you haven’t turned into a demon yet, I’m sorry, but my mission is to defeat you. Now that Piccolo hasn’t yet shown up in the world, you’ll be on your way alone first.” There was a faint coldness in his voice.

Muyang appeared beside Melukojo, placing a hand on his shoulder.

This action caused Melukojo to break out in a cold sweat. Even more so, to understand the gap between them, “Your honor, is there some misunderstanding between us? There should be no hatred or grudge between us…” he asked with a sour face.

Muyang wasn’t interested in answering Melukojo’s confusion. Instead, with a “click,” Muyang yanked off Melukojo’s other arm with force.

“Ah!!” Melukojo, who had lost his arm again, let out a yell of pain.

“Why did you do this? I didn’t offend you.” Melukojo sprawled on the ground. He looked evasive, and a cold sweat broke out on his forehead as he looked at his disconnected arm in pain. 

A broken arm could regenerate, but a life lost would be nothing.

“Don’t ask questions because I won’t explain it to a dead man. Now, feel free to die!”

The faint voice fell, and with that, a patch of azure ki fell from the sky. For a moment, the entire world seemed to go quiet. Melukojo felt his brain freeze as death approaching him.


The azure ki erupted with bright white light. A huge mushroom cloud rose from the Primitive Mountain, and when everything died down, a nearly hundred-meter deep crater was left in place. 

“I have defeated one; it means half the mission is done.” Muyang sensed Melukojo’s ki and confirmed that his ki wave had blown up Melukojo.

In terms of individual power level alone, after going through the previous rounds of trials, Muyang’s power level had actually surpassed that of either Melukojo and the Great Demon King Piccolo.

The last time he made a mistake was when Melukojo and the Great Demon King Piccolo actually teamed up and caught him off guard.

This time the trial restart didn’t give them a chance to join forces at all. Muyang felt confident this time. However, Muyang also felt a bit upset that he didn’t understand the reason Melukojo had turned into a demon.

“Is it because the demons have come to earth?” Of course, the Demon Realm he was referring to was not the “edge” Demon Realm next to earth, but the Demon Realm where real Demon Kings lived.

He remembered that the egg that sealed Majin Buu was once stored on earth. According to legend, the Demon Realm King, Dabura, had sent people to earth to find out.

If Melukojo would turn into a demon, could it have something to do with the people sent by Dabura?

Forget it; there was no use thinking about it so much. After all, this was just a world where illusions reoccurred, and all history had actually ended.

When he thought about this, Muyang shook his head, leaped into the sky, and flying back towards Korin Tower.

Next, he only needed to help Mutaito defeat the Great Demon King Piccolo again, so that he could finish the trial and get out of this world.


On the Korin Tower, Korin and Mutaito looked surprised at Muyang’s performance. The scene that had just happened in the lower realm could be seen clearly through the water tank in the middle.

Korin was filled with amazement, “That Muyang boy actually has such a strong power. I’m afraid no one in this world will match him!” 

Mutaito nodded approvingly, “I’m so much worse than him.”

“If he’s so strong, why does he need you to learn the Evil Containment Wave? He’s fully capable of defeating that Great Demon King Piccolo…” Korin asked in puzzlement.

Mutaito also showed confusion, “That might be the strange character of a master.”

“Maybe.” Korin could only think so. There were all sorts of personalities in this world; maybe Muyang liked to sit on the mountain and watch the tiger fight, rather than get off the field himself.

In fact, Korin didn’t know that the reason why Muyang had asked Mutaito to learn the Evil Containment Wave was actually to get the theoretical principles of this technique.

From the two moves, which were the Evil Containment Wave and the Thunder Shock Surprise, it could be seen that Muatito’s reputation as a generational master was not unwarranted. He had extremely high attainments in coercive command techniques.

If he could obtain the theory of the Evil Containment Wave through this trial, he might be able to create his own compulsory command technique in the future based on it.

Although Son Gohan in the real world also knew how to use the Evil Containment Wave, he wasn’t the one who developed it.

That was why he didn’t know the details like the original creator did. However, now that he was in the illusionary world, he thought of asking Mutaito to learn a ready-made one.

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