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Dragon Ball God Mu Chapter 96


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Chapter 96 – Dragon Balls

After officially breaking through the last boundary between men and women, Muyang and Mexia’s feelings rapidly changed. They were getting tired of being together every moment. 

As someone said, the emotions between a man and a woman were always covered up initially. Still, once they take off all their clothes and get into the same bed, there were no more secrets between them.

Life was sublimated by banging!

That couldn’t be entirely true, but for a hot unfulfilled love like Muyang and Mexia, who were straight into bed, it was indeed worth for them to get bored for a long time. After all, this kind of leapfrogging back to the past was always necessary to fill the gap in between, but it was good that Mexia had a month’s vacation, and Muyang had plenty of time to get on the train first before filling the ticket. Their relationship was on a straight upward trend.

During the daytime, they would fight together and grow their skill. Muyang’s martial arts skill was far superior to Mexia’s, who considered to have very good superpowers. Every time she exerted her full strength, the fluorescent green light lit up. There would be a feeling of the world discoloration.

And once it was nighttime, the two of them would sleep on the same pillow, recounting their hearts and communicating deeply. After that, some delightful things were naturally inevitable.

They were both young men and women, after the first taste of the forbidden fruit, they naturally couldn’t stop. Almost every night, they would play the harmonious music of the miracle of life.

The clueless Mexia had managed to unlock different positions as a result.

Of course, Mexia was still young and didn’t want to conceive the next generation. That was why they would actively avoid their cycles when it came to harmony. During this period, Muyang would prepare nutritious meals every day so that Mexia could refresh and recuperate her body. He gradually tended to shift towards being a chef and family man.

“Mexia, do you still have that crystal ball you picked up before?”

Mexia was lying down on the sofa in the hotel room with her upper body naked and a lazy face, while Muyang used his flexible fingering to press on her body, and the crackling was sounded. This was the sound of “orthopedic.” Mexia let out a soothing whisper.

“It’s in my bag. Why is senior brother asking this?”

Mexia laid on the couch with half-lidded eyes. Her naked waist was so slender it seemed boneless.

Muyang said, “Bring it to me.”

Mexia rolled over and pulled the sheet over herself. She then rummaged through the pile of clothes and pulled out her bag, from which she took out an orange-red crystal ball. 

Inside the crystal ball was six round of five-pointed stars neatly arranged. It was one that Mexia had found when she was a child near a stream in the Primitive Mountains.

“Brother, what exactly is this crystal ball?” Handing over the Dragon Balls to Muyang’s hands, Mexia smoothly wrapped her hands around Muyang’s neck and asked in a petulant manner.

This dragon ball had accompanied Mexia for many years. However, she had never understood what this was. In the past, Muyang had told her that it was essential, so she often carried it with her from time to time. 

“This thing is called a Dragon Ball, and there were seven of them. According to the number of stars inside it, it is divided into one-star Dragon Ball to seven-star Dragon Ball. The one you are holding has six stars in it, so it is a six-star Dragon Ball. The Dragon Ball is a divine object made by the Kami of The Lookout. It is said that if you find all seven, you can summon Shenron, and Shenron can grant any of the summoner’s wishes.”

“…This thing is actually so magical!”

Mexia’s turquoise eyes flashed with a hint of surprise. She didn’t doubt Muyang’s words. After all, her senior brother was practicing in the Lookout, knowing these hidden secrets were perfectly normal. 

Just by summoning Shenron, could it really fulfill any of the summoner’s wishes?

Somewhat it was promising…

Muyang smiled, “That’s how the last person who collected the seven Dragon Balls made a wish to Shenron and became king.”

Mexia said, “The person you’re talking about wouldn’t be the founder of Central City, right?”

Muyang said, “It’s very likely.”

Central City was founded over fifty years ago. Somewhat, it roughly coincided with the time when the Dragon Balls flew apart. Hence, the creator of Central City was likely the one who collected all seven Dragon Balls.

“Nah, brother, shall we try to collect it too?” Mexia stuck to Muyang’s ear, her voice somewhat freckled.

“It’s not as simple as you think. After the Dragon Balls are wished for, they will be scattered all over the world. Trying to recollect them is like trying to find a needle in a haystack. That’s why I want to use this six-star Dragon Ball of yours as a reference to see if I can have someone create a radar to find the Dragon Balls.” In the past, when his strength was still weak, Muyang’s mind was focused on training. Right now, after the Lookout’s training, his strength reached the peak of an earthling, and he began to consider the Dragon Ball. 

Taking a trip to the Dragon Ball World, you have to collect the Dragon Balls, right?

It’s just that with earth’s current level of technology, he was afraid it was a bit difficult to create a Dragon Ball Radar.

“Hmm… I’m sure with my senior brother’s ability; it’ll be possible.” Mexia gave a thumbs up. She trusted Muyang unconditionally.

Feeling the profuse affection in Mexia’s words, a hint of emotion surfaced on Muyang’s face. This little girl, not only was she pretty but also had such a sweet mouth.

After putting the Dragon Balls aside, Muyang removed Mexia’s hand around his neck and pulled her into his arms. “Mexia, I just loosened your bones, and you enjoyed it. As promised, it’s time for us to have a deeper physical fight…”

Mexia’s eyes lit up, and she was not afraid, ” Who is scared!”

“Hahaha!” Muyang laughed and carried Mexia to the bed. He then began to communicate with life again, unlocking more poses. 

This was the moment when Muyang, who almost changed his name to “Mu·Lifes Winner·Yang,” fell into the lover’s lap again.

While Muyang and Mexia were having a great time, and everyone was envious of them.

And things weren’t so peaceful anymore in thousands of miles away.


It has been a long time since the opening of the Demon Realm Gate that was observed Kami. Fortunately, those who came out the Demon Realm Gate were some small demons. However, they still caused a lot of trouble for the local villagers. As a group of martial arts practitioners passed by, these small demons were all killed, and even the Demon Realm Gate was closed by inserting a sword.

However, no one knew that this opening the Demon Realm Gate was only the beginning.

More than two thousand kilometers away from the valley was vast pastureland located on a plateau. The entire pasture being a fractured belt formed by the uplift of two plates. 

At this time, a corner of the pasture near the mountain range.

“Whoop-la,” a sound like a crow’s low cry, came from the bare mountains’ depths. Immediately, a bad smell gradually filled the air.

The herdsmen who were driving their yaks from afar looked up to the sky, wondering what was going on. Suddenly, the yaks began to run…and soon, the ground began to tremble as well.

“Click, click, click!”

A sudden earthquake shattered the calm of this highland region. Stones shifted with a screech. The ground trembled, and a few rocks rolled down from the dry, weathered summits of the mountains – where they had fallen, sinuous cracks appeared. Dark smoke spread out from the mountain, from which an ancient gate was revealed.

Click, click, the sound of the stone cracking. The gate had gone through countless years, and a slit appeared above it. The winding cracks grew more and more, the stone peeled off and finally opened a large hole in the door panel.

“Haha, the passage to earth is finally broken. Buddy, come with me to the outside world.” A winged demon stepped out of the hole in the Demon Realm Gate.

Subsequently, the demon named Buddy also followed him out of the gate.

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