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Dragon Ball God Mu Chapter 93


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After knowing that one year had passed in the real world, Muyang understood that the time in the illusionary world was the same as the outside world. It didn’t have the time acceleration function like the Hyperbolic Time Chamber.

However, this was right; the illusionary world was initially used for trials; if it also had the function of time acceleration, it would be too unorthodox. 

Such an unbalanced world. Muyang was afraid only God of the Universe Level would be able to create it.

Including the illusory world, the Hyperbolic Time Chamber, and the training space used to understand the “Quicker than Lightning, Tranquil as the Sky,” there were quite a few strange rooms in the Lookout.

Muyang was not sure who the Earth’s ancestors were when they built such a miraculous palace in the sky. 

During the few years of crossing into the Dragon Ball World, Muyang realized that this world wasn’t just a World of Manga as he knew it.

It was a self-consistent and logical world. What was shown in the original story was only a small part of it.

For example, if he hadn’t discovered the wreckage aircraft in the Primitive Mountains and known what had happened in the past when he was in the illusionary world, he might have been drowned in time, and no one would have known about it.

The more he delved into this world’s mysteries. The more Muyang felt that what he saw was only the ocean’s surface.

Whether there were rushing whirlpool undercurrents beneath or a treasure trove of rich life from fishing, only after exploring it himself could he know. Until he possessed a strong physique, he better keep it low profile. 

“How far has Son Gohan’s training progressed?” Muyang turned back to Mr.Popo and asked about Son Gohan’s training.

Son Gohan’s potential was already good. Now that he had been training on the Lookout for a year, he had definitely become even stronger.

In fact, from the time he killed Mercenary Tao, his brain’s memories could only be used as a reference and weren’t accurate.

Not to mention, now that even Son Gohan’, who was initially destined to die at the hands of the Great Ape Transformation’s Son Goku, had ascended to the Lookout, the future had become even more unknown.

Mr.Popo replied, “Son Gohan is working very hard on his training. Although it’s not quite as good as you were a year ago, I think he’ll catch up soon.”

“Oh.” Muyang lightly nodded his head.

In the original story, Son Gohan was able to achieve higher results than Master Roshi. It could be seen that his comprehension was actually not bad, and what was lacking was a suitable environment.

Shallow water couldn’t raise a dragon. If it was the late Dragon Ball Era, Son Gohan might be even more powerful than Korin, Tien Shinhan, and others.

The training in the Lookout was his chance to fly.

Ending the conversation with Mr.Popo, Muyang came to the place where Son Gohan was practicing. As he looked at Son Gohan, who was sitting quietly, hammering his mind, Muyang nodded his head.

At this time, Son Gohan’s ki intensity had already reached 180 power levels, which wasn’t inferior compared to the first appearance of Tien Shinhan.

Without disturbing Son Gohan’s practice, Muyang casually found a place and began to train. Came out of the illusionary world this time, not only his power level had been greatly improved, even his awareness of battle and combat skills had been greatly improved.

The actual battle had sharpened people; it was not a lie at all! 

More importantly, he had obtained the principle of the Evil Containment Wave, which provided a reference for him to develop his own moves based on it. He would have to spend some time carefully studying it.

A few days later, Muyang finally figured out the principle of the Evil Containment Wav.

He was now standing at the edge of the Lookout overlooking the lower realm. White clouds were floating and drifting as if he was incomparably at ease. Muyang looked on in fascination, immersed in it for a moment as if he had nothing to do. 

“What a view. It’s quite nice to be carefree.” Suddenly, a young girl’s smiling face appeared in his mind. With bright-eyed and loving faces, made his heart suddenly rippled with thoughts.


Muyang shook his head. He was remembering Mexia.

By the way, they hadn’t seen each other for more than two years. The last time they met was when he saw her before coming to the Lookout.

He thought it would only be a year and a half before they met again, but unexpectedly two years had passed in the blink of an eye.

Hey… long-distance relationship wasn’t a good situation. Although Mexia was a simple girl who was stubborn about her feelings, not contacting her for a long time seemed too much, right? Luckily, this was a world of simple people. Also, growing up in a martial arts dojo, Mexia was raised by Isaac and Alice to be tolerant toward martial arts practitioners.

