Dragon Ball God Mu

Dragon Ball God Mu Chapter 98


Muyang was actually a little surprised at Mr. Popo’s sudden visit. Normally, Mr. Popo and Kami always stayed at the Lookout and wouldn’t normally descend to the lower realms.

What happened this time?

Looking over at Mexia on the side, Muyang smiled and introduced her to Mr. Popo, “Popo, this is Mexia, my fiancée.”

Mexia blushed uncontrollably at his introduction, but came forward to greet him, “Hello, Mr. Popo.”

“Hello, Mexia.” Mr. Popo responded to her meticulously.

“Popo, why did you come to see me? Is there something going on at the Lookout?” Muyang got down to business.

“It’s not the Lookout, but one of the Demon Realm Gates in the lower realm is broken. The situation is quite serious, so Kami sent me to find you and Son Gohan to come over.” With that, Mr. Popo briefly introduced the situation and told the Demon Realm Gate’s history in the lower realm. 

After hearing Mr. Popo’s introduction, Muyang was startled. The Demon Realm Gate was no small matter; it might be a disaster for the entire earth.

It only made him feel strange. At this time in the original story, there shouldn’t have been any major disasters! 

Perhaps this disaster wasn’t obvious, or it was successfully dealt with by Mr. Popo and Kami… Muyang’s thoughts flew up. Soon, he realized that he seemed to be thinking a little too much.

“Senior brother, are you going back now?” Mexia listened to the whole thing, so of course, she knew that Muyang would go back. Therefore, she bit her lip and was a little reluctant. 

Muyang sighed. He didn’t want his “honeymoon” with Mexia to be interrupted like this. It shouldn’t be a problem if he said this was a honeymoon.

However, the situation forced him to take part in this big event. “I’m sorry, but it looks like I can’t keep you company.” He apologized.

“If you go to the Demon Realm, I’ll go with you.” Mexia’s eyes gazed at Muyang. They were a husband and wife now.

“Don’t be ridiculous!” Muyang glared at her. He also knew that Mexia was worried about him, so he said kindly, “The situation of this trip to the Demon Realm is unknown. That’s why I won’t let you take any risks, no matter what. Feel free to wait for me in the academy.” 

“But…” Mexia bit her lower lip. She wanted to speak again, but finally nodded, “Alright then, but you have to come back to accompany me when you’re done with this.” 

Looking at her pitiful and aggrieved appearance, Muyang smiled and assured her, “Don’t worry. I’ll double compensate you then!” After that, he turned to Mr. Popo and said, “Let’s go.”

Since he would be traveling with Mr. Popo, he didn’t choose to use Dancing Sky Art. Instead, he got on Mr. Popo’s flying carpet and enjoyed the rare treat of having an exclusive driver back.

Mexia watched in silence until she couldn’t see Muyang’s shadow anymore. She then nuzzled her mouth and flew off in the direction of the Superpower Academy.

This time, her senior brother wouldn’t let her tag along. It must be because her strength was too weak. If she raised her superpowers, her senior brother wouldn’t be able to stop her.

Mexia secretly made up her mind to work even harder on her superpowers when she went back.


The Lookout.

Muyang and Son Gohan came along with Mr. Popo.


Muyang greeted, then stood aside.

“You already know about the matter. There is a Demon Realm Gate on earth that was broken. I will send Mr. Popo to the Demon Realm Gate later to investigate and see if we can patch the gate back on.” Kami nodded and went over the following in detail. In the end, he said, “I’ve called you here because I want you to enter the Earth Demon Realm and investigate what’s going on inside along the edge of it.”

“Although the Earth Demon Realm is connected to the Greater Demon Realm, there aren’t many powerful demons race in it. So you don’t have to worry about any danger.”

Muyang felt a little surprised at what he heard. How could the gate of the Dark Demon Realm open? And for the Greater Demon Realm, according to Mr. Popo and Kami, it should be a corner of the Dark Demon Realm controlled by the Demon King Dabura.

