Dragon Ball Legend of Ayaka

Dragon Ball Legend of Ayaka Chapter 118


Frieza was doomed to empty joy.

Later, even after several years of exploration, he did not see the shadow of the Dragon Balls, which made Frieza thunderstruck and had to wonder if Slug was intentionally lying to him.


On the other hand, in the Cave of Wright, Ayaka had left before the collapse of the planet appeared on a planet formed by ice.

When she arrived at the planet, Ayaka was caught off guard by the bone-chilling cold air on the icy planet that turned her face blue. However, she quickly held on and began to practice sitting in the icy snow.

Through the battle with Broly, Ayaka felt that her strength was still insufficient.

The joy of transforming into a Super Saiyan unconsciously faded away, knowing that she was still four years older than Broly. Broly was just under 19 years old and left her in such a mess, so what was there to be proud of!

After she calmed down and analyzed her own shortcomings, her recovery and explosive power in the Super Saiyan were among the best, but the energy accumulation was far less than Broly. In the same transformed state, the Legendary Super Saiyan’s lasting combat ability far exceeds hers, which was the problem of energy accumulation in the body.

Although the Senzu Beans could make the crippled body instantly recovered, which was an extraordinary efficacy and had been called an elixir, the only energy had to rely on their accumulation. The Senzu Beans could only repair the body and restore physical strength, but the recovery of ki did not play a big role. It should be known that the energy contained in the body of the late Super Saiyan alone was definitely more than the total sum of a planet. The amount of ki supplemented by the Senzu Beans was simply a drop in the bucket.

“This time, I can only polish the body, so that the body stores more ki!” Ayaka secretly thought it would be better to raise the storage content of ki to the Legendary Super Saiyan level.

In fact, this was to enhance her Super Saiyan realm. It was the same one-fold transformation. The Super Saiyan state had a very wide margin before arriving at Super Saiyan 2, and individual differences determined that the same Super Saiyan 1, but different people or the same person at different times, there was a cloud of difference.

Ayaka was ready to develop his Super Saiyan 1 state properly.

Sitting on top of the cold ice and turning the boundary energy on, her body was like a huge vortex slowly absorbing the energy in the universe and even on the cold ice planet. At first, it was slow, but then the “vortex” became bigger, and countless energies poured in. She first replenished the missing ki in her body with the absorbed energy and then used it to polish her body and expand her muscles and cells.

The energy was not visible to the naked eye, but then it came from the free state and then clung to the skin on the surface of the body. Because the flesh had absorbed sufficient energy, most of the energy that came over dissipated after condensing on the surface, and only a small amount of subtle energy continued to enter the cells.

Combined with the mysterious power within Ayaka’s peculiar physique, she began to expand her base little by little.

However, the whole process was exceptionally slow. If she hadn’t tried it so much today, she would hardly have been able to discover that there was actually such an effect after the combination of the two powers.



Half a year passed quickly, Ayaka stopped on the cold planet to expand the body base. When she was hungry, she ate a Senzu Bean. Because the Energy Bound had been turned on every moment to absorb free energy, she did not feel hungry, and the consumption of Senzu Bean was not much.

Whenever Ayaka absorbs energy, a large amount of energy flows out, dripping through the stone. —Day after day, the surroundings under Ayaka gradually washed out by the free energy more than ten meters in diameter.


With a huge spurt of energy, Ayaka opened her eyes and stood up. She was shocked to find that the area she was sitting in had formed a huge ring-shaped circle.

Feeling the ki contained within her body, her power level seemed to have risen only a little. However, it seemed that the same move could use slightly less ki, and the power would actually remain the same!

Although she wasn’t as terrifying as the Legendary Super Saiyan, she could definitely rank among the top Super Saiyans of all time in terms of sustained combat. (There were not many Super Saiyans in total.)


