Dragon Ball God Mu

Dragon Ball God Mu Chapter 91


Time passed quietly along with training. Mutaito had been pondering over the Korin Tower for a full half-year in order to develop the Evil Containment Wave.

Half a year after Muyang had destroyed Melukojo, the Great Demon King Piccolo finally appeared.

As soon as he appeared, the Great Demon King Piccolo showed his ferocious side. In just one day and night, more than a hundred towns were destroyed.

Millions of people lost their lives under the demon race’s claws and teeth, and just in a short period, the fierce name of the Great Demon King Piccolo was spread to the entire world.

It was just that compared to the tragic experience of the two Demon Kings who had raged together, this world was much luckier and closer to the actual history.

“Muyang, please do something to stop the Great Demon King Piccolo.” Seeing the lower realm in distress, Korin was so anxious that he had no choice but to ask Muyang for help.

Muyang looked at Mutaito, “Have you learned the Evil Containment Wave yet?”

Mutaito nodded solemnly, “The basic principle has been completed, but we won’t know the effect until we’ve actually tested it against the demons.”

Muyang waved his hand, “If the theory is done, the testing can be skipped. You can put together the principle of the Evil Containment Wave on a booklet, and leave the Great Demon King Piccolo to me.” All he wanted was the theoretical principles of the Evil Containment Wave; nothing else mattered. 

He saw Mutaito nodding his head and recording the Evil Containment Wave’s main points in the booklet. Muyang took the manual and looked at it for a few moments.

The training manual written by the original creator was different; all the main points and creative ideas were recorded in it. 

Muyang had a smile on his face. He hadn’t come in vain just because of this booklet. The harvest this time was really great.

He greeted them in a good mood and then headed straight to where the Great Demon King Piccolo was. 


It was a desolate and neglected part of town. The air was curdled with the smell of blood. The surrounding farmland and houses were deserted, and the collapsed buildings breathed an unexplainable decay.

The sky was so gloomy that it seemed as if it was going to collapse. The cold wind, which kept blowing on the bare land, was filled with an evil smell.

Looking at the town that had become decrepit due to the Great Demon King Piccolo’s destruction, Muyang’s furrowed slightly.

He passed through the path with an indifferent look and soon arrived at the Great Demon King Piccolo’s palace. 

There were still inferior demons stationed here. As for these cannon fodder-like existences, being born in the Dragon Ball World and still standing in the villain’s camp doomed them to tragedy.

With a few swooshes and a few random ki waves, Muyang walked all the way into the palace as if no one was there.

“Bold guy. How dare you trespass into the palace of a king?” At the main palace entrance, a dinosaur with wings on its back blocked Muyang’s way.

Compared to those cannon fodder with only dozens of power levels, this demon race’s warrior in front of him had a power level of over 100, which was considered an elite subordinate of the Great Demon King Piccolo.

However, for Muyang, whose power level had reached 300, it was already quite inadequate.

In the Dragon Ball World, if the difference in power level between the two opponents was within 30%, the difference was relatively small and could be made up by skill, so that the weak could win.

However, with a 50% gap – unless one possessed some special ability, such as an extremely high realm, a keen perception of ki, and other extra powers, one could barely fight. In the end, they would be unable to escape defeat and would have to run away in ashes.

Basically, those who were 50% apart but still managed to win against the strong were masters who had brought one of their personal strengths to the extreme!

As for the difference in power level being more than 100%, it was already a huge difference. To some extent, if the opponent made a move, there was a possibility of a spike. Although nothing was absolute, it was roughly the same reason.

Right now, Muyang’s power level was more than three times this winged dinosaur! 

With a calm look that swept the opponent away, the corner of Muyang’s mouth curled up in a cold smile and said grimly, “I’m looking for death!”

As soon as his words fell, Muyang’s figure disappeared with a swoosh. Then a “puff” sound was heard. Muyang leaned out in front of the winged dinosaur, and a wave of ki turned the winged dinosaur into ashes.

After taking care of the demons at the entrance, Muyang pushed open the main hall’s door and saw the Great Demon King Piccolo in the palace’s center.

Tsk, just like the previous times, the Great Demon King Piccolo was still sitting like a world ruler, only slightly widening his eyes at his arrival.

“Human, who are you?”

The Great Demon King Piccolo’s voice was cold and indifferent, with killing intent in it.

“Great Demon King Piccolo, we met once again.” Muyang stepped forward with a faint smile on his face.

“We’ve met before?” The Great Demon King Piccolo was a little confused.

Muyang shook his head, “but that’s not important…”

The Great Demon King Piccolo listened with his chin in his hand. Just when he thought Muyang would continue, Muyang suddenly stopped talking, and it made the Great Demon King’s face changed suddenly.

At that moment, a flash of light and an electrical shock hit him; it was Muyang! As he was about to respond, a hard fist had landed on his body.

Puff! The sound of steel smashing into the ground. The Great Demon King Piccolo’s body and Muyang’s iron fist came into close contact.

His chest took a huge impact and caved downwards. The white bone throne beneath him was blown into tiny pieces with a clatter.

“Ahhh!!” The Great Demon King Piccolo had never experienced such provocation. Without knowing whether it was anger or pain, his eyes filled with blood, and he let out an angry roar.

Muyang looked on indifferently but didn’t give the opponent any chance to gather his ki. Suddenly, he punched out.

The vast power of his fist was as powerful as a bamboo tree, dispersing the Great Demon King Piccolo’s ki at once.


Even more powerful ki rose to the sky and exploded calmly. Under this maddening atmosphere, even the Great Demon King Piccolo broke out in cold sweat, unconsciously developing fear.

With Muyang’s strength this time, he had no problem dealing with Great Demon King Piccolo alone. 

“How is that possible?”

Upon facing Muyang, who had suddenly exploded with great strength, the Great Demon King Piccolo looked horrified and roared.

This guy’s power was even stronger than his!


It would be too late if he didn’t flee. The thought instantly arose in the Great Demon King Piccolo’s heart, and once it popped up, it would be hard to suppress it.

here was no shame in the running away. For the sake of his ambition, he would have to accept the result.

“If you want to leave, don’t even think about it.”

After seeing through the Great Demon King Piccolo’s intentions, Muyang pushed his palm forward and slowly struck out an attack – “Heavenly Sky Beam.”

A flawlessly colored ki ball that was as transparent as a night pearl blossomed out in a flash, along with the sky’s radiant light. The small ki lit up dazzlingly into a sharp arc shape.

With a loud crash, the calm space suddenly boiled. Violent energy whistled past, carrying tremblingly powerful ki towards the Great Demon King Piccolo.

The Great Demon King Piccolo’s eyes narrowed abruptly, and he shrieked madly, “No, no one can kill me!”

“You’re so noisy!”

With a cold snort, Muyang increased the ki in his hands. The diffuse starlight turned into a sliver of crescent blades, and Muyang’s attack hit the Great Demon King Piccolo.

The raging and tumultuous ki continued to squeeze and burn the Great Demon King Piccolo’s body to the point where even his body, which was like molded steel, couldn’t bear the impact and crumble apart.

In a big explosion, the unstoppable Great Demon King Piccolo’s life ended without even making a decent counterattack.

“Whew, I finally killed it. The mission explained by Mr. Popo should be considered complete.” After killing the Great Demon King Piccolo, Muyang thought this in his heart. Although Mr. Popo said that he could return when he defeated the strongest character inside, Mr. Popo didn’t seem to tell him the exact way to return.

Could he go back just by standing still?

So, he tried it, but nothing happened.

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