If this incident was not handled well and the Dark Demon Realm’s Demon Race entered the earth, the consequences would be unthinkable.

“Why don’t we just go inside the Greater Demon Realm and take a look?” Muyang asked.

Kami thought about it and shook his head seriously, “There are dangers in the Greater Demon Realm. Do your best, just investigate the edges, don’t go deeper.”


“I understand.” Muyang and Son Gohan shrugged their shoulders.

After seeing the two nodded, Kami’s aged face revealed a smile. He then half crouched on the ground and placed his palm on the stone slab of the ground.

With a buzzing fluctuation, a power inherited from Kami began to work. The entire sky became solemnly silent, and the clouds in the distance seemed to become illusory.

Beneath the Lookout’s red building, the Power-Pole that connected Korin Tower and the Lookout rapidly retracted.

At this time, Muyang and the others suddenly felt a tremor. Then, an acceleration acted on their bodies. The Lookout actually resembled an airborne carrier, rapidly moving up through the clouds.


The Lookout moved at high speed, and in the blink of an eye, it was over two majestic mountain ranges. There was a yellow-orange pasture below.

“This is it. Below is the Greater Demon Realm entrance, Mr. Popo, I’ll leave it to you then. Don’t let anyone from the Demon Realm walk out the gate.” Kami fixed his face as a seriousness showed on his pale face. “If you can, try to close the gates or annihilate them.”

“Mm.” Mr. Popo nodded with a flat expression. He looked at Muyang and Son Gohan and directly jumped down from the Lookout with his hands behind his back. At the same time, a flying carpet urgently followed, carrying Mr. Popo towards the gate of the Greater Demon Realm. 

Looking away from Mr. Popo, Kami once again controlled the Lookout to shift its location.

“Next, I’ll send you to another gate, which is the entrance to the Earth Demon Realm.” After saying that, Kami shifted the Lookout again to two thousand kilometers away. Almost in just an instant, they arrived at their destination.

“Here we are.”

Muyang was very surprised at the speed of the Lookout. It was much faster than the Flying Nimbus.

“Muyang, Gohan, the gate to the Earth Demon Realm is inside the valley below. It was just sealed not long ago. You can enter through that gate. Remember to pay attention to your own safety. If you encounter an accident, just exit and don’t hold back inside, got it?”

Kami wanted them to return safely more than investigating out what was going on inside. After all, Muyang and Son Gohan were the ones he saw with the potential to surpass himself.

Son Gohan was now standing at the edge of the Lookout. He was looking at the white clouds floating below.

The dense clouds stretched at times, yet they couldn’t see the ground at a glance, indicating they were extremely high. 

“Do we really have to go down from here?”

If you jump straight down, you would fall and get hurt if you didn’t die.

“Don’t dawdle, just jump straight down.”

Muyang stood behind Son Gohan and pushed his shoulder. Son Gohan screamed “Wow” and fell right off the Lookout.

“Ah, that feeling comes again!!!” The miserable echoes became more and more blurred, as it gradually became inaudible.

Nodding his head towards Kami, Muyang also jumped down from the Lookout. With the Dancing Sky Art, he then launched and swooped like a blinding bolt of lightning. He quickly caught up with Son Gohan, who was descending in the air.

“I think it’s time for you to learn Dancing Sky Art.” Muyang faintly said to the descending Son Gohan.

“…But that’s Crane School’s technique.”

Muyang scoffed, “Mutaito has passed on his secret techniques to you, and you still care about this? If you don’t learn from the sea and the world, your path will end here.”

Son Gohan thought carefully, and it seemed to be true. He then sincerely said, “I understand. Thank you. You are my true friend.” 

“Okay, I’ll meet you down there.”

“Hey, don’t you care about me?” Son Gohan came back to his senses.

Muyang showed his white teeth and gave him a thumbs-up, “You were fine when you jumped off the Korin Tower. So, as your friend, I’m sure this little difficulty won’t be too difficult for you.”

After saying that, Muyang no longer cared about Son Gohan. With a burst of acceleration, he disappeared from Son Gohan’s sight.

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