Dragon Ball Legend of Ayaka

Dragon Ball Legend of Ayaka Chapter 140


The wind howled, lightning weaved through the clouds. The gloomy, low sky seemed like a vast rotating vortex pouring the entire bottle of ink, ready to fall apart.

The air pressure began to drop. The aura of slaughter was like a resounding scream of knocking souls before the end of the day, making the battlefield even more desolate. But, in fact, the fiery battle was going on fiercely.

A bright light appeared in the air, banging it violently.

As soon as he faced it, Vegeta’s body suddenly tightened, and he quickly dodged. Then, a blue qi wave was swiftly shot from behind and slid across his body closely.

“They are so strong. Even Napa is far inferior!”

Finally, Vegeta understood the strength of the opponent. But after understanding the strength of his opponent, his face became dark.

‘A low-level Saiyan warrior actually stronger than the Nappa at the moment. What does this mean?’

‘Does it mean that he caught up with the former King Vegeta?’

Vegeta’s expression became cruel, his murderous aura emerged.

As a fighting nation in the universe, Saiyans had a warlike gene in their blood, and they were strong when they were strong. —Vegeta was the prince of the Saiyans, and his strength far exceeded those of the same race from birth. His noble identity and swelling confidence made him overly arrogant and always defiant. The part in his body belonged to the Saiyan. The militant habit would not change a little bit. On the contrary, it would be more intense.

Saiyans exist just to fight.

Grow in battle, and die in battle!

“Kakarot, you really make me admire you. A low-level warrior with poor background had become so powerful through training. You are indeed much better than Raditz… But you betrayed the Saiyans. No matter you or that Namekian, I will destroy them all!”

Vegeta stood tall, with a superior posture, helplessly shaking his head, showing an extremely regretful expression.

To be honest, there were not many Saiyans like Sun Goku who could exceed 10,000 in strength, let alone today after the destruction of Vegeta Star. Of course, Vegeta did have a bit cherished of talent in her heart, but it was a pity that this cherished talent was far beyond the urge to destroy his opponent.

Son Goku and Piccolo landed not far from the mountain, and the two looked at each other. They could see the shock and gaze in each other’s eyes.

This Saiyan called Vegeta was too strong. Just now, they exerted most of their strength. They didn’t expect they were not able to defeat the opponent when they joined forces.

In the beginning, the swelling and self-confidence of significant advancement quietly receded, and what was left was the determination to win and the cautious response.

“Piccolo, the opponent is very strong. How much power did you use just now? Do you have any more power?”

Son Goku’s eyes were flashing with excitement. He didn’t even have any fear or panic in the face of a powerful enemy.

“Humph, don’t underestimate this Demon King. I am destined to rule the world. How can I be defeated so easily??” Piccolo’s face was ugly, and his voice became low.

He cleverly evaded Sun Goku’s question and thought he must have just about done his best.

Son Goku stared at a distance, “That’s good, or else it would be bad!” 

Vegeta slowly stepped forward, spitting out, “Bah. At this time, you still have the strength to talk nonsense. Next, I’ll let you experience my true strength! Suit yourself!!”

Suddenly, a large swath of turbulent air began to rag around Vegeta.

The central air pressure dropped d again and again. Large swaths of dust were swept up like a desert storm. As Vegeta’s power continued to be released, small stones were in the air, getting out of gravity under the action of a different force,

Everything was suspended slowly.


Suddenly, a wall of qi appeared and crushed over like a tiger howling ape. The density of this energy was ultimately two levels from the previous one, so the boundary could be clearly seen.

The first ones to bear the brunt were Son Goku and Piccolo. They stood across the body, hands against the forehead, trying their best to block a stream of oncoming impact.

The ground began to crumble. The ground beneath their feet was blown away layer by layer ……

“Unexpectedly, it’s really strong and terrifying. I’m trembling all over!” Son Goku turned his head sideways to avoid the direct effect of the energy wrapped in tiny dirt and stones on his face.

The two of them tried their best to release their auras, and at the junction of the two energies, a long and narrow wind band began to emit a crystal luster.

Piccolo laughed, “Yeah, when I think of fighting such a powerful guy, I get excited all over!”

“How arrogant! Next, experience my desperate power!” Vegeta shouted, his left foot braced hard, poof! The hard ground beneath his feet quickly collapsed like loose flour.

With one hand spread out, a light yellow qi wave suddenly formed. Vegeta smiled coldly and threw the qi wave at Son Goku. However, the terrifying force made the formed qi wave continue to accelerate….

There was a muffled sound, and it arrived in front of Son Goku in the blink of an eye.


Son Goku was unable to dodge effectively, and in fact, was not prepared to do so. He only saw his eyes fiercely widened, his arms spread straight out, then braced himself forward, using his tenacious body as rear support, and took the powerful qi wave hard.


