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Dragon Ball God Mu Chapter 94


“Who the hell is looking for me?” Being pushed out of the training field by Shabella, Mexia was confused.

Shabella was her roommate. The two of them entered the Superpower Academy at the same time and later entered the same Superpower Department. Because of their similar personalities, they quickly became friends. 

It was just that Shabella was acting a bit strange today, which was really not like her usual behavior.

As for a man looking for her… Mexia felt that it probably wasn’t a joke. As she thought about it, besides her father and a few elders from Heavenly Sky School, it only seemed like it could be that person. After all, she had been staying inside the academy and didn’t know many people outside.

“Is the person looking for me young and handsome?”

“Yeah, it’s a really handsome guy. He calls himself Muyang, and he says he’s your…”

Before the word “senior brother” was uttered, a pale green fluorescence suddenly rolled up in front of her eyes. A tornado whirlwind rose into the air, leaving Mexia nowhere to be seen in front of her.

“Hey, where is she going?” Shabella cried out in surprise. She then smiled and quickly chased after her towards the entrance of the academy. 

A group of people around them was caught in confusion.

“What just happened? Why did the goddess leave in such a hurry?”

“Ambus, you have the ability called the direction of the sound, didn’t you hear what they said?”

Ambus said hesitantly, “It seems like a man came to see senior sister… Ah, don’t you dare tell her it was me who said that…”

“Who do you guys think the man who was looking for Senior Sister Mexia was?”

“Do we need to say more? Don’t you guys see how the goddess is so attentive? It must be someone she likes.” The few boys from before cried out at sight over this.

“I don’t believe it. How can the cold Senior Sister Mexia casually look at any other man but me.”

“Why don’t we follow and take a look.”


Mexia’s classmates who admired her were heartbroken and even planned to investigate.


When she learned that Muyang had come to visit her, she was pleasantly surprised and flew outside the academy with all her superpowers.

From far away, she saw Muyang outside the academy. He was tall, with short, medium-length hair, a casual outfit. He looked even more handsome than two years ago.

She flew over happily. There was nothing taboo between them.

When Muyang saw a green-haired woman flying towards him, and the moment he looked at her, he saw those deer-like eyes widen instantly. They flashed with surprise and unexplainable emotion. 

“…Still the same old Mexia, so windy and fiery.”

Muyang lightly smiled and opened his arms. He was ready to catch Mexia’s body like before. However, the green-haired woman suddenly stopped when she was only five meters away from him.

She then moved her hand, and a ten-ton rock immediately flew off from the surface and smashed over towards Muyang…

Muyang was stunned. Today’s meeting… was quite refreshing and unique.

If he were an ordinary person, he was afraid he would be smashed into a pulp.

It was a pity that he wasn’t an ordinary person. This was clear to Muyang and equally clear to Mexia.

In the sky, the boulder fell down like a meteorite. When it was a meter away from Muyang, Muyang stretched out his right hand towards the front. With a clanking sound, only a bright light flickered on his fingertips.

In the next second, the rock shattered into countless tiny pieces in response to the sound of a knife cutting and exploded.

However, this obviously wasn’t the end. At this time, Mexia’s green hair fluttered in the air. These broken rocks suddenly came under the control of some kind of power again and continued to smash towards Muyang.

Bang, bang, bang, countless radiant ki waves were sent out. Without blinking, the stones in front of Muyang were all shattered by the ki waves.

And while he was busy dealing with the attacks in front of him, and even larger stone block quietly rose from behind Muyang and slammed towards him.

A loud bang came from the entrance of the Superpower Academy, as dirt and rocks splashed everywhere. Half of the stones had been plunged into the dirt.

Shabella and the other students of the academy who arrived afterward looked dumbfounded. What’s going on? Why are they suddenly fighting? 

They gulped as they witnessed the whole thing as they thought to themselves that the man was powerful, but obviously, their goddess was still a bit more violent. Needless to say, he was definitely smashed to death… cool.

“Oh my, is this how you greet your senior brother…”

Muyang’s voice suddenly sounded beside Mexia. Before she could react, her body was already held by two hands from behind.

The young girl’s soft body attached to his body bring him a different feeling. Her green hair fluttered, lake-like eyes were clear and flawless. Mexia’s entire body was beautiful, with an unexplainable temptation.

Looking at Mexia’s clear and beautiful face, Muyang lamented. In the blink of an eye, Mexia had grown into a big girl.

Although her figure was still as petite as ever, her body had become even more alluring than before. 

Well, she was considered mature too. She was eighteen years old. According to the standards of his previous life, she was already an adult.

Mexia was struggling a little in Muyang’s arms. As she looked up at her older brother, she curled her lips, “Who told you not to visit me for more than two years? You promised to visit me from time to time, but you didn’t keep your word.”

The words were quite deep in resentment.

“I was negligent and careless.” Muyang was busy apologizing. After all, he had been training on the Lookout for the past two years. So, this was indeed his fault.

“Hmph,” Mexia looked away unhappily.

‘Jeez, is she really angry?’ Muyang’s eyes rolled. He had no experience at all on how to make a girl happy. In his previous life, he was in his twenties and almost thirties. He had never had a serious relationship, and now this situation was really a head-scratcher. 

There was a certain kind of scandalous yet exhaustively silent in the air.

Down below, those classmates of Mexia’s, especially the boys, arrived late to see their beloved goddess in someone else’s arms, uh…it looked like she was being held. She was resisting, wait, no, she didn’t seem to be resisting! Don’t tell me how bitter it felt. It’s over; the goddess had fallen.

If they could, they’d love to have a duel with the man holding Mexia!

Damn, he was so handsome!

“How romantic. That man must be Mexia’s lover!” It was as if Shabella had seen a prince and princess from a fairy tale. She held her two hands together with sparkles in her eyes.

“Did you miss me?” After a long while, Muyang didn’t know how to persuade and came in dry. 

“Of course.” Mexia’s lips were slightly curled. Her jewel-like eyes contained infinite tenderness.

“Hahaha!” Muyang was in a great mood. Sure enough, this was his kind of deal! Landing on the ground, he took Mexia’s little hand and walked outside.

He came to see Mexia this time to get along with her and nurture his feelings. Now that both of them were so obviously revealing their hearts, everything was on the line.

The expected drama of the male interfering did not appear, and no ungrateful seniors jumped out to “oppose the marriage.” However, there were some of the girls present whose eyes revealed a strange color, as well as the boys.

Although they cringed at the thought of what had just happened, they threw admiring glances at him.

Life is boring if you don’t follow the script.

Let’s forget about what happened later. Muyang had already taken Mexia to the Superpower Academy teacher to ask for an extended vacation.

He wanted to use this time to renew his relationship with Mexia. The academy’s teacher was very understanding and seemed to be aware of Muyang’s identity, so he gave them a month’s vacation in one big stroke.

Muyang and Mexia were, of course, very satisfied. They happily pulled hands together, and then, at Muyang’s suggestion, he took Mexia to a small town nearby.

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