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Dragon Ball God Mu Chapter 99




The last time Son Gohan jumped off of Korin Tower… it seemed like he didn’t do it willingly… just like this time, he was pushed off by someone…

Son Gohan’s face was a little green. His fingers shivered and pointed at Muyang’s back. It was true; this was only a superficial friendship.

This was the first time Muyang had pitied himself. Sometimes Son Gohan thought that it was really his misfortune to meet him. 

The speed of falling became increasingly faster. The towering mountains gradually became clearer, and Son Gohan had no choice but to gather his hands together as he was about to land.


An azure-colored ki wave impacted out from between his palms, and with this impact, Son Gohan stabilized his descent.

“Muyang, don’t fool me again in the future. Sooner or later, you’ll fool me to death.”

Muyang stopped. He looked at Son, Gohan up and down. Suddenly, he thought of something and said to him thoughtfully, “Actually, I think it’s good for you to die… you’ll have a beautiful woman by your side in the future.”

“What are you talking about?” Son Gohan was at a loss for words. Was he cursed me to die early?

“You’ll understand later.” Muyang hitched up and continued walking towards Sensan Mountain.

In the original story, Son Gohan entered the Mount Five Element after his death. He lived with a beautiful woman named Annin to manage the passage to the Other-World.

But unfortunately, at that time, Son Gohan was already a rotten old man; otherwise, an incredible story might have been born. 

In the densely vegetated forest, Muyang and Son Gohan kept going further until a valley finally appeared in front of them.

“The gate to the Demon Realm is nearby, right?” Son Gohan looked around and muttered on his lips.

Muyang observed the surroundings and pointed to a small path, “There’s only this one path here. So, it should be around here, let’s split up and look for it.” 

They separated and searched in different directions. Soon, they found a stone door in a canyon.

It was a huge stone door about four meters high, with two outward-opening panels, covered with strange and bizarre patterns.

One door panel was locked tightly, and the other door panel was open a little bit. However, it was stuck at an angle by a sharp sword.

“This is the gate to the Earth Demon Realm…”

Son Gohan took a few big steps forward and squatted down to observe the sword stuck in the ground. The hilt of the sword was golden, and the blade was all inserted into the soil. 

Muyang’s eyes narrowed as he looked at the scene in front of him. His mind suddenly thought of the animated image of Son Goku encountering Shula when he entered the Demon Realm.

From all the circumstances, this seemed to be the place where Son Goku entered the Demon Realm.

“Let’s go in and take a look,” Muyang said, directly pulled out the sword and opened the door to the Demon Realm a little bit. An evil, dark, and blood-smelling smell came out. 

“It smells awful.”

Muyang frowned and walked into the Demon Realm with Son Gohan. The demonic ki in the Demon Realm made them feel uncomfortable.

No matter how powerful the character died in the Dragon Ball World, their souls would go to the Other-World to repatriate.

Only those who were killed by demons would have their souls tormented for eternity and unable to transcend. 

However, with Muyang and Son Gohan’s strength, there was no need to worry about safety in this small Earth Demon Realm.

Then, through a narrow tunnel, Muyang and Son Gohan gradually entered the small Earth Demon Realm area. Their vision became wider. 

What came into view was a very desolate landscape, just like the desert on earth. The sky of the Demon Realm was reddish-brown, and the ground was barren.

Although there were hills, there was no plantation at all. It was filled with intense black smoke, and the ground was cracked.

Son Gohan, who saw such a scene for the first time, said unexpectedly, “Is this the Demon Realm? The conditions are callous.”

“This small demon realm is attached to the earth’s vicinity. It’s actually a bitterly cold land.” Upon taking stock of the surroundings, Muyang’s eyes glanced around. The ki he felt were weak, so he could roughly judge the strength of the area.

The Dragon Ball World was a world with an extensive system. Not to mention the Grand Minister of Zeno, the angels, and other administrators of 18 Universes led by Dragon God Zalama and others who strayed from the Zeno System and the world they founded.

It was within the Universe 7, under the framework of the Gods of Destruction and Sacred World of the Kai, which also contained the Other-World, Hell, Heaven, Kai’s Planet, and many more!

The Dark Demon Realm was another system of worlds relative to the Gods System. Strictly speaking, it also belonged to the scope of Universe 7 and should be under the jurisdiction of the Gods of Destruction and the Sacred World of the Kai.

However, because of the different levels and energy properties, it had considerable independence, led by the Demon King Dabura, with countless strong demons.

The God of Destruction was too lazy to care, and the Sacred World of the Kai was powerless to care. Hence, creating an almost independent system in the Dark Demon Realm.

To put it simply, it was like the emperor ignoring the imperial government. The ministers hugging the group couldn’t control the imperial government. The local power grew bigger and ignored the imperial court completely.

The Lesser Demon Realm near Earth was connected to the Greater Demon Realm, while the Great Demon Realm was another corner of the Dark Demon Realm. This was similar to a hierarchical relationship of Kami, Kai, and Grand Kai.

Muyang could ignore the powerful demons inside the Earth Demon Realm. Still, he had to be careful with the powerful demons inside the Greater Demon Realm and even the Dark Demon Realm.

Especially the Demon King Dabura, who was almost comparable to the Super Saiyan 2 level. Even the Supreme Kai had to be careful with him.

“Mr. Popo is now repairing the gate to the Greater Demon Realm. Let’s be careful to detour through the Earth Demon Realm and not alert the powerful demons inside.”

Muyang was clear that his and Son Gohan’s priority was to investigate the Demon Realm situation. Of course, he didn’t want to attract the powerful demons’ attention in the Greater Demon Realm. 

“Understood.” Son Gohan nodded solemnly, unable to agree more. His power level was only 180, and entering the Greater Demon Realm would be life-threatening.

In the Demon Realm, the sun was high, and the blazing vision was scorching the earth. Muyang and Son Gohan took a glance towards the distant hillock, as it was their first time entering the Demon Realm. They were unfamiliar with the place. They needed to find someone who knew the location if they wanted to find the gate to enter the Greater Demon Realm.

Now, Muyang closed his eyes and sensed for a moment. The invisible sense of ki spread out, and he quickly caught the scent of life nearby.

The demons among this Earth Demon Realm were weak. The strongest kind of ki reaction in it didn’t reach Son Gohan’s intensity.

A while later, Muyang opened his eyes and had confirmed the general location.

He pointed in a direction and said, “More than a hundred kilometers in this direction, there is a relatively strong ki source.

There is also some quite strong ki, which should be the ruler of this area. Let’s go over and take a look; we might get some useful information.”

Son Gohan nodded and followed Muyang towards the location of that ki reaction.

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