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Dragon Ball Legend of Ayaka Chapter 131


However, Raditz quickly calmed down, and his face showed a frosty cold smile while a great sense of shame hit his heart. Being a powerful Saiyan, it was ridiculous to be intimidated by a puny earthling.

“Damn, the scouter must have malfunctioned, the Earthling can’t have such high strength!” Raditz sulkily patted the scouter.

Tick tick tick tick-

The scouter was repeatedly restarted, but the display of the opponent’s power level did not change at all, still 3468 and 3079.

“Shit! The scouter really malfunctioned. I’ll go back to reflect, this alien technology is really unreliable.”

Saiyans were not good at technology and were not known for their technological civilization. Yet, the use of other races’ technology wasn’t a problem. However, at heart, the Saiyans, who admire force, didn’t think much of the races that were known for their technology.

Of course, behind the understatement, Raditz also felt a sharp increase in pressure. If the scouter wasn’t broken, and the opponent’s power level was really what the data indicated, there would be no hope of winning. However, reason and past experience told him that the Earth, a small Low-Level Planet, couldn’t have this kind of strength of masters. More than 1000 was a miracle, let alone up to 3000.

Tian Shinhan was full of suspicion to see the opponent’s face shifting, first with a panicked look, and then as if he had a strong self-confidence general arrogant up. It seemed that he had something to rely on.

‘This guy came out of nowhere, and his strength does not look simple!’

If the opponent had an ill intention, it would be a great scourge to the Earth.

“Chiaotzu, this guy is very suspicious. We will take him down quickly!” Tian Shinhan turned to Chiaotzu and said.

“Got it, Tian Shinhan!” Chiaotzu nodded vigorously.

“Hahaha, it’s so ridiculous, you’re talking about taking me down? Hahahaha, little Earthlings! I’m afraid you haven’t seen the terror of our Saiyans, you wouldn’t say such things if you knew. We, Saiyans, are the most powerful warrior race in the universe, far from such a weak race of Earthlings. Now, I’ll let you see it and gather your hearts to feel the fear of death!”

Raditz laughed arrogantly as if he had heard the most ridiculous words in the world. This was like some cosmopolitans daring to rebel against Lord Frieza. They were just asking for death!

Raditz looked at Tian Shinhan and Chiaotzu with a cold intent and a disdainful look, followed by a step forward with his right foot and a loud bellow, the surging power rushed out.

The cold gaze aimed at the two Earthlings. They should have been scared out of their wits by their terrifying strength, right?

However, the actual situation exceeded Raditz’s expectations. After seeing the ki emanating from Raditz, the two frowned at each other as if they were not frightened. But, on the contrary, the gaze was filled with confusion…

“Hmph, pretend again. At this moment, they are afraid that their hearts are already scared out of their souls!” Raditz cracked his mouth open and looked at Tian Shinhan and Chiaotzu as if he was looking at prey.

With a swoosh, his figure suddenly became blurred, his body moved at high speed, as agile as lightning, leaving a residual shadow in place, and the next moment he flashed to Tian Shinhan.

With a punch, the fist carried a terrifying power that tore through the air. A bloodthirsty glint in the corner of his eyes, this moment of destroying his prey made Raditz particularly pleasant and his spirit very uplifting.

However, his punches did not work. At the moment when he was about to attack Tian Shinhan, a hard palm reached out against it. The attack with terrifying power came to an abrupt end…

Tian Shinhan turned sideways with eyes calmly staring at Raditz.

“This, it can’t be!”

Raditz staggeringly stared. Was his attack actually received by the Earthling? His face was filled with disbelief, and his face suddenly stiffened a little.

“Could it be that….”

A bad premonition came up, cold sweat stained down, Raditz’s face became dark and ugly.

‘Could it be that the data measured by the scouter is not wrong… these two people really have this kind of strength?’

His heart was indisputably beating faster. This wasn’t a joke!

Because of the lack of manpower to fight around before thinking about the early dispatched to Earth’s Kakarot, whether it was out of brotherhood to see his brother or to strengthen the strength of the Saiyans, he was only going to find Kakarot and immediately leave the Earth. When he first saw that there was still life on Earth, he thought Kakarot was doing a lousy job, but now he considered that this should not be the case.

“Damn, this is not a so-called Low-Level Planet! Those cosmonauts must have been lazy and filled out the data incorrectly! To think that in this small “Low-Level Planet” there were unexpected things, the strength of the earthlings was so great that even he could not leave smoothly if it was not good enough.


The thought of escape instinctively arose, and Raditz did not have the previous calm. He recalled that before, he was like a clown. His body quickly flickered and burst back hundreds of steps in one go.

