Dragon Ball Legend of Ayaka

Dragon Ball Legend of Ayaka Chapter 102


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Seeing Ayaka’s attack, Bartol Boss’ eyes glazed over, and he sighed, “Third Brother is going to lose!”

“Why do you say that? Is that person so strong that he can break through Third Brother’s Armor?” The brothers said in disbelief.

“Look at the position of that person’s attack!” The Boss pointed to the two people in the battle, “That girl attacked from a high altitude, targeting exactly the top of Third Brother’s head. The Demonic Armor has unparalleled defense, but it just so happens that the top of the head is the place with the weakest defense!”

The light blue spiral ki wave swooped down and accurately hit the Demonic Armor right above.


The sword slamming ki wave and the Demonic Armor rubbed together fiercely, emitting an ear-piercing squeaking sound as both sides kept supplying energy.


With a flash of light in his eyes, the output of the ki power wave in his hand suddenly increased, and two powerful sword lights twisted up and swung down like a broken bamboo.


Demonic Armor shattered with a bang, like a falling meteor emitting a splendid luster. The moment the Armor shattered, Ayaka’s body moved directly in front of Bartol Third Brother. She leaned down and lowered her body, and a kick with great explosive power was unleashed, hitting Bartol Third Brother solidly.

A faint straight line extended out from where Bartol Third Brother stood, and his body shot like a cannonball, flying through the air for a distance and then hitting the ground, sliding for hundreds of meters and then sinking deep into the rock layer.

The smoke and gravel fell. The long impact crater was still smoking as Ayaka fell to the side, knowing that her attack just now had not been able to rout her opponent.


The ground and rocks crumbled apart, and a large, stocky man yelled as he came straight up from the ground. His body was flying high in the air with a somewhat lopsided look.

Hmph, the battle continues!”

Upon seeing his lively appearance, Ayaka’s body immediately flashed between the sky and the ground, followed by coming into the air and launching another attack.



A huge ringing and thundering sound were incessant, and bright lights of various colors rose up from the earth and shone throughout the sky.

After nearly half an hour of fighting, Ayaka’s ki had been consumed more than half. Thanks to the timely replenishment of the Kaio-ken and the tricky use of the move, she acted with almost no excess waste, all the power used in the key attacks, while Bartol Third Brother was much worse.

Although the overall reserves were higher than Ayaka’s a large part, it was fearful that others did not know that he had more energy during the battle, the same as the thug. He was recklessly squandering, and now he was on the verge of depletion.


Lightning-fast attacks continued to stagger. Ayaka had become more and more courageous; the blood excitement stimulated the nerves. The body of Saiyan blood boiling up. “Hahahaha, again, again!”

Dancing her body in the middle of the giant whistling wind, she moved quickly and agilely.

Phew… I can’t, where is this crazy person from? I can’t take it anymore!” Bartol Third Brother was already panting. His body was so sore that he could hardly move anymore, and every movement gave him an excruciating sensation.

“STOP STOP! I… I ADMIT DEFEAT!” The Third Brother shouted as he raised his hands. He then fell to the ground exhausted, panting violently.

“Concede defeat?” Ayaka appeared to walk to the side of Batol Third Brother, looking at the exhausted big man. She sighed and shook her head, “You look quite sturdy though….”

Bartol Boss’ expression was ashamed like a dried-up chrysanthemum, ashamed to face the world upon hearing this.

Ayaka walked towards the Batol brothers, pointing at the panting man lying on the ground, “He has already admitted defeat, which one of you will go next?”

The Bartol brothers looked at each other, and the Second laughed loudly, “I didn’t expect the third to lose so quickly, let me learn your skills next!”

Ayaka nodded her head. She could see that the strong man in front of her was quite a bit stronger than the one just now, but it wasn’t too far off, so Ayaka had the confidence to defeat her opponent.

Every battle gave her valuable experience. Especially high-intensity, evenly matched battles that consume the ki in her body, sharpen her body’s will, and every time she recovered, she was able to make considerable progress. The battle she had just fought made her feel a lot deeper inside.

“Then it begins!”

Watching her opponent cautiously, Ayaka carefully used her ki to sense.


Both of them moved at high speed simultaneously, but neither of them moved sideways as if they understood each other. Instead, they did their best to launch a straight-line attack towards their opponent.



The sky echoed with the sound of violent impact and explosion. The two people had used their ability, and the battle was inseparable for a while.

“What a formidable opponent!” Bartol Boss muttered, “Just one battle, but I feel that her moves have been enhanced so much. I’m afraid that even I’m not an opponent at this rate!”

“Big brother, the girl?” The brothers leaned over with slightly hesitant voices. It seemed that they could see the difference in Ayaka.