The earth crumbled, sand splashed, and as the bright light and loud roar dispersed. The entire battlefield seemed to have been baptized by hundreds of small-yield nuclear bombs, becoming completely unrecognizable.

Smoke, yellow sand, dust, a circle of destruction as if projecting a cone onto a flat surface. Everything was like a post-apocalyptic scene.

“Cough, cough, stop it!”

Blood was overflowed from Son Goku’s mouth. His body was already bruised, and his physical strength had also dropped a lot. —Although he blocked Vegeta’s ultimate attack, he was also severely injured, and his strength was no longer in his heyday.

At this moment, Piccolo’s figure flickered a few times, and he came to Son Goku. He said in a low voice, “Can you hold on for a while? I need to take some time to prepare for my ultimate attack!”

Son Goku nodded solemnly, “Then you must hurry. The opponent is too strong. I can’t guarantee how long I can hold on!”

Piccolo then nodded, then hid to the side and began to condense Qi.

Seeing Son Goku standing in front of him, Vegeta shook his head, “Foolish, how dare a man face this highness, although you blocked my ultimate move, do you think there will be a second success? To tell you the truth, I haven’t even tried my best just now. If I did my best, you would have been reduced to ashes!!!”

Son Goku resolutely stood upright, tried to buy time for Piccolo. And Vegeta wasted his time with his trash-talking —just as he wanted.

However, too much silence was very likely to expose their plan, so Son Goku did not plan to sit still like this. Son Goku’s ethereal figure floated suddenly, and he swished to Vegeta, speeding up again, and greeted Vegeta with punches and kicks.

Son Goku’s melee combat skills were quite good, and this was because of the battle since childhood. 
On the other hand, although Vegeta’s total combat power was higher than him, half of it was attributed to his descent talent. Therefore, his real combat skills might not be better than Son Goku.

As time passed, a series of end-to-end struggles really dragged Vegeta, and he swayed from side to side and dodged constantly. Although Son Goku’s attack was swift and violent, it could not cause him any real damage. However, the entangled and suppressed atmosphere made Vegeta extremely disgusted.

With a cold snort, Vegeta showed a bored expression on his face, and his body suddenly changed direction and came to Son Goku’s back. Then, Vegeta suddenly lifted his foot and kicked it violently.


A mouthful of blood was spat out, and Son Goku stepped back abruptly. His spirit was a little lax, he gasped for breath, and his face turned pale.

At this time, Piccolo was almost ready for his ultimate move, condensing all his qi on the fingertips of his right hand.

There was a light flashing like an electric arc at Piccolo’s fingertips.

“Haha., I’ve been waiting for a long time!” Piccolo laughed and immediately aimed at Vegeta coldly, and the flashing electric arc in his hand was suddenly fired out.


The bright and dazzling light flew out along with two circling shock waves, and the frightening breath continued to radiate. —This Devil Slaying Light Cannon was very similar to Ayaka’s Sword Slaying Wave, with extreme penetrating power. Both use spiral qi to kill enemies.

Although the Devil Slaying Light Cannon did not directly bombard the ground, a straight scratch was also cracked on the ground.

Vegeta’s heart pounded, a dangerous omen rushed to his heart, “Not good!” 

He did the best to dodge, but Son Goku’s entangled him. Moreover, the Devil Slaying Light Cannon came really too fast that he simply could not dodge.


The spiral wave of qi hit Vegeta’s shoulder, directly destroying the battle uniform on his shoulder, and then penetrated the collarbone.


Vegeta roared in misery, and the pain made his expression became abnormally distorted.

“Damn, it was dodged!” Piccolo pounded the ground with one hand in anger, and his confident stance did not kill the Saiyan.

There was only one chance!

Panting heavily, Vegeta’s face was sullen and stroking his shoulders, and blood was dripping from her arms!

“This damn Namek dares to hurt this prince for the first time… I swear to make you regret it, your life will be worse than death!” He roared gloomily. His gaze towards Piccolo was covered with murderous intent.

At this time, Piccolo also looked straight at Vegeta and was secretly alert. After using an ultimate move like the Devil Slaying Light Cannon, he had been as physically exhausted as Son Goku, but fortunately, the opponent had also been severely injured.

Vegeta held his shoulder with one hand and stared at Piccolo and Son Goku with a gloomy expression. He couldn’t think that the ongoing battle would have wounded himself. When he thought of this, he gritted his teeth with hatred.

But after a while, Vegeta calmed down. With a strange smile on his face, he had a decision in mind, and he was looking at the two like looking at dead people.

“Hum, although I do not want to become that way, I had no choice this time. I’ll let you see the Saiyan’s strongest stance!”

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