With a slight thought of movement, Ayaka was instantly wrapped in golden light around her body. Her long golden hair fluttering in the wind and unexpectedly turned into a Super Saiyan state. The terrifyingly powerful aura swept the entire cold ice planet.

Click click click-

The ice layer between the plates cracked and soon formed countless deep and terrifying fractures.

“Well, the improvement is still quite big, this is equivalent to the flesh transformation, so that you have the confidence to fight with the legendary Super Saiyan!” The turquoise eyes showed a luster of satisfaction.

She withdrew her energy to exit the Super Saiyan state, and the cold ice planet returned to its previous calm.

Just when Ayaka was planning to leave –

A click, not far from an ice layer cracked, a milky white sphere rolled down.

Ayaka looked stunned.

‘How could there be a snowball here?’

She was surprised and flew over towards the milky white sphere. She was amazed to find that the so-called snowball was actually a Saiyan spaceship used to travel the universe. This kind of spaceship had several sizes. Adult Saiyans use a slightly larger spaceship, and this milky white small spaceship should escort young Saiyans.

“Could there be Saiyan toddlers here? Was it sealed into the glacier?”

Ayaka stopped in front of the spaceship, then tapped on the hatch a few times and opened the hatch.

A small nurturing pod rolled out. The nurturing fluid inside the pod had dried up, and a naked toddler was lying coldly inside, without a trace of life.

Ayaka gently picked the toddler up, and it turned out to be a girl about two years old in size!

“I guess she’s not dead yet?”

Thinking this, she tried to infuse kin into the girl. Soon after, the girl’s body temperature slowly warmed up, and she began to breathe faintly.

Ayaka somewhat felt hurt to hold the little girl. Looking at the little girl’s naked lower body on the furry tail, she could not help but think, “She should be at least eighteen years of being frozen… I wonder if she is a child who was dispatched out before or later escaped out. No matter what, it is really her luck to meet me!”

It was also fortunate that she met her; otherwise, this child’s future would be unpredictable. She was one of the few remaining purebred Saiyans, and Ayaka certainly couldn’t let her die easily. She carefully wrapped the child with ki to protect it from the invasion of cold air and then launched an Instant Transmission to a planet suitable for life.


With its beautiful scenery and rich real estate, Planet Bodhi was one of the major planets ruled by Slug. After a short wait, his subordinate finally broke apart after the news of Slug’s death. They each took control of a planet that belonged to Slug, and they became kings.

Planet Bodhi now was the territory of Slug’s former subordinate, Castro.

Although Castro’s strength wasn’t strong, he used to take care of Planet Bodhi, so the indigenous people there didn’t resist much after he occupied Planet Bodhi.

In a medium-sized township, a young and beautiful girl came to town one day, and she was carrying a child in her arms. The villagers quickly classified the girl as a young mother who had lost her life at a young age and looked at the girl with eyes full of regret.

Ayaka endured the strange looks handed around, bitterly smiled and purchased a few sets of clothes worn by young children, and then quickly disappeared.


She came to the town’s remote halfway up the hill, cast their luxury villa in the open space near the creek, and then walked in with the child.

At this point, the Saiyan toddler woke up. Her bright eyes twinkled and stared at Ayaka as if she was very interested in her.

Ayaka smiled and touched the girl’s head.


Ayaka smile froze; the girl actually bit on her arm. However, Ayaka’s arm was so tough that the girl could not bite through the skin even if she whimpered and tore.

Ayaka’s eyebrows raised, and she “snapped” a knock on the girl’s head, causing the girl to whimper and twitch, leaving tears in the corners of her eyes.

“I seem to have picked up a big trouble!” Ayaka thought helplessly.

“Little one, for the sake of the Saiyan, I adopted you. don’t be too naughty in the future! Well, you seem to be two years old, I’ll give you a name. From now on you will be called Reimu!”

Ayaka raised the girl high. The little Reimu stared with big round eyes and laughed unknowingly. The furry tail underneath hung down and swung.

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