“Such frightening qualifications. I can’t believe she can break through her limits in battle. What race is she?” Bartol Boss’ face was pensive, then imperceptibly shook his head, “It’s impossible to see through, what a strange fellow!”

Seeing that the Second was about to be defeated as well, the Bartol Boss shouted, “Stop, you are no match, I will do it next!”

At this moment, he couldn’t let the Second fight for her anymore. The Bartol Boss decided to go on the field immediately and defeat her directly!

The Second’s figure flickered and landed on the ground with a pale face, “Big brother, you go next!”

After two consecutive high-intensity battles, Ayaka’s ki had been consumed a lot. Her face was covered with crystal sweat, but these two battles made her very excited. Her whole body’s senses seemed to be opened, especially the intense throbbing that originated from her bloodline. The feeling of relief and drenching pervaded her heart as if she was able to break through the ground with some more stimulation.

Ayaka laughed happily, “Come on, let’s have a fight!”

The Bartol boss nodded gravely, the body surging solid breath emitted. The Bartol Boss was really different; once the ki unfolded, the battlefield that had experienced two battles immediately issued a trembling mournful cry under the huge breath.

“Sure enough, your strength is much stronger than theirs, so that’s interesting!” Ayaka grinned and said with unusual excitement.

“Your strength is remarkable, but you have already consumed a lot of ki. It’s not easy to defeat me!” The Bartol Boss said calmly and coolly.

Oh, whether I can defeat or not, I won’t know until I try!” Ayaka said coldly.

Just as the words left her mouth, she launched a preemptive attack. Her body moved as agilely as a swimming snake, and the distance between them shortened dramatically.

The Bartol Boss smiled nervously, and his dark eyes flashed with a brilliant light. He steeply braced himself on the ground with both feet and yanked Ayaka’s arm, and then he lashed out.


The ground sank at once, and Ayaka’s body flew through the air as fast as a kite with a broken string.


Ayaka shouted, opened his arms to fix himself in the air. Just then, Bartol’s attack had already arrived, wrapped in a huge force of a quick kick over. In a panic, Ayaka ducked down, the force of the powerful kick grazed the waist and swept through, hitting the ground from high to low.


The ground rose a huge mushroom cloud and a huge explosion accompanied by shock waves to the face. The two did not care about these external factors, continued to attack.


The ground shook violently again. The underground rocks cracked open, sand and stone debris filled the sky, and instantly even the sky was obscured.


“Quick battle!”

Knowing that there was little ki left in the body, Ayaka’s face was grave. The strength of the Bartol Boss was much stronger than imagined, “TAKE THE LAST MOVE!”

Ayaka gathered the whole body strength, shouted, fingers raised high. Fingertips peanut-sized ball of qigong flickered a few times, steeply into the diameter of tens of meters of blue energy bomb.

“Let’s try the Death Ball I learned from Cooler!” Ayaka simulated the Death Ball attack method and struck down a blue energy bullet tens of meters in size vertically from her fingertips.


The blue Death Ball fell from high in the air, and air friction squeaking sound. The Death Ball cut through the clouds, and the water vapor in the clouds was instantly vaporized.

This was a move that Ayaka tried his best to make, and it was a matter of victory or defeat.

“What a terrifying move!” The Bartol Boss opened his eyes wide. His face was shocked as he looked at the huge energy bomb; he didn’t dare to slow down. He held his palms with both hands, and a blood-red energy wave was sent towards the sky.

“Block it for me!”

The blue Death Ball and blood-red ki wave collided. In an instant, a blinding light illuminated the entire sky. Time seemed to stand still for a moment, and there was nothing but the high-frequency squeezing sound of energy impact in the ears.


Two huge energy collided, the vast shock wave instantly scattered away. The blue Death Ball momentarily prevailed, pressed the red ki wave slowly crashed into the ground.


The ground shook, countless gravel debris hit scattered into the air. Dusky smoke obscured the sky and blocked the view.

Until several minutes later, the smoke gradually dissipated, vision restored.

What came into view was a horrifying and shocking scene.

The earth was in tatters, with cracks streaking across it. Not far from there was a huge crater thousands of meters in diameter and bottomless with hot, red magma gushing out around it and the pungent smell of sulfur permeating it.

“Hurry up and find big brother!” The Bartol brothers’ faces changed dramatically, and they searched around nervously, finally finding their Boss not far from the massive crater where the lava was flowing.

The Bartol Boss was knocked away by the impact generated by the moment of collision, deeply embedded in the rocks, looking very wretched.

Carefully rescued the Boss, they found Ayaka’s slender body was constantly falling from a high altitude. The Death Ball had exhausted the ki in her body, and now it was difficult even to use the Dancing Sky Technique.

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