Now he just wanted to immediately return to the place where the spaceship landed and then leave the Earth. Even the warlike Saiyans would make a strategic shift after knowing that the opponent was unbeatable. As for the people of Earth, Raditz could completely rely on Vegeta to make a clean break. However, the need to use the power of other people, for a warrior, was a very embarrassing shame.

“Do you want to escape? Chiaotzu, stop him!” Tian Shinhan saw the strange man’s attempt at a glance.

“Hm!” Chiaotzu nodded her head forcefully.

He then gently raised his hands, and a strange power emanated from the palms of his hands. It was Chiaotzu’s superpowers, and Raditz, who had already retreated hundreds of meters, was about to speed up when he suddenly felt a strong pulling force. His body was actually firmly fixed in the air, unable to move at all.

“How could this happen?” With something so strange and unheard of, Raditz shouted in panic.

“Tie him up!”

Tian Shinhan flew into the air and kicked Raditz down.

Chiaotzu nodded and used his superpower to find a vine. Under the effect of superpower slender vines around, Raditz was tightly bound in several circles. The vine was just a medium to perform superpower, not the flexibility of the vine itself, so Raditz could not break free.

After a while, Tian Shinhan began to carefully look at the Raditz dress.

This costume was not like the appearance of the Earth people.

“The armor seems to be made of unknown material, there is no way there is such a thing on Earth, and the lens-like thing he is wearing on his eyes is really odd.”

“Answer honestly, where exactly are you from and what is your purpose here?”

Raditz bristled. Although he conceded, he was trying to warp useful information out of his mouth was a fool’s errand. Even if a Saiyan warrior was defeated, he wouldn’t be allowed to betray information to stay alive!

Hard mouth did not speak.

Besides, there was another reason, the scouter also had the function of communication. At this time, Vegeta should already know what happened on Earth. As long as he did not give in, Vegeta would definitely come to Earth in person in order to maintain the dignity of the Saiyans. —On the contrary, if he gave in, then in the eyes of Vegeta, he became a disgrace to the Saiyans. Sooner or later, he would be cleaned up.

“Ah, Tian Shinhan, look, he also has a tail!”

Chiaotzu suddenly pointed to the long tail coiled around the waist of Raditz said.

“Huh, surprisingly he also has a tail, could there be some connection with that Goku? Chiaotzu, Goku and the others seemed to be holding a party at Master Roshi’s place, why didn’t we just take this guy over there and check it out?”

Seeing that this strange guy might have something to do with Son Goku, Tian Shinhan immediately thought of a compromise.

Chiaotzu nodded his head.

So Tian Shinhan grabbed the back of Raditz’s neck with one hand and flew off with Chiaotzu in the direction of the Kame House.


At Kame House, after five years of absence, Son Goku and others gathered here again.

Everyone was startled when they saw Son Gohan, who had a bookish face with a Dragon Ball cap on his head.

“Wow, Goku, is this your son? Is that the four planets on the top of this hat?” Bulma squatted down in amazement and struck Son Gohan’s head with a strange aunt’s hand. Scared, Gohan hid behind Son Goku.

“Yes, this is my son, his name is Son Gohan, just turned four years old!” Son Goku wiped his nose in embarrassment.

“Mmmm, your name is Son Gohan… Surprisingly, he used the name of his deceased grandfather, in memory of his grandfather!” Master Roshi smiled gratefully.

Looking at the disciples of Turtle School that had already continued the next generation, a smile of satisfaction surfaced on his face.

“But I really did not expect that among a few of us, Goku was the earliest married and had children, and we still do not know how the future. Yamcha has a girlfriend, and I’m the only one left!” Krillin peeked behind the house and saw Violet, who was busy inside the house, and he felt a lot of sorrow.

Hearing this, Yamcha proudly put his arm around Bulma’s shoulders and said, “So, you should work hard too, or you should really leave home!”

Bulma stomped on Yamcha’s feet and broke away from his hands. “Don’t hug like that, it’s uncomfortable! By the way, how come Ayaka didn’t come? I haven’t seen them for years!”

“Yeah, I haven’t seen them since the last time I was given the Gravity Chamber. I heard from the Old Kami and Mr. Popo that my sister and the girls went to a very far away place to practice!” Son Goku explained.

“Really? They’re already so strong and still practicing, when is it going to end? Moreover, you guys have been left behind by Ayaka and the girls, don’t you feel embarrassed?” Bulma frowned slightly and then said jokingly.

Son Goku and the others shrugged. They could see the glow of struggle in each other’s eyes, but they also felt a touch of helplessness.

“Although I think there is still a big gap, but I have been doubling my efforts. I do not dare to slacken at all, one day I will exceed my sister!” Son Goku clenched his fist with a high fighting spirit.

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