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Dragon Ball God Mu Chapter 95


The small town was close to the Southern Capital. It was a town that had just emerged, and the facilities inside were all newly built.

Muyang held Mexia’s hand and entered a leisure park with a circus and entertainment facilities, one of the better-developed areas in the current era. At this time, they forgot all their worries and enjoyed themselves.

When they were tired, they sat on the park’s lawn and looked out over the shimmering lake in the distance together. 

“Senior brother, so you’ve been practicing in the Lookout for the past two years?” Mexia leaned next to Muyang and quietly listened to him talk about his experiences in the past two years. The scent emanating from Muyang’s body made her feel very at ease.

Muyang said, “Yeah, the Lookout’s training is very strict.”

“Hey, senior brother was already stronger than me, and now he’s leaving me behind even more.”

Mexia’s sullen face was amusing to Muyang. As he sensed her ki, she hinted at 100 power levels. However, Mexia’s power mainly came from superpowers, and Muyang’s ki sensing wasn’t able to accurately know her strength.

“You’re about to graduate, right?”

Mexia blinked, “I still have two years to graduate, but I’m already good enough that many teachers in the academy are no match for me.”

“Pop!” Muyang slapped Mexia’s back. The sudden attack caused Mexia to grumble and roll her eyes at him when Muyang said, “Do you want to find a place to test it? I also want to know how your superpowers are. So let’s release it this time!” 

The previous “meeting ceremony” was just a chance for Mexia to show off her pride. He could probably understand what the girl was thinking. It was actually a chance for him to show his strength and declare his “sovereignty”!

Although this kind of thing didn’t have to be done deliberately, obviously the effect was quite good. At least to Muyang’s presence, there wasn’t much complaint from the school’s side, whether boys or girls.

It was accepted quite naturally. Of course, on the other hand, this was an opportunity for Mexia to brag and reveal her skills.

“Well, in the past, senior brother couldn’t resist my superpower at all.”

She was such a certain “scheming woman” who remembered her childhood. When she used her superpower ability, Muyang was no match for her.

When she said that, she couldn’t help but looked proud. The green light shone brightly, and Mexia floated leisurely in the air. Her black skirt was fluttering and shattering into several pieces. 

“…But I won’t fight you for nothing. I can punish you if you lose.” Muyang held a smile in his eyes, and his gaze kept aiming at Mexia’s petite body.

Mexia blushed and said unconvincingly, “Hmph, I’m not afraid of you!”

“Hahaha, you’re going to lose.” Muyang laughed, and next, they flew into the air together, finding a gravelly shoreline. 

“This is it.” Muyang landed.

“Then let’s begin, senior brother!”

Mexia was standing on top of the void. Her two slender arms were placed behind her back, and without making any movements, her body was lit up with radiant light.

As Mexia’s superpower power became stronger, a spherical green shield appeared around her. In the next moment, the world changed color as a raging tornado connected the sea and the sky, and the wind howled.

Mexia was now like a goddess controlling the sky, holding the power of the world.

Muyang looked at her with a faint smile, “The power is quite strong.”

As he was about to move his body, he found that his body was stagnant as green ki wrapped around his body, imprisoning him.

At this time, Mexia’s finger pointed upwards, and the stones all over the ground floated up, densely occupying the view.

In the meantime, Muyang got a taste of Mexia’s superpower.

It was amazing. If the ki in his body was less than 200 power level, he would really be unable to break free from Mexia’s bonds.

From this point of view, Mexia’s superpower ability was actually several levels more powerful than Chiaotzu.

As Muyang looked at Mexia’s skirt fluttering and overbearing appearance, Muyang’s mind could not help but flash the image of a superpower called “Terrible Tornado.” If she shrank a little more, she would be similar to “Terrible Tornado.”

But right now, it was more like an immature “Blowing Snow.”

“Brother, I don’t think you’ll be able to move, right?” A confident voice came out between Mexia’s parted lips. She was quite a rampant queen. 

“Mexia, you’re getting a little flaky. Oh, is it because your senior brother can’t lift his palm and spank you…or do you think you’ve grown up and I can’t touch you?”

“Looks like you need to be disciplined.” Muyang smiled lightly, his face becoming serious.

In the next second, the overpowering ki exploded out. With a clicking sound of the air vibrating, Muyang moved step by step.

The sky was thudding loudly with each step. Mexia’s face was pale, and her body’s superpower was dangerously close to being out of control. 