However, if he didn’t see his girlfriend for a few years, whether he was a martial arts practitioner or not, he would have been pried out of the corner in minutes.

Of course, Muyang’s looks were not bad. He even had excellent martial art skills and was extremely competitive. So if you wanted to pry a corner from him, you shouldn’t even think about it. 

Now that the Lookout’s training had been completed, Muyang had great “freedom.” He could simply go to see her and get closer to her. After all, she was his chosen future partner, and he needed to take good care of her. 

With this thought, the longing in his heart could not be calmed down. So, Muyang immediately flew and jumped down from the Lookout.


The southern part of the Earth, the Superpower Academy.

A group of superpowers was gathered together. These superpowers came from different parts of the world.

After being trained by the Superpowers Academy, they were a group of people who were different from martial arts practitioners.

In the upper training field, a dark green haired Mexia held her knees as she floated in the air. Her loose black robe hanging on her body, and her hem scattered like the wind into several paths. Around her were hundreds of fist-sized stones suspended, constantly rotating.

With a buzzed and clattered, the stones sounded and shone with a glittering green light.

Suddenly, Mexia opened her flawless eyes like jasper waves, and the ghostly green light flashed. Her superpower acted hugely on the surrounding stones.

Click, click, click!

Hundreds of stones spun faster, then collapsed together, instantly shattering into powder. The scattered powder spread out and enveloped a radius of a hundred meters, staining the entire training field with a hazy color, causing countless senior students to cry out in awe.

“Mexia is so powerful. She was actually able to crush so many stones at the same time.”

“If it were used in battle, that power…”

If this power were to act on a human body, it would send shivers down people’s spine just by thinking about it.

“It’s only been six years, and you’ve already surpassed us, the senior students.” Mexia had already been promoted to the advanced class in just six years after entering the Superpowers Academy.

She could even already compare to the teachers in the academy. Compared to Mexia’s talent, the senior students could only felt out of reach.

If it wasn’t for the fact that the Superpowers Academy had a minimum academic limit of eight years, she might have graduated early.

People wondered if she would have chosen to stay on as a teacher after graduation.

“Oh my, not only Sister Mexia is pretty, but her superpowers are also one of the best. I like her so much, but she’s a bit cold, and I never see her get close to a boy. I heard that she still doesn’t have a boyfriend.” The younger superpowered student’s eyes glowed, not hiding his admiration for his senior sister.

“Hmph, don’t even think about it. How can Senior Sister Mexia be attracted to you.” The student next to him scowled.

“I’ve heard from my senior brother from the last few years that Senior Sister Mexia seems to have a fiancé, who is said to be her childhood friend. The two are very close, which is why she doesn’t give her feelings for other boys!”

“I don’t believe it. Senior Sister Mexia is our goddess.”

“That’s right. My senior sister doesn’t have a fiancé!”

“Don’t flatter yourself, you fool.”

Mexia’s charm drew countless students to fight each other. However, many of them also knew in their hearts that Mexia would never belong to them. Just then, turquoise eyes peered over towards them, and a spirit permeated through; several students stiffened and were all stunned. 

“… Don’t let me hear such words next time, or I’ll hit you with stones.” The cold but nice voice faintly sounded; the tone was unquestionable.

“Ah! Senior sister, we’re sorry, we were wrong.” Several people apologized in unison.

Mexia looked at them lightly and gave them a few lessons before she let go of their bodies.

“Ah, it felt so gentle when senior sister just spoke to us.” A certain student was enthused.

“I’d love to get another whipping from senior sister… Haha, just kidding, it’s still a little scary when senior sister is on the move.”

At this moment, a young woman came from outside the training field. It was Mexia’s best friend, Shabella. She walked straight in front of Mexia and said with a mysterious face, “Mexia, I knew you were here. You know what, there’s someone out there looking for you.”

Mexia was stunned, “Who’s looking for me?”

“A man!” Shabella squeezed her eyes shut and looked ambiguous. She had seen Mexia’s photo album, and there was a photo that Mexia kept on the writing desk in front of the window. She had just recognized it carefully, and it was the man in the photo who came looking for Mexia.

“Oh my, why are you still standing here? Go and take a look.” Seeing Mexia standing there and frowning, Shabella grabbed her shoulders and pushed her towards the outside of the training field. 

Ahhh… something wonderful might be about to happen.

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