“Huh?” When she thought of the punishment Muyang had said earlier, and what else was there to discipline, Mexia’s small face blushed. She held her hands open, her hair shaking, and exploded into a bright emerald glow.


The result of the competition between Muyang and Mexia was obvious. With Muyang’s combat power reaching 310, even though Mexia had excellent superpower talent, she had no choice but to lose and waiting for her to be “punished” by Muyang.

“Brother, what did you bring me here for?”

Under the setting sun, Muyang and Mexia were walking down the street. The night market hadn’t started yet, and the whole street was empty.

“You lost the match, so of course, I’m punishing you.”

“Punish with what?” Mexia asked guiltily. She was anticipating what was going to happen tonight, and her little heart was pounding indignantly.

“You tell me!”

Muyang smiled proudly and pointed to a small hotel in front of him. He moved his mouth close to Mexia’s ear, and the hot air he exhaled tickled, causing Mexia to feel timid, “What do you think of that small hotel? It’s pretty secluded…”

Mexia’s body suddenly became stiff and squirmed, “Well, isn’t it too early.”

“No, it’s not too early. Mexia, you’re almost eighteen, you’re an adult, you should understand a little bit.” After he said that, without giving Mexia any room to resist, he directly took Mexia, who was still hesitant, and walked into the small hotel together.

“Boss, I want to get a room.”

“Okay, please wait a moment.”

The innkeeper looked at Muyang and Mexia in amazement. This pair of men and women, the man was handsome, and the woman was pretty. They were really well matched. Acting nimbly to register the room, the innkeeper took out the key, “Sir, here’s your key, please keep it!” 

He said as he gave a thumbs up towards Muyang, revealing a smile that only a man could understand.

Mexia was confused during the whole process until Muyang brought her into the room; her brain was still dangling. 


In one spring night, Muyang ate Mexia’s entire body directly.

Actually, Muyang just wanted to tease and flirt with Mexia. Everything was just a joke, and there were even two beds in the room.

Muyang still overestimated his own fixation, but Mexia, who was brought into the small hotel by him, took it seriously.

When she came out wrapped in a towel after taking a shower, she was greeted by her desire to resist, exposing her shy appearance as a woman. However, it suddenly triggered the wolf inside him. 

It was nowhere near the point of rutting and stopping, so Muyang rolled right into a bed with Mexia and crossed out the last step.


The next day, the sky was hazy and bright.

Muyang rested one hand on the pillow, the other hand hugging the girl sleeping soundly in his arms.

He saw the girl lying on her side towards him; one hand hooked over her lips, the other arm outstretched and curled around his chest. 

“Ooh…” Mexia’s green eyelashes moved slightly. Her body shifted uncomfortably, and now Mexia’s entire body was lying on top of Muyang’s body.

Her soft hair was falling in disarray on Muyang’s shoulders. The sheet was slipping off a large area, revealing the girl’s slender arms and the fair, fatty skin behind her. 

“Isn’t this leading to a crime?” Muyang’s throat moved, feeling a little dry.

With a flip, he directly pressed Mexia underneath him again.

“Senior brother, I’m physically exhausted, so I’m very sleepy.” Mexia frowned uncomfortably. When he heard that, as if a bowl of cold water had been poured down, Muyang’s head suddenly roused, he looked at Mexia’s delicate and weary face. His heart was filled with self-recrimination and pity.

Last night’s rain was delicate and cloudy. Mexia was tossed around for quite a while at a young age, and now she was exhausted. 

“Uh, sorry, I was impulsive. If you’re exhausted, go back to sleep. I’ll go and prepare some breakfast for you.”

“Mmm.” Mexia squinted her eyes and hummed.

After gently pulling the bed sheet and covering Mexia, Muyang smiled softly at her lazy appearance. He then walked out of the room to prepare breakfast for her.

From this day on, Mexia’s wife.

When he thought of the fact that Mexia had just turned eighteen, which was actually a few days away, Muyang felt that he was still too rough last night. Besides, he hadn’t even formally proposed marriage to Mr. Isaac yet. It was always a bit guilty to roll over with his daughter like that secretly.

Although Isaac was definitely happy to give them a blessing, Muyang still had to follow the proper etiquette.

This way… in two years, when Mexia graduated from the Superpowers Academy, he would go to propose to Mr. Isaac and marry Mexia.

At that time, Mexia’s age would be perfect, and the two could be officially married.

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